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Thesis in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation - SpanishDict

Thesis translation spanish

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c write a file IEEE Std 1003.1, 2004 Edition. Copyright 2001-2004 The IEEE and The Open Group, All Rights reserved. A newer edition of this document exists here. The write () function shall attempt to write nbyte bytes from the buffer pointed to thesis translation, by buf to the file associated with the open file descriptor, fildes . Essay. Before any action described below is taken, and if nbyte is thesis translation zero and the file is a regular file, the write () function may detect and return errors as described below. In the absence of errors, or if error detection is heavy metal term paper not performed, the write () function shall return zero and have no other results. If nbyte is thesis translation zero and the file is not a regular file, the results are unspecified. On a regular file or other file capable of seeking, the actual writing of data shall proceed from the position in the file indicated by the file offset associated with fildes . Before successful return from write (), the file offset shall be incremented by the number of bytes actually written. On a regular file, if this incremented file offset is greater than the length of the file, the length of the file shall be set to this file offset. Argumentativ Essays. On a file not capable of thesis translation, seeking, writing shall always take place starting at the current position.

The value of a file offset associated with such a device is undefined. Heavy Term Paper. If the O_APPEND flag of the file status flags is set, the spanish, file offset shall be set to the end of the term, file prior to thesis translation spanish, each write and no intervening file modification operation shall occur between changing the file offset and the write operation. If a write () requests that more bytes be written than there is essay on biography of tree room for (for example, [XSI] the process' file size limit or the translation spanish, physical end of a medium), only history thesis, as many bytes as there is room for shall be written. Thesis. For example, suppose there is space for 20 bytes more in a file before reaching a limit. A write of 512 bytes will return 20. The next write of on biography, a non-zero number of bytes would give a failure return (except as noted below). [XSI] If the request would cause the file size to exceed the soft file size limit for the process and thesis translation spanish, there is no room for any bytes to be written, the request shall fail and the implementation shall generate the SIGXFSZ signal for the thread. If write () is interrupted by a signal before it writes any data, it shall return -1 with errno set to [EINTR]. If write () is interrupted by a signal after it successfully writes some data, it shall return the number of heavy term paper, bytes written. If the translation, value of nbyte is argumentativ essays greater than , the result is thesis translation spanish implementation-defined.

After a write () to ray bradbury essay new yorker, a regular file has successfully returned: Any successful read () from each byte position in the file that was modified by thesis spanish that write shall return the data specified by the write () for heavy, that position until such byte positions are again modified. Translation. Any subsequent successful write () to the same byte position in the file shall overwrite that file data. Write requests to a pipe or FIFO shall be handled in the same way as a regular file with the following exceptions: There is no file offset associated with a pipe, hence each write request shall append to the end of the pipe. Write requests of bytes or less shall not be interleaved with data from other processes doing writes on the same pipe. Writes of greater than bytes may have data interleaved, on arbitrary boundaries, with writes by other processes, whether or not the O_NONBLOCK flag of the file status flags is set. Essay On Biography. If the O_NONBLOCK flag is clear, a write request may cause the thread to block, but on thesis translation normal completion it shall return nbyte . Metal Term Paper. If the O_NONBLOCK flag is set, write () requests shall be handled differently, in the following ways: The write () function shall not block the thread. A write request for or fewer bytes shall have the following effect: if there is sufficient space available in the pipe, write () shall transfer all the data and return the number of bytes requested.

Otherwise, write () shall transfer no data and return -1 with errno set to [EAGAIN]. A write request for thesis translation spanish, more than bytes shall cause one of the following: When at least one byte can be written, transfer what it can and return the ray bradbury essay new yorker, number of bytes written. When all data previously written to the pipe is translation read, it shall transfer at least bytes. When no data can be written, transfer no data, and return -1 with errno set to salt history thesis, [EAGAIN]. Thesis Translation. When attempting to write to a file descriptor (other than a pipe or FIFO) that supports non-blocking writes and cannot accept the data immediately: If the O_NONBLOCK flag is clear, write () shall block the calling thread until the data can be accepted. If the ray bradbury essay new yorker, O_NONBLOCK flag is set, write () shall not block the thread. Thesis Spanish. If some data can be written without blocking the heavy term, thread, write () shall write what it can and return the number of bytes written.

Otherwise, it shall return -1 and set errno to thesis, [EAGAIN]. Upon successful completion, where nbyte is greater than 0, write () shall mark for update the st_ctime and penalty, st_mtime fields of the file, and if the file is translation a regular file, the S_ISUID and S_ISGID bits of the file mode may be cleared. For regular files, no data transfer shall occur past the offset maximum established in the open file description associated with fildes . If fildes refers to a socket, write () shall be equivalent to send () with no flags set. [SIO] If the O_DSYNC bit has been set, write I/O operations on argumentativ the file descriptor shall complete as defined by synchronized I/O data integrity completion. If the O_SYNC bit has been set, write I/O operations on the file descriptor shall complete as defined by synchronized I/O file integrity completion. [SHM] If fildes refers to a shared memory object, the result of the write () function is unspecified. [TYM] If fildes refers to a typed memory object, the result of the write () function is unspecified. Thesis Spanish. [XSR] If fildes refers to a STREAM, the operation of write () shall be determined by the values of the minimum and maximum nbyte range (packet size) accepted by the STREAM. These values are determined by the topmost STREAM module. Heavy Term Paper. If nbyte falls within the packet size range, nbyte bytes shall be written. If nbyte does not fall within the range and the minimum packet size value is 0, write () shall break the buffer into maximum packet size segments prior to sending the data downstream (the last segment may contain less than the maximum packet size). If nbyte does not fall within the range and the minimum value is thesis non-zero, write () shall fail with errno set to [ERANGE]. Writing a zero-length buffer ( nbyte is 0) to a STREAMS device sends 0 bytes with 0 returned.

However, writing a zero-length buffer to a STREAMS-based pipe or FIFO sends no message and 0 is returned. The process may issue I_SWROPT ioctl () to world history, enable zero-length messages to be sent across the pipe or FIFO. When writing to a STREAM, data messages are created with a priority band of 0. Thesis Spanish. When writing to a STREAM that is not a pipe or FIFO: If O_NONBLOCK is clear, and the STREAM cannot accept data (the STREAM write queue is salt world history full due to internal flow control conditions), write () shall block until data can be accepted. If O_NONBLOCK is thesis translation spanish set and the STREAM cannot accept data, write () shall return -1 and set errno to essay, [EAGAIN]. If O_NONBLOCK is set and part of the buffer has been written while a condition in which the translation spanish, STREAM cannot accept additional data occurs, write () shall terminate and essay on biography, return the number of bytes written.

In addition, write () shall fail if the STREAM head has processed an asynchronous error before the call. In this case, the value of spanish, errno does not reflect the result of write (), but reflects the prior error. [XSI] The pwrite () function shall be equivalent to write (), except that it writes into a given position without changing the argumentativ essays, file pointer. The first three arguments to pwrite () are the same as write () with the addition of a fourth argument offset for the desired position inside the spanish, file. Upon successful completion, write () [XSI] and pwrite () shall return the number of war on terror, bytes actually written to the file associated with fildes . This number shall never be greater than nbyte . Otherwise, -1 shall be returned and errno set to indicate the error. The write () and [XSI] pwrite () functions shall fail if: [EAGAIN] The O_NONBLOCK flag is translation spanish set for the file descriptor and the thread would be delayed in the write () operation. [EBADF] The fildes argument is not a valid file descriptor open for writing. [EFBIG] An attempt was made to write a file that exceeds the essay, implementation-defined maximum file size [XSI] or the process' file size limit, and there was no room for any bytes to be written. [EFBIG] The file is a regular file, nbyte is translation spanish greater than 0, and the starting position is greater than or equal to the offset maximum established in the open file description associated with fildes . [EINTR] The write operation was terminated due to civil liberties habeas terror, the receipt of a signal, and no data was transferred. [EIO] The process is thesis translation spanish a member of of tree, a background process group attempting to write to its controlling terminal, TOSTOP is set, the process is neither ignoring nor blocking SIGTTOU, and the process group of the process is orphaned. This error may also be returned under implementation-defined conditions. [ENOSPC] There was no free space remaining on the device containing the file. Thesis. [EPIPE] An attempt is made to write to a pipe or FIFO that is not open for reading by any process, or that only has one end open.

A SIGPIPE signal shall also be sent to new yorker, the thread. [ERANGE] [XSR] The transfer request size was outside the range supported by the STREAMS file associated with fildes . The write () function shall fail if: [EAGAIN] or [EWOULDBLOCK] The file descriptor is for a socket, is translation marked O_NONBLOCK, and argumentativ essays, write would block. Thesis. [ECONNRESET] A write was attempted on salt thesis a socket that is not connected. Thesis Spanish. [EPIPE] A write was attempted on a socket that is shut down for writing, or is no longer connected. Civil Essay. In the latter case, if the socket is of type SOCK_STREAM, a SIGPIPE signal shall also be sent to the thread. The write () and [XSI] pwrite () functions may fail if: [EINVAL] [XSR] The STREAM or multiplexer referenced by fildes is linked (directly or indirectly) downstream from a multiplexer. [EIO] A physical I/O error has occurred. [ENOBUFS] Insufficient resources were available in spanish the system to world history thesis, perform the operation. [ENXIO] A request was made of a nonexistent device, or the request was outside the capabilities of the device. [ENXIO] [XSR] A hangup occurred on thesis translation the STREAM being written to. [XSR] A write to a STREAMS file may fail if an error message has been received at the STREAM head. In this case, errno is set to the value included in the error message. The write () function may fail if: [EACCES] A write was attempted on world history thesis a socket and thesis translation, the calling process does not have appropriate privileges. [ENETDOWN] A write was attempted on argument against penalty a socket and the local network interface used to reach the translation, destination is argumentativ down. [ENETUNREACH] A write was attempted on a socket and no route to the network is present. [XSI] The pwrite () function shall fail and the file pointer remain unchanged if: [EINVAL] [XSI] The offset argument is invalid.

The value is negative. [ESPIPE] [XSI] fildes is thesis translation spanish associated with a pipe or FIFO. The following example writes data from the buffer pointed to essay on biography of tree, by buf to the file associated with the file descriptor fd . Spanish. See also the civil and the terror essay, RATIONALE section in read (). An attempt to write to translation, a pipe or FIFO has several major characteristics: Atomic/non-atomic : A write is atomic if the whole amount written in one operation is essays not interleaved with data from any other process. This is useful when there are multiple writers sending data to a single reader. Applications need to know how large a write request can be expected to be performed atomically. This maximum is called . This volume of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 does not say whether write requests for more than bytes are atomic, but requires that writes of or fewer bytes shall be atomic. Blocking/immediate : Blocking is only possible with O_NONBLOCK clear. Spanish. If there is enough space for world history, all the data requested to be written immediately, the implementation should do so. Otherwise, the calling thread may block; that is, pause until enough space is available for writing. The effective size of a pipe or FIFO (the maximum amount that can be written in thesis spanish one operation without blocking) may vary dynamically, depending on the implementation, so it is not possible to specify a fixed value for it.

Complete/partial/deferred : A write request: This shall never happen if nbyte = . If it does happen (with nbyte ), this volume of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 does not guarantee atomicity, even if ret = , because atomicity is essay of tree guaranteed according to thesis spanish, the amount requested , not the amount written . This error indicates that a later request may succeed. It does not indicate that it shall succeed, even if nbyte = , because if no process reads from the essays, pipe or FIFO, the write never succeeds. An application could usefully count the number of times [EAGAIN] is caused by translation a particular value of nbyte and salt history thesis, perhaps do later writes with a smaller value, on the assumption that the effective size of the pipe may have decreased. Partial and thesis spanish, deferred writes are only possible with O_NONBLOCK set. The relations of heavy metal term paper, these properties are shown in the following tables: Write to a Pipe or FIFO with O_NONBLOCK clear. If the O_NONBLOCK flag is clear, a write request shall block if the amount writable immediately is less than that requested. If the flag is set (by fcntl ()), a write request shall never block.

Write to a Pipe or FIFO with O_NONBLOCK set. Thesis Spanish. There is no exception regarding partial writes when O_NONBLOCK is set. With the term, exception of writing to an empty pipe, this volume of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 does not specify exactly when a partial write is performed since that would require specifying internal details of the implementation. Every application should be prepared to handle partial writes when O_NONBLOCK is set and the requested amount is greater than , just as every application should be prepared to thesis, handle partial writes on other kinds of file descriptors. The intent of forcing writing at least one byte if any can be written is to assure that each write makes progress if there is any room in the pipe. If the pipe is empty, bytes must be written; if not, at least some progress must have been made. Where this volume of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 requires -1 to be returned and errno set to [EAGAIN], most historical implementations return zero (with the O_NDELAY flag set, which is the historical predecessor of O_NONBLOCK, but is not itself in this volume of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001). The error indications in this volume of argument against penalty, IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 were chosen so that an application can distinguish these cases from end-of-file.

While write () cannot receive an indication of end-of-file, read () can, and thesis translation spanish, the two functions have similar return values. Also, some existing systems (for example, Eighth Edition) permit a write of zero bytes to mean that the reader should get an essay, end-of-file indication; for those systems, a return value of thesis, zero from write () indicates a successful write of an end-of-file indication. Implementations are allowed, but not required, to perform error checking for essay, write () requests of spanish, zero bytes. The concept of essays penalty, a limit (indicating the maximum number of bytes that can be written to thesis translation, a pipe in a single operation) was considered, but rejected, because this concept would unnecessarily limit application writing. See also the discussion of O_NONBLOCK in read (). Writes can be serialized with respect to other reads and writes. If a read () of file data can be proven (by any means) to argument against death, occur after a write () of the spanish, data, it must reflect that write (), even if the calls are made by different processes. A similar requirement applies to multiple write operations to heavy paper, the same file position. This is needed to guarantee the propagation of thesis, data from write () calls to subsequent read () calls. This requirement is particularly significant for networked file systems, where some caching schemes violate these semantics.

Note that this is specified in terms of read () and write (). Ray Bradbury New Yorker. The XSI extensions readv () and writev () also obey these semantics. A new high-performance write analog that did not follow these serialization requirements would also be permitted by this wording. This volume of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 is also silent about any effects of application-level caching (such as that done by stdio ). This volume of translation spanish, IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 does not specify the value of the file offset after an error is returned; there are too many cases. For programming errors, such as [EBADF], the concept is meaningless since no file is involved. For errors that are detected immediately, such as [EAGAIN], clearly the pointer should not change. After an interrupt or hardware error, however, an updated value would be very useful and is the behavior of many implementations.

This volume of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 does not specify behavior of concurrent writes to a file from multiple processes. Applications should use some form of concurrency control. First released in ray bradbury essay new yorker Issue 1. Derived from Issue 1 of the SVID. The DESCRIPTION is updated for alignment with the thesis translation, POSIX Realtime Extension and the POSIX Threads Extension. Large File Summit extensions are added.

The pwrite () function is added. The DESCRIPTION states that the write () function does not block the thread. Previously this said process rather than thread. Heavy. The DESCRIPTION and thesis translation spanish, ERRORS sections are updated so that references to STREAMS are marked as part of the ray bradbury, XSI STREAMS Option Group. The following new requirements on POSIX implementations derive from alignment with the Single UNIX Specification: The DESCRIPTION now states that if write () is interrupted by a signal after it has successfully written some data, it returns the number of bytes written. In the thesis translation, POSIX.1-1988 standard, it was optional whether write () returned the number of bytes written, or whether it returned -1 with errno set to [EINTR]. Civil Corpus And The War On Terror. This is a FIPS requirement. The following changes are made to thesis, support large files: For regular files, no data transfer occurs past the offset maximum established in the open file description associated with the essays, fildes . A second [EFBIG] error condition is added. The [EIO] error condition is added.

The [EPIPE] error condition is thesis spanish added for when a pipe has only one end open. The [ENXIO] optional error condition is added. Text referring to sockets is added to the DESCRIPTION. The following changes were made to align with the IEEE P1003.1a draft standard: The effect of reading zero bytes is clarified. The DESCRIPTION is updated for alignment with IEEE Std 1003.1j-2000 by argument penalty specifying that write () results are unspecified for typed memory objects.

The following error conditions are added for operations on sockets: [EAGAIN], [EWOULDBLOCK], [ECONNRESET], [ENOTCONN], and [EPIPE]. The [EIO] error is made optional. Translation Spanish. The [ENOBUFS] error is added for sockets. The following error conditions are added for operations on sockets: [EACCES], [ENETDOWN], and [ENETUNREACH]. The writev () function is ray bradbury essay new yorker split out into a separate reference page.

IEEE Std 1003.1-2001/Cor 2-2004, item XSH/TC2/D6/146 is applied, updating text in the ERRORS section from a SIGPIPE signal is thesis generated to the calling process to a SIGPIPE signal shall also be sent to the thread. IEEE Std 1003.1-2001/Cor 2-2004, item XSH/TC2/D6/147 is applied, making a correction to the RATIONALE. POSIX ® is a registered Trademark of The IEEE.

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How to thesis, Write a Marketing Resume Hiring Managers Will Notice [Free 2017 Templates + Samples] A great marketing resume should be well written and world formatted, one page in length, define your unique value proposition and contain details of your employment and education. Depending on thesis spanish, the company and the job, you can also add an essay on biography, interests and hobbies section to your marketing resume. It's ironic, but despite knowing how to thesis, sell products and services, so many marketers have a hard time selling themselves . It can often be difficult to turn the spotlight inward, but creating a standout resume is argumentativ essays, a skill all marketers need to perfect if they want to grow their career. If you're a marketer whose resume could use a little polish, don't worry. With just a few resources and some actionable tips from hiring managers themselves, we'll help you create a truly impressive marketing resume that's sure to thesis translation spanish, stand out to recruiters. These free resume templates feature sample copy for 10 of the heavy most popular marketing positions.

Take a look at them, and then use the advice below to translation spanish, customize your resume and make it rise above the rest in the stack. How to Write a Standout Marketing Resume. You never start a marketing campaign without knowing who you want to new yorker, reach. That’s because once you know your target audience, it's easier for the other decisions to fall into place. The same logic applies to your resume. If you know who will read it and what’s important to them, you can shape your message accordingly. Translation! To do this, you need to think about the type of job and salt world history company you're hoping to work for. Ask yourself questions like: Is the job purely in inbound marketing, or will it require both traditional and digital work?

Will you be a specialist or a generalist? Who is the employer -- an agency with a buzzing digital marketing team in place already, or a small company looking to spanish, leverage the power of social media to essay, grow their sales? Or maybe it's a marketing department within a large and established corporation? Once you've outlined what's most important to the company and spanish job you're applying for, you can carefully target your resume to metal paper, them. You’ll know what skills or traits to highlight, what keywords to use, and spanish which parts of your background will be most interesting to the hiring manager. (For clues about which skills different marketing roles typically require, read this blog post on new yorker, marketing job descriptions. You can borrow phrasing from thesis translation spanish, those for your own resume.)

Define Your Unique Value Proposition. You have a unique blend of skills, characteristics, and experiences that make you different from every marketer. To create a truly effective resume, you need to define exactly what this unique blend is -- we’ll call this your value proposition. To develop your own value proposition, think about what separates you from other marketers. Is it your in-depth knowledge of civil liberties terror marketing analytics? Your ability to write irresistible headlines? Perhaps it’s your talent for thesis translation creating compelling videos? Or maybe you have an world thesis, impressive record of using social media to drive sales growth?

Whatever it is, you can use it to set your resume apart from the crowd. To a large extent, your value proposition depends on the type of positions and companies you're targeting. Large and small companies often look for completely different skill sets, as do companies in spanish, different industries. So as you think about what makes you uniquely valuable, and how that aligns with the jobs you're applying to. Determine Your Messaging Strategy. It’s crucial to determine your messaging strategy -- before you write a single word of your resume. That's what you do when you're running a marketing campaign, isn't it?

Here are some of the things to think about: What is the best structure for your resume in order to highlight your value proposition? Which keywords will your ideal employer be looking for? How can you give real world examples of habeas corpus and the essay your value proposition in action? (Think about campaigns you've run, social media successes, ideas you developed, etc.) What is the best layout and translation spanish design to reinforce your message? All these decisions should be made before you start writing, and metal term they should all be made with your target audience in mind. That way you can be sure that when potential employers read your resume, it will immediately strike a chord. If you want an example of great messaging in a resume, check out the digital marketing executive resume sample among our free downloadable resume templates . Thesis Spanish! Look at the progression of roles and argumentativ key accomplishments in those roles -- it tells his career story while also making him look exceptionally qualified. If you don't already have a connection at translation, the company you're applying to, you'll most likely need to penalty, apply through a computer system.

This process is what makes it so critical to thesis, upload it in a format that allows all recipients to read it as intended, like a PDF. That way, none of the original formatting or spacing is lost in ray bradbury new yorker, translation, making it really yucky to read from a recruiter's perspective. Although they'll still have access to your resume, confusing formatting might distract them from the content. Many common applications have similar save or export options that let you ultimately save as a PDF. Thesis Translation! The most common are Microsoft Word and ray bradbury new yorker iWork Pages:

Once you send in your resume, the thesis spanish computer service will do is scan it for relevant keywords that have been programmed in habeas war on terror essay, advance by the recruiter. Then, the system will either pass or fail you, depending on how many keywords and thesis spanish phrases are included in heavy metal paper, your resume that match what the recruiter's looking for. Don't worry: Even if you fail, it doesn't mean your resume won't ever get seen by a real human. Translation! But it doesn't look great, either -- so try to foresee which keywords the recruiter will be looking for by making a note of all of the skills you have that are relevant to the job description. Keywords to include might be the names of the social media sites you use, analytics or CRM systems you know, and software programs or SAAS systems you’re familiar with. Make sure you've included these terms as seamlessly as possible throughout your resume (where relevant), and add any outliers at the very bottom under a Technical Skills or Digital Marketing Skills section. 9 Things Hiring Managers Are Looking For in argumentativ, Your Marketing Resume. Sure, computers may be used in the initial screening process, but it's humans -- with real feelings, pet peeves, hobbies, relationships, experiences, and thesis translation spanish backgrounds -- who are ultimately reading and evaluating our resumes. They're also the ones who get annoyed when we don't put our employment record in chronological order; who just don't feel like reading paragraph-long job descriptions; and who get excited when you went to heavy metal, the same college as them. So to thesis translation, get a sense of what really matters on essay, a marketing resume, I asked some hiring experts what they actually care about thesis spanish, when they scan resumes, and here's the essays against inside scoop on the tips they shared with me. (By the thesis translation spanish way, don't miss out on what they said about cover letters at essays penalty, the end.)

Limit your resumes to thesis translation, one page if you can. It takes hiring managers six seconds to decide whether they like your resume or not. Essays Against Death! If they do, they'll keep reading. If they don't . well, it's on to the next. So, chances are, they won't even get to page two. In some cases, bleeding onto spanish, another page is OK, especially if you have a lot of really relevant experience. World Thesis! But if you have to do that, just don't exceed two pages. Thesis! Remember, recruiters can always look at your LinkedIn profile for the full story. (Because you've completed your business profile on LinkedIn, right?)

Formatting speaks to the way candidates collect their thoughts and organize their ideas. As HubSpot's VP of Training and Development Andrew Quinn explains it, “A candidate’s resume is argument against death, their ad to me. Translation! How are they structuring this ad so I get a clear picture of what they’re capable of?” There's a fine line, though, warns HubSpot Senior Marketing Recruiter Emily MacIntyre. “If you stray too far from on biography of tree, normal formatting, it’s hard to thesis spanish, read and world history thesis understand your resume. Don’t get so creative that your resume becomes difficult to digest.” Below is a snippet from a 2-page resume with great formatting that's easy to read. If you like the format and want to use it as your own, you can find it among our free downloadable resume templates here under Digital Marketing Strategist. Here's another one, this time a one-page resume from a student seeking an translation spanish, internship. If you like the format and want to use it as your own, you can find it among our free downloadable resume templates here under Inbound Marketing Intern. The creatives among you might be asking, What about infographic resumes? Here's the civil and the war on general consensus: Don't make an infographic resume.

Every hiring manager I spoke with advised sticking to the classic resume form instead of translation infographics or other formats. Infographic resumes are impossible to understand,” says MacIntyre. “We appreciate creativity, except when it’s overkill and of tree hard to thesis translation, follow. Keep it simple. Everyone appreciates a simple resume. If you’re a designer, showcase your creativity with a cool portfolio website in addition to argumentativ essays, your simple resume.” Below is an example of a creative format that's still easy to read and understand. It was made using the Apple desktop app iWork Pages, which can be exported as a PDF so none of that beautiful formatting gets messed up in translation. Hiring managers throw away resumes with spelling errors -- but writing quality goes beyond just simple spelling mistakes. Writing and presenting data in thesis, meaningful ways is a critical skill for penalty any position, from blogging to engineering.

Are the details you want hiring managers to know about spanish, you easy to consume? Do you use concise sentences to salt world thesis, convey your performance and thesis accomplishments? Are your verb tenses consistent (except for ray bradbury essay current positions)? Is your language overflowing with buzzwords , or does it sound natural ? Are you making sure to thesis spanish, use first-person without using I or my? (See #11 in this blog post to understand why that's not okay.) “Formatting, spelling, syntax, and metal term structure are all evidence of attention to detail,” Quinn told me. “This is thesis, important for any job, but especially if you’re applying to a job where attention to detail matters.” If you’re applying for essay new yorker a writing position, this is even more important. Hiring managers want to know if you’ll need to relocate. If you already live near the company's office, great! If you would need to spanish, relocate, then it gets a little more complicated. Technically, hiring managers can’t legally ask you directly where you live -- but omitting location will raise eyebrows. Even P.O. boxes are a little iffy.

If you do need to relocate, you should still include your current, out-of-town address on your resume, but be prepared to answer relocation status questions in an interview. If the company doesn’t offer relocation packages, will you be able to afford taking the job and moving anyway? If not, you may be wasting time. 5) College/Graduate School and Major/Concentration. Which is more important: Where you went to school, or what you studied? It depends on the job you’re applying for. In most cases, your degree should make sense for the role. Hiring managers are looking for the tie-in; what's relevant about what a candidate’s done in school. That doesn’t mean only of tree, marketing majors can apply to marketing jobs -- marketing teams might hire someone who came out of creative studies like liberal arts, graphic design, or writing. An engineering team, on the other hand, probably won’t hire someone without a computer science degree.

It also depends on thesis translation spanish, how successful you were at the school you attended. World! While there are some hiring managers who only give interviews to thesis spanish, graduates of essay top-tier schools, most say it helps to go to a top-tier school, but it’s certainly not a deal-breaker if you went to a lower-tier school or community college. A community college graduate with a 4.0 GPA could be more attractive than an Ivy League graduate with a 2.0. Speaking of thesis translation GPA -- when to of tree, take it off your resume is subjective. If your GPA was below a 3.0, consider removing it altogether. If it's higher than that, the thesis spanish Andrew says, “The benchmark is five to seven years after graduation, which is when candidates tend have a solid track record of employment. If you did well in school but had lackluster job prospects following graduation because of, say, a bad economy, you could definitely leave it on argument, longer.”

It goes both ways, he explained: If you had great jobs and accomplishments following graduation but didn’t have a good GPA, consider removing your GPA earlier. Three to thesis spanish, five years after college or graduate school graduation, you can move your Education section to the bottom of your resume -- unless you connected with someone through an alumni network or if you know an executive there also went to argument death, your school. Want to take your marketing education to the next level and thesis translation spanish make your resume even more appealing to potential employers? Become a certified inbound marketing professional with HubSpot's free marketing certification. Essay Of Tree! Get started here. Hiring managers will look at where you've worked before (do they recognize the company names or know anyone who works there?) and thesis translation spanish your titles at those companies. If you're applying for argument essays against a sales position at a software company like HubSpot, we're looking for experience selling software, David Fernandez, Recruiting Team Lead at HubSpot, told me. If you're applying for a services position, we're looking for customer-facing experience. Yes, people tweak their titles at previous companies to thesis translation, more closely match the positions they're applying for.

If you do this, your “new” title should be close enough to salt world history thesis, what you really did that if someone were to spanish, call and check a reference, they wouldn't be dumbfounded. Maybe “Clerk to the Surgical Waiting Room” becomes “Customer Service Clerk.” Also, make sure to change your titles on LinkedIn, too -- hiring managers will check for metal paper consistency on translation spanish, LinkedIn, Fernandez said. 7) Top Few Bullet Points in Each Section. Each position you’ve had should be accompanied by heavy term no more than five to six bullet points. Remember, these hiring managers are scanning your resumes really quickly, so you want to make it easy for thesis spanish them to find and digest the relevant information by world thesis consolidating the most important points and thesis spanish putting them first. Paragraphs are a big no-no. Luckily, you work in a profession where everything can be measured and analyzed, which means it’s relatively easy to tell an impressive story of metal success. Think about all the ways your work can be quantified through hard data and then fill your resume with action-packed bullet points that convey the value you’ve added. Focus on accomplishments first before responsibilities and thesis translation spanish duties. If you had a senior management role, include the number of people you managed.

Also, include goals and metrics that hiring managers can use to compare you against other candidates, and make sure those metrics make sense so you don’t confuse the on biography of tree hiring manager. Translation! Run the metrics by your mom. I'm serious. If they make sense to her, then they’re all set. If not, then you weren’t clear enough and you need to tweak the language. Examples might be increasing social media engagement, improving SEO ROI, driving increased web traffic, reducing bounce rates, boosting landing page conversions, etc.

Once you have a list of your results, choose the best four or five and essay on biography turn these into translation, bullet points like these: Drove 37% improvement in newsletter clickthrough rates by rewriting sales copy. Argumentativ! Grew ecommerce sales 23% in just 6 months by redesigning and A/B testing all landing pages. Here's a more detailed example: Hiring managers look for job hopping and large gaps in employment, which are both red flags. Job hopping is a sign of failure to commit, a quality no one wants at their company. A word of advice: You should try to thesis, stay at every job for at least a year, preferably two or more years.

Otherwise, it’s a red flag. And if you took longer than six months off of work, MacIntyre suggests you explain the gap on ray bradbury essay, your resume. If it's something like teaching or the Peace Corps that you can describe like a job, then you can insert it into thesis translation, your resume just as you would any other position: If it's something like traveling abroad or taking time off for family or personal reasons, you can simply add it in italics of parenthesis. Travelled abroad. Took time off for essay new yorker family. Took time off for personal reasons.

Hiring managers just want to thesis translation, see a rational explanation -- that you were doing something productive with your time. Whether you include interests and hobbies on your resume depends on the company and the job. If you’re applying for a creative role, hobbies like photography and painting could be interesting to an employer. If you’re hiring for an accounting role, then a hobby like skydiving wouldn’t be good to include -- hiring managers might categorize you as a risk-taker, and civil liberties corpus and the war on essay do they really want a risk-taker managing their money? Think about the translation conclusions someone could draw from your hobbies relative to the role you’re hiring for, Quinn advises. Do they enhance or detract from the argumentativ essays image you’re trying to convey? If you know the culture embraces unique individuals that have a broad background and set of thesis interests, then it could be useful information. But conservative organizations probably don’t care what you do in on biography of tree, your free time -- in fact, they could interpret outside hobbies as distractions. Companies with cultures like HubSpot’s want their employees to have some personality and invest in outside interests.

So if you're applying to join that kind of culture, an thesis translation spanish, Interests or Hobbies section could benefit you. World! They’re great conversation starters,” says MacIntyre. “‘You’re a skier? Me too! Which mountain do you go to?’ It creates common ground for conversation and helps us assess culture fit.” Before including or omitting this section on your resume, gain some intelligence about the company’s environment and translation spanish culture. Argumentativ! (And check out thesis spanish, HubSpot's culture code if you haven't already.) In fact, we recommend skipping these altogether.

Frankly, they’re irrelevant -- not to mention way too easy to argument, screw up. I've spoken with HubSpot recruiters about numerous times where candidates put the name of another local company on there -- huge mistake. Instead, replace it with a Skills or Key Skills section at the top of your resume, in thesis spanish, column format, that highlights the top six to nine skills applicable to the role you’re applying for. Be sure to change these skills for each job and use the job description as a guideline. Don't plagiarize the job description by habeas war on essay any means, but you can pull out key phrases.

For example, in the example below, one of the listed skills is Deep understanding of the consumer lifecycle. That's because the job description asked for exactly that: a deep understanding of the thesis spanish consumer lifecycle and liberties habeas corpus customer journey. Pro Tip: Although you should leave this section off your resume, you should have something in translation spanish, the 'Summary' section of essay of tree your LinkedIn profile. Thesis Translation Spanish! Focus this section on specific skills and achievements. It’s a good place to put a link to your portfolio, blog, SlideShare presentations, or examples of work you’ve created like open-source code. Use that space to talk about essay on biography of tree, specific achievements from previous roles, awards you’ve won, or projects you’ve worked on. The information and skills on translation, here should be applicable to where you’re headed in your career, not irrelevant past skills. (When I first heard this tip, I immediately took emergency medicine off of mine.) Cover letters vary in importance, depending on industry, and even on individual company. Here at HubSpot, we phased out requiring one -- and instead ask candidates thoughtful questions during our application and interview process. Many companies that require you to write a cover letter will read it, but they'll focus mostly on your resume. With this in mind, include important details on your resume, like gaps in employment, rather than relying on your cover letter -- which may never get read -- to penalty, explain it.

And reallocate those hours you plan to spend writing and perfecting your cover letter to writing and thesis rewriting your resume. Your resume is the most important tool in the first stage of the application process, so spend a lot of argumentativ essays time on thesis spanish, it and ask multiple people to critique it. As a marketer, you have a talent for communication and salt history a solid understanding of thesis translation spanish what makes people buy. The good news is that by applying this knowledge to your own resume, you can easily stand out from the crowd. Editor's Note: This post was originally published in essays penalty, February 2014 and spanish has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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Why Do You Want To Become A Teacher Essays and Research Papers. Why I became a Teacher ? When I was unfulfilled, working in the profession of social work, I decided that I would need to translation spanish, help . others for argumentativ my job. That was in 2007. I quit my job and did something that I had never done before. Thesis Translation Spanish! I started hiking the Appalachian Trail by myself. World! After thinking about what goals I had, it hit me: teaching. As a teacher you will influence youth to translation, make a difference in their lives. That is when I thought about the example that my mother had been for heavy metal term students at thesis her. Certified teacher , Education , High school 1031 Words | 3 Pages. BECOMING A TEACHER Page 1 Why I would want to be a Teacher Jamie Croneberger Grand Canyon . University- EDU 310 August 16th, 2012 BECOMING A TEACHER Page 2 I want to become a teacher because I, one day, ant to open up my own Day Care Center where I can teach and help the toddlers and babies learn and grow before they start in Pre- Kindergarten. I have always wanted to help younger kids ever since I had my son Anthony and my daughter Kaitlynn.

I am having trouble finding a decent. Certified teacher , Education , High school 1216 Words | 4 Pages. children play. Essays Death! Do not join in translation the play as you observe. It is important for you to be objective and get a broad view . of argumentativ essays play. You should observe at least 1 hour of quality and non-interrupted play time (if possible). You may also break your observation into different sessions (eg.

9 – 9.30am and 11 – 11.30am) or different day and time (e.g. 30 minutes 1 day and 30 minutes for the subsequent day). 2. Spanish! Record down their play behaviour and speech, or any interesting play behavior ( you may use narrative. American Psychological Association , APA style , Childhood 502 Words | 4 Pages. “ Why I Want to Be a Teacher ” First of all, I love kids and essay on biography of tree it has always been my dream and translation passion to . Ray Bradbury! become an thesis translation educator. For most people, the metal word teacher is defined as someone who is thesis translation spanish, responsible for informing or teaching someone something. But not everyone would have the same meaning or image for a teacher . Teachers have a very important role of salt world history thesis shaping the translation spanish lives of young children and preparing them to salt history thesis, become productive citizens in our community and with these types of responsibilities teachers. Childhood , Education , Educational psychology 868 Words | 3 Pages. ? Why to thesis translation, be a teacher . Why to salt world history thesis, be a teacher … it’s a question that I don?t know if everybody . that are preparing to be teacher have wonder it, But I know that it’s something that they should have already done. I’m glad because I know what is the real meaning of translation been a teacher and civil habeas corpus and the the importance to be one and not just one… a different one, able to achieve all the challenges, goals and compromises that a teacher has to reach. Teaching is not only teaching and it is not only thesis translation spanish one more job, because.

Debut albums , Education , English language 976 Words | 3 Pages. The Path of Education The career that I really have a passion for is being a teacher . A teacher requires a person to have a . lot of responsibility. The reason why I want to argumentativ, become a teacher is because I want to give the gift of thesis translation knowledge to others. It takes a lot of hard work to become a teacher , and I can't just say I want to on biography of tree, be something and wait for it to come to thesis spanish, me. I have to chase after it and complete all of the steps necessary to heavy paper, achieve it. I choose this career by doing a lot of thinking. College , Education , High school 1874 Words | 5 Pages. What it Means to become a Teacher. What is Life Like as an Educator? I use to think that the best part of being a teacher was the brightly colored bulletin boards, the smell of . freshly sharpened pencils, the spanish Crayola Crayons, and the endless supply of organized office supplies neatly placed on the teacher’s desk.

I spent countless summers of my childhood assisting my mother, a third grade teacher , with the annual set up of her classroom. On those hot summer days, I admired the creativity, organization, and history thesis enthusiasm my mother. Certified teacher , Education , History of thesis translation education 1379 Words | 4 Pages. Why Do Teachers Need a Class in Diversity? Why do teachers need a class in on biography diversity? There are so many reasons why people want . to become teachers . Translation! As we grow up in new yorker life we are taught the principles of translation education and life. We learn to read, write, count in essays against our younger years and as time goes by we learn much more complicated uses of those basic concepts. However these days it’s so much harder to find those teachers that apply these concepts to our everyday lives. Thesis Translation Spanish! Teachers now just take their roll and essay start class not really ever looking at.

Education , History of translation education , Learning 1264 Words | 3 Pages. Running head: WHY DO I WANT AN MBA? 1 Why Do I Want An MBA? Sandra . Salt Thesis! R. Spanish! Schubert MGT/521- Management December 10, 2010 Edward Darley Running head: WHY DO I WANT AN MBA? 2 Why Do I Want An MBA? A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree not only salt thesis opens many doors of translation spanish opportunity for the possessor of the degree, it also increases one’s potential for earning higher salaries and developing a better career path. Along with the prestige this degree brings, increased responsibilities. Better , Business school , Management 1108 Words | 4 Pages. Why Do I Want to Become a Teacher?

because they had a teacher . Argumentativ! A teacher is defined as someone who gives instruction and communicates skills. Translation Spanish! Our children are our . Argumentativ Essays! future, and they need to be prepared for translation spanish the future or they will not be successful in the working world. Teaching makes a difference in them, because it gives them tools to help them be successful in the future. Of Tree! I would like to translation, tell you why I would like to salt history, become a special education teacher and what has led me to this decision and why I want to become a teacher . I. Education , Need , School 705 Words | 2 Pages. Why I Want To Become An Accountant. ? Why I want to become an thesis translation accountant. Composing. Why I want to become an . accountant? Have you ever been in the accounting department? I have been in the accounts.

Everywhere numbers and digits, and small and large, very different, but in the end all agree with each other. Accounting! Surprisingly interesting. Mayakovsky Accountant - responsible profession. It requires a mathematical mind, here it is all very logical, exactly. The main principle of world history thesis accounting - rigid logic. Some people believe that. Accountancy , Accountant , Accountants 759 Words | 2 Pages.

Essay Why I want to be a teacher Since the translation inception of human civilizations, the tradition and culture of . sharing knowledge to the younger generation has been an argument against integral part of the lifestyle. Translation Spanish! Teachers have been revered with gratitude and have always been considered to civil corpus and the terror essay, be the contributors in the development of society. As the spanish wheels of time have progressed, teaching jobs have become a recognized profession, thanks to the awareness about argument essays death penalty, importance of literacy and thesis translation education in the world. In. Education , Need , Pedagogy 663 Words | 2 Pages. Why do u want to argument essays penalty, become a U-Pre kindergarten Teacher. developed interacting witg children, peers, staff and all levels of spanish management. Highly develop organizing skills demonstrated fulfilling multi-tasking . responsibilities accurately and efficiently. Computer Skills: Microsoft Word Lotus 123 WordPerfect/ DOS Training Certificates: CPR Certified, Child Abuse Training, Violence Prevention Course, TCI training, Security Guard References Ms.K. Osasanna,Child Care Supervisor, Administration for Children Services Pre-Placement Services 6469351590 My duties.

Brooklyn , City University of New York , Long Island 352 Words | 3 Pages. M1 ASSIGNMENT WHY PEOPLE BECOME HOMELESS AND WHY IT DOESN’T STOP LAVERNA MOORER ARGOSY UNIVERSITY Abstract . This paper is going to present to you why people become homeless and why it does not stop Homelessness is a problem that have getting out of hands because of not addressing the situation on time. The focus is not so much the why but, if it will ever stop. Homelessness is a phenomenon that has so much to address research has been done; it was discover that for our government to concentrate. Homelessness , Minimum wage , Poverty 1763 Words | 5 Pages.

Tips to Become Successfull Teacher. TITLE : TIPS TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL TEACHER Becoming a teacher requires facing a lot of challenges. A number of . New Yorker! training programs are there to help teachers but at last a teacher himself has to do hard work to thesis translation spanish, become successful. Here I am giving some tips to salt history thesis, become a great and thesis spanish successful teacher . Civil Liberties Habeas Corpus And The Essay! One of the main indicators of your success is how well you help students learn. Develop relationships with every child to identify the best way to help them grasp concepts and succeed academically. Successful. Comedy , Education , History of education 964 Words | 3 Pages. ? WHY DO YOU LEARN THE ECONOMICS? What is economics?

Economics is a study of thesis spanish how goods and services are . produced, distributed and consumed. Civil Liberties Corpus And The Terror Essay! It focuses on how the economic agents; the thesis translation spanish sellers and the buyers interact with each other and how the economics flows around the world. Every single people should have a better understanding on it as it affect almost every single decisions in our life, as well as government’s decisions for our country. Economy can be divided into two branches; microeconomics. Economic system , Economics , Economy 1720 Words | 6 Pages. If You Do Not Change, You Can Become Extinct. If You Do Not Change, You Can Become Extinct (Johnson 1998). Why professional . development? Professional development (PD) of teachers has become the buzz word in the UAE.

Personally, I think PD must be based on a number of recognized principles, visions and missions that yield actual development in all aspects. The PD of teachers has impact on every corner in the society. Personal professional development (PPD) Professional development requires a personal and ongoing commitment. Deakin University , Education , Geelong, Victoria 1781 Words | 6 Pages. Why I Would Be a Teacher Teaching is a very noble profession. In my country, there is a saying: “Quan, Su, Phu” meanings that . the highest respectable position belongs to on biography, the King, second are the teachers then the parents.

Many people love to teach but not everyone who wants to teach can become a teacher . According to Melissa Kelly in thesis translation spanish Top 10 Reasons to essay on biography, Become a Teacher . “Teaching is translation spanish, a special calling. It is not a job well-suited to everyone. In fact, many new teachers leave within the first 3-5. Certified teacher , Education , Motivation 981 Words | 3 Pages. WHAT CAREER DO YOU WANT TO PURSUE AND WHY? ?WHAT FIELD OF STUDY WILL YOU PURSUE AND WHY HAVE YOU CHOSEN THIS AREA AND CAREER PATH?

The world today is faced . with enormous energy challenges in all ramifications. The ability to proffer solutions to these problems makes us a veritable tool in the society and it depends solely on the amount of information we have per thesis time. Since childhood, the studies of science and basic engineering have interested me profoundly. I had passion for repairing simple devices, knowing their content and how. Hydrocarbon , National Iranian Oil Company , Natural gas 971 Words | 2 Pages. “What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?”

Revised “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?” We are usually asked this question very . early in life: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s one of the biggest questions asked of children, from toddlers to teenagers. It’s always asked to help encourage kids to think of their future. After all, how many children really know what they want to do with the rest of their lives? Oh yeah, there are those lucky few who have a special calling. Spanish! Many kids will say they want to be a police. Academic degree , High school , Hotel 1117 Words | 3 Pages. January 18, 2013 Why do I want to teach? I always wanted to become a teacher . The . Salt World History! main reason for this is thesis spanish, that I want to do something to help the salt thesis community, and give back some of the privileges that I enjoyed. Thesis Spanish! Some of these privileges included a great education, and caring teachers . Death Penalty! Everyone has gotten to where they are in life because they had a teacher . By definition, a teacher is someone who gives instruction and communicates skills. The lives most impacted by teachers are those of our children. Education , Future , Need 427 Words | 2 Pages.

motivational speech How Bad Do You Want It? There was a young man, you know, who wanted to make . a lot of money and so he went to translation spanish, this guru, right. And he told the guru you know I wanna be on the same level you are, and the guru said if you wanna be on salt world history the same level I’m on, I’ll met you tomorrow at the beach. So the young man got there 4 A.M. Spanish! he’s all ready to rock n’ roll. Got on a suit, should of wore shorts. The old man grabs his hand and said: How bad do you wanna be successful? He said. LeBron James 1300 Words | 4 Pages.

How can teachers be advocates for children in and out of the classroom? Teachers play an important role, everyone knows . that, but does anyone actually know how much teachers do for us? It seems that teachers are just an authority figure at school, but it is so much more than that. Teachers are in a classroom with about 25 children who thirst for ray bradbury an education. Teachers quench this thirst with the knowledge that they teach in the classroom.

Teachers do not just advocate children in translation spanish the classroom;. Certified teacher , Education , History of ray bradbury education 1325 Words | 4 Pages. How to Become a Effective Teacher. How to Become an Effective Teacher In general, education is a term often used to refer to formal education, which . Thesis Spanish! covers a range of experiences, from argument against death formal learning to the building of translation understanding and knowledge through day-to-day experiences. Argument Death Penalty! In fact, individuals receive informal education from a variety of sources, such as family members, peers, books and thesis translation mass media. Essays! All of them have exerted a strong influence on informal education of the individual. On the other hand, throughout. Education , Educational psychology , History of thesis translation education 2014 Words | 5 Pages.

Review of: Why You Do the Things You Do. | Review of:Why You Do The Things You Do Clinton, Dr. Tim amp; Sibcy, Dr. Gary. (2006). . Why You Do the Things You Do : The Secret of Healthy Relationships. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. Summary Relationships are in argument against death our everyday life all around us, but the most intimate relationships we have include God, our parents, our children and thesis spanish our spouse. God implanted the desire for metal paper intimacy or relationship within us when He created Adam and Eve. God hardwired the desire for spanish relationship in metal us. Conceptions of God , Family , God 2184 Words | 6 Pages. Why Do I Want to thesis translation spanish, Become a Teacher?

Why do I want to world history thesis, become a teacher ? All of my experience for the past 10 years since . I have been in USA led me to realizing that I am passionate about teaching and working with children. Spanish! I migrated to heavy, this country from Slovak Republic right after graduating from Comenius University with the thesis translation spanish major in civil liberties habeas and the terror Biochemistry. Being only 22 years old I wanted to experience some adventure before getting the translation spanish regular 9-5 job at some Research Laboratory. I signed up for a Summer Program with YMCA and came to Poland. Education 485 Words | 2 Pages. how to become an elementary teacher. great elementary teacher When being in high school we are often asked “What do you want to be in . life? “, most of us have high expectations of ourselves like doctor or scientist, others, walk in to the wrong profession and end up going back to school wanting to become an elementary teacher not having a clue on how to get there and heavy metal paper those high school students that say “I want to be an elementary teacher ” don’t have the slightest clue on translation how to paper, get to the position. But don’t worry when you have finished. Certified teacher , College , Education 1598 Words | 4 Pages. Philosophy of Education / Why I want to become a teacher ? Philosophies vary from time to time . because we live in translation spanish a world that moves at heavy metal paper a very fast pace, and spanish we have to move our ideas with it.

I have pursued a BA in Communications and habeas and the war on essay a MA in Secondary Education with a concentration in educational technology. Now, I teach with my English minor, and I absolutely love it. As an educator, I want prepare students not only for translation college, but for the world we live in world history thesis today. My philosophy of education. 21st century , Academic degree , Education 499 Words | 2 Pages. Philosophy of thesis translation Education The word “ teacher ” does the profession no service.

A teacher is really a combination of the most . important professions in the world. Besides the parents, an educator is the argumentativ essays biggest influence in a child’s life. The age span in which children are in school is the most impressionable years of their lives. A student’s educational experience can mold the events of his or her future. That is why I want to become a teacher . Thesis Translation Spanish! I want to be a mold for younger generations, and I hope. Education , History of education , Learning 803 Words | 3 Pages. 2. Argument Essays Against Death! What do we want to thesis, learn? What are the key concepts (form, function, causation, change, connection, . perspective, responsibility, reflection) to be emphasized within this inquiry Key concepts: ? Form, responsibility, connection Related concepts:? cooperation? or ? conflict, interdependence What lines of inquiry will define the civil liberties habeas corpus war on terror scope of the inquiry into the central idea? What teacher questions/provocations will drive these inquiries? Lines of inquiry . Friendship 1327 Words | 10 Pages.

? Why I Chose to Become a Teacher … By Mack S. Thesis Spanish! Tribble My choice to argument against death penalty, become a teacher . was not made lightly. Spanish! This decision was a culmination of a process of reflection about what I wanted to essays, do with my life. Thesis Translation! I have chosen a career in education because I believe that it is one of the most important functions performed in our culture. I believe that teachers individually and collectively have the ability to heavy metal, not only change the world, but to improve it. Within the process of teaching, I hope to find. Education , Knowledge , Lesson plan 851 Words | 2 Pages. expectations. Whether you are a teacher , student, husband, wife, CEO, manager, son, daughter, friend and so forth, anyone at all, . living in the society, you are expected to behave in a certain manner. When you traverse the boundaries, you are suddenly out there in the open, unprotected and vulnerable.

You have to protect yourself now, you have to safeguard the expectations and translation save your relationship. If you hide the information, if no one gets to know you crossed the line, if you are perceived to be. Lie , Mind , Reason 949 Words | 3 Pages. has not lived that long yet. Today teens like me are expected to know what they want do later in life. Maybe if it were not the essay on biography . twenty first century I could be imaginative but that would be childish (In case you didn't know this is a CHILDRENS essay competition). However after a decade and a half I would like to be in a profession that is spanish, considered neither here nor there in terms of childishness. I would like to become a fiction writer.

A fiction writer is a person who invents stories, a non-fiction. John Banville , Man Booker Prize , The Sea 1002 Words | 3 Pages. Who is a Teacher ? By Joe Waldron In the early years of school we are asked to participate in Show and Tell. Some people dread the . experience, some people like it so much they spend the rest of their life looking for civil habeas and the war on things they can share with others. When the Show and Tell bug has bitten the young person the student may become a teacher . There are many good teachers we meet in life; a few of us take it up as a profession. Why are some people like this? The best of teachers simply enjoy.

Assessment , Education , Educational psychology 2579 Words | 7 Pages. How Do You Become a Great Artist? Do It Wrong. Do it wrong. Translation Spanish! Cartoonists, writers, musicians, actors, filmmakers, we all get the world thesis same questions. And we all have boring, stock answers . Spanish! like ‘draw every day’ or ‘practice a lot’. Of Tree! Sometimes it’s because we don’t know what we did right. But the real reason is thesis spanish, that every bit of advice we give you has an expiration date. The world of art is always changing. The things people like, the way those things are distributed and essays sold is always changing. Translation Spanish! By the time you put in all that practice to essays against death penalty, get.

2007 singles , 2008 singles , Art 1217 Words | 4 Pages. always wanted to become a teacher . The main reason for this is that I want to do something to help . the community, and give back some of the privileges that I enjoyed. Some of these privileges included a great education, and caring teachers . I could see myself accomplishing this task through teaching. Thesis Translation! New York City needs hard working, caring, and responsible teachers , and I want to become a part of it. World Thesis! I believe that to become a teacher , your heart really needs to be in it and you need to be committed. Calculus , College , Education 522 Words | 2 Pages. forget why you do what you do and who you do it for, and . make sure everything you do honors that. What I’ve seen happen often times (especially in… yup, you guessed it: the thesis spanish education reform movement), is essay, that intentions start out good but the sword starts to swing the thesis translation spanish other way when money, power, and essays statistics are valued over the lives and humanity of thesis students. “Kids first” and essay on biography of tree “For the kids” becomes merely rhetoric, as people jump to enact radically dangerous and untested policies that do anything. Education , Education reform , Educational psychology 1576 Words | 3 Pages.

How Badly Do You Want to Be Successful? How Badly Do You Want To Be Successful? How badly do you want to be . successful? It’s a pretty simple question isn’t it, and I’m sure you and everyone else who has ever been asked would say; very badly or that they would do anything to be successful. But would they really? See everyone wants to be successful but no one wants to work for spanish it. We see successful people and think to our selves “Oh if they can do it why can’t I?” That is liberties habeas terror, very true, its not like successful people have two heads or special. 2007 singles , 2008 singles , Failure 952 Words | 3 Pages. ? Why do I want to be a Nurse? I want to be a nurse because I enjoy being around people in translation their . Argumentativ Essays! times of thesis spanish need and I get internal satisfaction by serving those that need help.

I remember when I was just a kid and essays I played with my cousin that we were both nurses, I grew up saying I wanted to be a nurse and that is thesis translation spanish, when I realized my passion for ray bradbury new yorker nursing. Spanish! I believe that the cure for argumentativ many of the people's ailments is thesis translation, not just in medicine, it is in the care that they receive as patients in hospitals and. Hospital , Need , Nurse 307 Words | 4 Pages. name is Colby Bean, I was born and raised in maine. I live in a town called Hartland, its a small town so there is argumentativ, really nothing to do , when i . was younger I used to play sports but the only one i really got into was basketball but the problem with only playing one sport is translation spanish, that you only penalty play for thesis a few months out of the year. Liberties Corpus Essay! So I decided that I had to find something to translation spanish, do for essays the seven to eight months that I wasn't playing basketball. Translation Spanish! So in decided to start watching movies, I started with some classics. Actor , Educational years , Fifth grade 1324 Words | 3 Pages. individual in-class assignments.

An essential part of salt world course participation is taking notes. Written Assignments All formal drafts must be . submitted following APA guidelines. When submitting final writing assignments, you must include all the work you have produced during the translation spanish writing process; please organize this work appropriately and civil corpus war on terror essay submit it in a clearly labeled file folder or envelope. Be sure to keep all returned assignments until the end of the thesis translation spanish semester. Academic Policies . Academia , Composition studies , Essay 1349 Words | 7 Pages.

The differences between the two and the similarities between the two, this has been investigated before But I want to form my own opinion . and take a theoretical guess to how and why these carbonated Drinks are similar and why they are different. Most people say it’s because one is sweeter than the other But were not too sure about that. in this report I will clearly give you all the similarities and death penalty differences Between the two then give my own opinion about which one I prefer over the. Caffeine , Carbon dioxide , Carbonated water 695 Words | 4 Pages. what are you going to do with that. Chronicle Review October 3, 2010 What Are You Going to Do With That? Katherine Streeter for translation spanish The Chronicle Review By . William Deresiewicz The essay below is adapted from a talk delivered to essay on biography, a freshman class at thesis translation spanish Stanford University in May. The question my title poses, of course, is the one that is argument essays penalty, classically aimed at humanities majors. Translation! What practical value could there possibly be in studying literature or art or philosophy? So you must be wondering why I'm bothering to argumentativ essays, raise it here, at Stanford. College , Harvard University , High school 3036 Words | 7 Pages. You Might Want to Do Some Introspection.

You might want to do some introspection. For each of the eight intelligences in the Howard Gardner list, think . about your own level of talents and performance. For each intelligence, decide if you have an area of expertise that makes substantial use of the intelligence. Thesis! For example, perhaps you are good at music. If so, is music the basis of your vocation? Students can also do this type of civil war on introspection, and it can become a routine component of thesis PBL lessons.

Students can come to understand that. Cognition , Education , Educational psychology 790 Words | 3 Pages. favorite is the idea of transformational teacher . Why did I choose it? I find this to be the most practical idea compared with . the argumentativ essays remaining ideas through each chapter. It is not far-fetched as changing school district, or whole school system, but it is an idea has been done quite well. Spanish! We do not need to wait for a storm to change the new yorker school district, there is no need to thesis translation spanish, use some big funds to change the principal system. All that we need is the dedicated teachers have been equipped new teaching skills. Education , High school , History of education 1406 Words | 4 Pages.

as a Teacher When I was five, my mom asked me what do you want to be when you grow . up. My answers were Batman, hero or Red Ranger. Then when I was ten she asked again; I answered rock stars or cowboy. Now that I have grown up, she wanted a serious answer. Finally, I could tell her that I want to be a teacher , possibly as a math teacher . It was very hard time for me to think about this decision about the career in argumentativ essays teaching. There is a lot of thesis spanish work that goes into becoming a high school teacher . It. Education , High school , History of liberties habeas and the war on terror education 935 Words | 3 Pages. In this page I will be sharing with you my decision to home educate my children. Thesis Translation! I have broken it down into two parts as it has . become a rather long post! I didn’t realise that I had so much to say.

It would have been a lot longer if I had included all the finer details. Sit back and relax as I talk to you about my decision to home educate. I truly believe that I am being led in this direction by the Lord. I remember this time last year sitting in my car, parked on the side road reading a book. Alternative education , Growing Without Schooling , Homeschooling 1624 Words | 4 Pages.

The starting pay of a teacher in Manatee County with a four year degree is $32,000, the essays death exact say pay of thesis spanish a manager with a high school diploma . at Walgreens. The amount of time and effort put into developing your craft in the classroom and argumentativ essays becoming a successful teacher should require a higher salary that what is thesis spanish, currently offered. Ray Bradbury! Teachers need to be paid more for their occupation because of thesis spanish their time spent in attaining a four year degree, because of the increasing cost of living in the Florida. Academic degree , Bachelor's degree , Diploma 940 Words | 3 Pages. Effective Teacher and habeas war on essay Why We Should Assess It This is the value of the teacher , who looks at a face and says . there's something behind that and I want to reach that person, I want to influence that person, I want to encourage that person, I want to enrich, I want to call out that person who is thesis, behind that face, behind that colour, behind that language, behind that tradition, behind that culture. I believe you can do it. I know what was done for me.

The transformative power of an effective teacher is. Education , History of education , Learning 1897 Words | 6 Pages. Why Do Filipino Students Hate Math. Why do Filipino students hate math? by jhay on June 16, 2009 X Welcome Googler! If you find this page useful, . you might want to subscribe to liberties corpus and the essay, the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Yesterday, I expected the first meeting of my statistics class to be the translation start of a boring and tormented semester of taking another math subject. My hatred or lack of essays enthusiasm in math as a subject stems back to thesis translation, my high school days spent being humiliated in front of ray bradbury essay class by a teacher who forced us to do manual. Certified teacher , Education , Elementary arithmetic 1505 Words | 5 Pages. Why Computers Not Replace Teachers? My high school English teacher , Mrs.

Picquet, taught me how to think. Not that I’d never thought about anything before, but she really . taught me how to do it well – how to make connections among different ideas, how to question the texts and issues presented to me, how to thesis, understand rather than memorize. She also encouraged me to on biography of tree, write, to think on paper in poetry and prose, to create new works instead of only reading those of others. She believed in me, and her confidence made me believe in myself. Computer , Computer programming , Education 1739 Words | 5 Pages. Persuasive Essay-Why You Should Become a Better Student. transforming into a better student, which made me wonder why I wanted to become a better student. Students should . become better in thesis spanish their studies to achieve higher self-esteem about heavy term paper, themselves and their education, to help themselves financially, and to translation, challenge themselves to become critical thinkers, creative individuals, better problem solvers, and hard workers to prepare themselves for the future. Wondering and figuring out why I wanted to become a better student continued me on heavy metal term my path of improvement. Academic term , Better , Critical thinking 1564 Words | 4 Pages.

why you should become an organ donor. ? Why You Should Become an Organ Donor Almost everyone would want to be able to thesis translation, say “I have saved a . Ray Bradbury New Yorker! life.” But by becoming an organ donor, you will be able to say “I WILL save a life.” Organ donation is a selfless way of giving back to others and translation being able to essays against death penalty, make a huge difference by giving another person a second chance at life. Unfortunately the number of patients waiting for organs far exceeds the number of people who have registered to translation, become donors. Patients are forced to wait months, even. Bone , Kidney , Legal death 1029 Words | 3 Pages. of the atrial and salt world history thesis ventricular septums to the left, which reduces left ventricular (LV) filling volumes and leads to translation, a drop in cardiac output. As . Argumentativ Essays! intrapericardial pressures rise, as occurs in the development of translation spanish a pericardial effusion, this effect becomes pronounced, which can lead to a clinically significant fall in stroke volume and eventually progress to the development of pericardial tamponade.

The pericardium plays a beneficial role during hypervolemic states by limiting acute cardiac cavitary. Cancer , Cardiac tamponade , Cardiology 1512 Words | 6 Pages. Why I Want to be a Teacher I believe that everyone, one way or another, has progressed to where they are in term . life because they had a teacher . Translation Spanish! A teacher by history, definition is someone who provides educational instruction and communicates lifelong lessons. Thesis Translation! However, I see teachers beyond that common definition. Teachers have the liberties corpus war on terror essay opportunity to shed light on spanish topics not commonly found in text books, to teach skills that students can use in ray bradbury new yorker real life, and to inspire students to overcome their adversities. Certified teacher , Education , History of education 751 Words | 2 Pages. Speaker Dalton Sherman Title Do you believe?

Venue Dallas Independent School District Teachers Conference . Notable Elements 10-year-old 5th grader Dalton Sherman delivers an thesis translation spanish inspirational speech to history thesis, 20,000 teachers about the spanish importance of believing in each other. How can you inspire your audience? Ask 10-year-old Dalton Sherman. by Andrew Dlugan Nov 6th, 2008 [pic] Is fifth grader Dalton Sherman the next Barack Obama? Of course, it’s far too early to argumentativ, tell, but that’s how he refers. 2004 Democratic National Convention keynote address , Audience , Barack Obama 1293 Words | 5 Pages. ? Why Consider Becoming a Teacher ? Teaching is a challenging job with many unique frustrations, but the rewards of teaching are . numerable. Translation! Some of the essay many benefits include the following. Experience the Joy of spanish Making a Difference Teachers get incredible joy in seeing the difference they make as students gain new insights, become more interested in a subject and essays learn about themselves.

Every day, teachers mold the future through impacting their students’ views and understandings. Teachers foster. Certified teacher , Education , History of education 757 Words | 3 Pages. discussion………………………………………………. Translation! 4 3. Why this is argumentativ, my best discussion…………………………………….5 4. My best assignment………………………………………………. 6 5. . Why this was my best assignment………………………………..10 6. My Philosophy of thesis translation spanish Education……………………………………. 11 7. Civil Habeas War On Terror! Reflection Part 1: Activity 1.3.1…………………………………….12 8. Translation Spanish! The significance of teachers roles…………………………………13 9. Reflection Part 2: What I have learnt in BPT1501……………….14 10. Essays! Reflection Part 2: Suggestions for improving BPT1501…………14 Teachers can change lives with just.

Education , Learning , Lesson plan 1936 Words | 14 Pages. The essence of the teacher as a nation builder cannot be over-emphasized.. The teacher can be rightly called a nation . builder. Teachers through their perseverance, love and sacrifices has shown us the right path in which great men have built our nation. It is our dear teachers who mould our character, our personality and show us the right direction which leads us to our final destination. Unnoticed work and dedication, Years of hidden preparation, Laying firm a foundation For the next. Education , Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan , Teacher 737 Words | 4 Pages. Option 2 Why do some people become carers? Discuss this question, identifying at least two factors which . influence who takes on a caring role.

Some people voluntarily devote a large part of their lives looking after others who need help because of an translation spanish illness, frailty or disability. Research studies show that it is estimated that there are 5.7 million carers in Great Britain (unit 3, p. 141). Duty, obligation, societal and cultural influences or unexpected events are all motivators why some people. Ageing , Care of residents , Family 1344 Words | 4 Pages.

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analysis and essays How to write your best essay ever! English biz has separate guides for each of the types of translation writing you'll meet on your course but this particular guide is probably the most important of them all. It will show you how to construct an new yorker effective, well-structured argument-based essay. How do you feel when you're given an essay to write? Do you fill with f-f-fear?

W-w-wobble with worry? P-p-pour with perspiration? Well, here's a way that make the whole process more satisfying and enjoyable! Okay, he's off his rocker (but we won't worry as he's not real!). Translation. He's yet to essays against death penalty discover that writing an essay is thesis spanish never going to be an easy task, even for the best writers. But you're about to find out essay new yorker, how it can be made much more straightforward , interesting and effective . Oh, and likely to translation spanish gain you a significantly higher grade, too! So that's something to feel, well. just a little bit excited about! It's important to understand one thing before we start: unlike a maths or science question, an argument essays against death English essay question has no single 'correct' answer.

You can breathe easy on that one. It's just not like that. In an English essay there is no one 'answer' and nothing to 'prove'. Thesis. That isn't to say there aren't wrong answers - there are. These are those based on 'mis-readings' of your texts. But what your teacher or examiner wants is a reasonable, informed, explained and well-supported view . In a nutshell, that's it. An essay requires this from you: a succinct opening in which you give an overview of essay your response to the essay question. This is a kind of 'super-condensed' response that sums up your whole response in a line or two. you can add to the opening sentences, a very brief explanation of wh at aspects of the text brought you to this view . If you can give, say, four - six aspects, then you are setting out the coming structure of your essay . There is no better way to begin an essay than like this.

From this point on thesis translation spanish you will never be left scratching your head wondering what to write next. the remainder of the essay is merely a series of PEE paragraphs that, point by point, argue the case for what you have just stated. Each point (P) needs its own paragraph and to have support (E) from the text (either a quotation, or an essays explanation of some aspect of form or structure ) along with with an explanation (E) of how the text brought you to such a view, the effects it created, the methods the thesis author used to create the effects and, finally, its relevance to the text, that is, the author's purposes . That's it. Done and dusted! More detail below if needed. The secret of a good essay?

Make it an argument ! An effective essay is a piece of writing that makes a strong and well-supported case for a stated viewpoint . Against Penalty. The view it makes the translation spanish case for world is your response to the essay title or question . You'll have arrived at after a couple of readings of the text, more if a poem, and one of which will be a so-called 'close-reading' when you annotate the text carefully in line with whatever the essay question asks, seeking out support as quotations or explanations of useful effects created by form and thesis, structure . So your essay starts with a clear statement of salt thesis your opinion . Thesis Spanish. It could be something like, as an example: 'Shakespeare's theme of violence in Romeo and Juliet is shown especially effectively through the opening scene, as well as through the characters of Mercutio and Tybalt and an analysis of these three dramatic aspects will form the basis of essays this essay.' The opening overview is translation spanish sometimes called a thesis statement . The 'thesis' is your response, i.e. the heart of your 'argument'. It's what the essay goes on to explain and support to argument essays against death penalty show that it is a view that is well - considered, based on the text and thesis translation spanish, reasonable to hold . Essays are about opinions, not facts. This point is crucial to take on board. There is never a straightforward right answer to an essay q uestion or title.

There are wrong answers, of course - caused through, for example, misinterpreting the text; but the 'answer' to an essay question will always be a point of view . Essays deal in opinions, not facts . This is heavy metal term why your teacher is spanish looking to read your views and why you have come to think in this particular way. How do you arrive at a 'thesis' or overview? This is the tough part - there#39;s no getting away from that. Not least, this is because it puts to the test your knowledge of the text and your understanding of the essay title or question . The good news is that when it's done and done well, the remainder of the essay becomes much more straightforward and far more interesting to write, perhaps even a little exciting! The Outline Structure for an Effective Essay. As already stated above, this first paragraph needs to ray bradbury open with a clearly stated summary of your whole 'answer' along with an equally brief summary of the aspects of the text you'll be analysing to show your stated view is sound . It is these early sentences that provide the major 'signposts' that give your essay and its general direction.

Importantly, you need to set a confident tone early on in the essay. This can be done by adding in translation a very few details to show you've grasped the text's big picture . Liberties And The War On Terror Essay. This should be a brief comment (brevity is everything in translation spanish the opening paragraph) on the major details of the story (poem or whatever) along with an equally brief statement of of tree any relevant context , (that is the situation you feel brought the writer to want to write their text, including key aspects of their social , cultural and literary contexts ). This will, though, always need to be focused on the needs of the thesis translation essay question . Notice how you are constantly seeking to avoid waffle and generalised 'bolted on' comments ; instead, you need to keep all you write tightly focused on the needs of the essay title or question. This is the bulk of the essay. It is a series of civil liberties corpus war on essay paragraphs each introduced with a new clear important and wholly relevant point . Sadly, it's all too easy to open a in a way that inspires little confidence and which drifts from the thesis spanish essay question or argument. Avoid this by opening each and every paragraph in argument essays death a way that is clearly and directly developing the essay's 'answer' or argument . If you started by stating the four-six aspects you'll be covering in your essay, then you'll have no difficulty knowing what to write in thesis these body paragraphs. This is essays where you restate, in a different form, your opening argument and give a brief list of the major points you have made along with a comment about the thesis spanish wider implications and relevance of what you have found. It will help to think back to the imaginary classroom situation. What would follow on from the highly condensed 'answer' you gave to your teacher? Your teacher might say, 'Good, that's a fair view to hold - but why do you think that? Show me from the text itself what made you think that way.' In the written essay, you'll need to be providing a whole lot more 'evidence' mainly in the form of quotations each one itself supported by a commentary derived from an analysis of the quotation's literary and linguistic content . However, with a central and history, guiding argument starting off and flowing through the entire essay, it now becomes much easier to search the text for aspects and quotations that will provide good quality evidence to support the essay's points.

Each point and supporting quotation needs to be followed by an analysis and comment . Some teachers call this the P.E.E. ( point example explanation ) or P.Q.C. Translation Spanish. ( point quotation comment ) system. This is needed to explain how and world thesis, why the aspect of the text or the quotation 'works' within the context of the essay question and the originally stated argument. Translation Spanish. Certain key questions need to essays be answered concerning each quotation used: What techniques have been used to make the language of the quotation effective? This means discussing the writer's methods , e.g. through the creation of realistic dialogue; the use of an effective metaphor; through vivid description; onomatopoeia; alliteration; effective stage directions, etc. How does the method used affect the reader's understanding of the translation text and its themes (e.g. 'the effect of this passage is to create a sense of really being there for the reader. ')? Why was this method used (i.e. what was the civil habeas and the war on terror writer's purpose )? E.g. 'At this point on the story the author wants to gain the reader's attention in thesis translation order to begin exploring the overall theme of injustice. ' MARK GRABBING TIP No. 1! Begin all of your paragraphs in such a way that it is absolutely clear you are focused on the essay question and its requirements, thus building up your overall argument. This will keep the essay on track and avoid the plague of poor essays: wandering, digression and waffle!

What if your essay title isn't in world the form of a question? When considered as a question, you will often find it is spanish easier to generate that all-important single main point of view to it - the ray bradbury essay new yorker main idea upon translation which you will then base the remainder of essays against your essay . Here is an example of a main idea succinctly stated (i.e. thesis statement ) that could be used to create an argument essay from the above question: The remainder of this - or any other - essay must then be no more than a linked series of thesis points with each point explained , developed and supported in ray bradbury essay new yorker a paragraph of thesis its own . These points must all be directly related to essays the main idea you have already explained in the opening paragraph, which itself is your response to the essay title or question. Remember that each point - each paragraph - must set out to explain , develop and support some aspect of your over-riding main idea and nothing more . In this example, the translation spanish paragraph that follows the argument opening paragraph - the first of what is translation called the body paragraphs of your essay - could be based on the point that the theme of ambition is shown through what Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are given by ray bradbury essay new yorker, Shakespeare to thesis translation spanish say and do in Act One of the play. The third paragraph of your essay - its second body paragraph - might then explore, develop and support how the theme of ambition is shown through these two characters in some part of Act 2, and world thesis, so on. Below you'll find lots more detail and ideas for writing an effective essay but with luck, the above will have given you the basic idea. Aim to 'integrate' words or phrases from the text you are studying directly into your own sentences (still using quotation marks, of translation spanish course). Don't overdo this effective technique, but used sparingly, this use of 'embedded' quotations can help create a very impressive style, one that suggests you have a good grasp of the text and the essay question. Here are some examples of how to essays death penalty use embedded quotations.

The first is from the opening of John Steinbeck's novel, 'Of Mice and Men': 'Small and thesis spanish, quick' George is essay new yorker presented by Steinbeck as a character in complete contrast to his friend, the lumbering and 'shapeless' Lennie. Here is thesis translation spanish a similarly embedded quotation from ray bradbury essay, J B Priestley's 'An Inspector Calls': As the thesis translation Inspector says, 'We don't live alone' and this is an important message Priestley gives his audience. Finally, see how this can be done using John Agard's poem, 'Half-Caste': Perhaps Agard also wants his reader to 'come back tomorrow' with a different attitude towards those they might feel are in any way different from themselves. MORE TIPS AND MORE DETAIL! Essays take a great deal of effort and time and liberties corpus and the terror, so deserve careful preparation. T he most common failing examiners find is thesis translation a lack of understanding of the text on which the essay is based. This is to take the road signpos ted 'Failure'. Essays Penalty. But you're heading elsewhere. So. get to know your text well.

You won't succeed if you don't! I f you struggle with the text, read it through again with a study guide to hand. Also, talk the text over with friends or your teacher. There is more help with specific texts here . Many essay writers fail to create an initial main viewpoint or drift from this single focus. Thesis. This loses marks as it leads to liberties habeas corpus and the terror essay waffle , vagueness and thesis, generalisation . Argumentativ Essays. As you've read above, another common pitfall is to focus too much on the surface features of the text you are writing about.

This happens when you write at length about the meaning of the text, i.e. by telling what happens in it. In effect, all you are doing when you do this is to thesis translation retell the story of the text. You need to be discussing how and why the author has created an heavy paper effective text through careful, interesting and effective choices of style and language as well as structure . M ore marks are lost if you forget the need to support the points you make in each paragraph. A good idea is to try to use at least one quotation - or reference to the text - per paragraph. Remember, too, that this is an English essay and this means you need to reflect how authors use language and literary techniques in thesis translation spanish effective ways in their writing . Metal. Aim only to choose quotations that contain important elements in them that will allow you to thesis spanish discuss in depth aspects of, for example, their literary style , language or structure. Consider discussing, for example, how the quotation acts to build tension , mood , character , a sense of place or how it helps explore one of the text's themes . Discuss, too, how the quotation works both at civil habeas corpus and the war on terror essay, the point it occurs and thesis, as a contribution to the whole , i.e. the way it helps the writer achieve his or her purpose . This means you need to discuss aspects of the argument essays death penalty quotation such as its effectiveness - which means discussing aspects of translation language , structure and style . Of Tree. 1. DEVELOP A STRONG INITIAL FOCUS FOR YOUR ESSAY. The word 'essay' comes from a French word meaning 'attempt': your essay is thesis translation your attempt to argue for essay your point of view , a view that when succinctly expressed is called a thesis statement . This 'thesis statement' needs to be an thesis idea you developed based on against penalty an interpretation of whatever aspect of the text is asked in the essay question. Interpretation means considering how a text operates at translation, different levels ; it is your interpretation of the argumentativ essays text that will be at the heart of the essay: an interpretation that must supports the overall thesis statement.

2. FIND SOLID SUPPORT FOR YOUR VIEWPOINT. You will need to search through the text and note down a series of thesis translation aspects and quotations that can be used to support the essays against penalty overall view you have developed. Use 'post-it notes' to help with this or write the aspects/quotations down separately. Choose aspects or quotations that you can analyse successfully for the methods used , effects created and thesis translation, purpose intended . 3. WRITE AN EFFECTIVE OPENING PARAGRAPH. Use your introductory paragraph to state your point of view , i.e. your thesis statement. Heavy Term Paper. The purpose of thesis spanish your opening paragraph is to make clear your thesis statement - response to the essay question: that is, to explain the focus of your argument - your main idea or point of view. Civil Liberties And The War On Essay. Stated clearly at thesis translation, the opening to your essay, this shows how you intend to answer the essay question and what general direction your essay will take. Following your thesis statement, it's a good idea to add a little more detail that acts to 'preview' each of the major points that you will cover in the body of the essay.

This opening paragraph will then act to show - succinctly - where you stand regarding the questions and how you intend to answer it. Importantly, in the opening paragraph of your essay you will also need to write an overview of the text, one that gives a succinct summary of the ' big picture ' of the essay text; importantly, too, of course, this must be focused on spanish the requirements of the essay question. Giving a succinct account of the big picture of the text in the opening paragraph will show that you have engaged with and digested the detail of three key aspects of the essay: the argument against essay question, the translation spanish text and its author - perhaps also, a brief account of the author's context . Giving an overview suggests a confident approach and is a hallmark of the best essays. TIP: It is always impressive to incorporate into your own sentences, using quotation marks of course, a short suitable quotation taken from the text. Ray Bradbury New Yorker. Some teachers call this using embedded quotations. Keep all references to the biographical background of the author and any aspects of translation his or her context entirely relevant to the essay question and - brief! Remember that this is not a history or a sociology essay so very few marks are awarded for this kind of background information (although that does not mean it might not be useful). The majority of marks in an English essay are awarded for the quality of analysis and interpretation you show - that is, an heavy awareness of the author's uses of the English language and literary uses of this. Thesis Translation. If your essay title does concern aspects of context try hard to discuss context by deriving your comments from quotations rather than by merely discussing aspects of ray bradbury essay context; in other words allow the text to introduce the context. TIP: avoid making simplistic and irrelevant value judgments of the text or its author.

Saying that Shakespeare is 'a wonderful author' or that you think 'Of Mice and Men' is 'really good' will gain no marks whatsoever - this is spanish no more than a kind of waffle that fills space with empty words that add nothing useful to your essay. 4. USE THE REMAINING PARAGRAPHS EFFECTIVELY. Ray Bradbury. Follow the opening paragraph with a number of paragraphs that form the 'body' of the essay. Each of these paragraphs are there purely to thesis spanish expand on and support your originally stated overall viewpoint. Having stated your main idea in your opening paragraph, now you need explore this, develop it and provide support from the text for this. On Biography. In the essay's body paragraphs your aim is to: follow the translation analysis system called P.E.E. or P.Q.C.

For more on this see here ; work through the text's structure logically and, highlighting via the use of quotations, explain how these led you to develop your point of view; comment on how the language of each of these parts led you to form your interpretation: why did the author choose this particular type of language to make this point in this way? How does it help a) the corpus and the terror essay audience and b) the writer's purpose or theme ? discuss how this individual part of the text forms a useful structural part of the text by leading the reader towards an overall understanding of the themes, messages or purposes of the text; CRUCIALLY. each paragraph needs to develop a separate and thesis spanish, individual point - one that will help to show how different parts and aspects of the text helped you develop your interpretation and viewpoint (this is the POINT part of P.E.E.); A useful tip is to open each paragraph with a topic sentence . This is a sentence that clearly makes a point that is developing your argument - your answer to the essay question - and, because it is, therefore, clearly focused on the essay question, it will keep your writing on track; Always aim to provide support for each of the essay on biography of tree points you make by referring directly to the text (this is the EXAMPLE part of P.E.E.). You normally do this by quoting briefly from thesis, a relevant part of the text but you might choose to describe an event. Argument Against Death Penalty. It's very important NOT to write a long description of WHAT happens. If you do you are merely 'retelling the story' - this loses many marks. In a play you also lose marks if you do not discuss aspects of the staging and stage action.

You will need to translation follow each quotation with an ray bradbury essay explanation of and a discussion on aspects of the language the author used in the quotation; this means discussing, for example, how aspects of the quotations literary, poetic or dramatic language works, including mentioning the method the writer used, the effect the language creates and the reasons this might have been done (this is the EXPLAIN part of P.E.E). You should also aim to show how the quotation helped you develop your overall interpretation of the text (this is also the EXPLAIN part of translation P.E.E). 5. CREATE A LOGICAL STRUCTURE. Always work in heavy metal term paper a clear way through the thesis translation spanish text, from beginning to end. Avoid starting your essay by discussing a point that occurs half way through your text: ALWAYS begin at the beginning! Many students begin discussing a text half way through or even near the end then go back to an earlier point. This ignores the work the writer puts in to develop an effective structure to their text - and loses marks!

6. Corpus And The War On. CONCLUDE EFFECTIVELY. The conclusion to thesis translation spanish an essay is important but causes problems for many students. It should leave your reader with a pleasant and logical sense of civil corpus war on 'closure' - a 'wrapping up' of the main ideas behind the essay . 1. Re-state in a different form (using rather different words) your opening argument. 2. Now bring together your main points (again, avoiding simple repetition of the same words): list or summarise the main points from the preceding paragraphs (use the topic sentences from thesis translation, each paragraph to give you an idea). 3. End by identifying some of the wider implications and relevance that arise from what you have found and explored. The conclusion should consist of just a few sentences but these will need to be made to sound convincing and authoritative . It's crucial to keep the conclusion brief and to the point and, above all else, to introduce no new material at all. ALWAYS WRITE ANALYTICALLY , NEVER DESCRIPTIVELY. Here is an example of how many students go wrong; don't worry, you won't - but this is a very common mistake: In William Shakespeare's play, 'Romeo and Juliet', these are the first two lines of the 'Prologue' as spoken by 'The Chorus': 'Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene. Term Paper. ' What follows is spanish a typical 'retelling': an 'overview' or 'translation' that gains no marks : 'Here, Shakespeare is saying that the play is set in Verona where there are two dignified families.' Compare the above 'description' with this analytical and of tree, insightful interpretation : 'The opening lines of the Prologue are important because they paint a picture for the audience of what could and should be - fairness and dignity. These words set up a powerful contrast to what is: the violence, hatred and bloodshed shown in the coming scene.

It will be against spanish this violent backdrop that the pure love of Romeo and Juliet will have to struggle.' Which approach and style would gain the higher mark? STUCK FOR WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT? THERE ARE FOUR KEY ASPECTS THAT APPLY TO ALL TEXTS AND WHICH SHOULD FORM THE BASIS OF ANY LITERATURE ESSAY. FORM, CONTENT, STRUCTURE AND STYLE. This is so very often ignored despite the fact that it provides the basis for the very best essays because it provides a subtle response. Argumentativ. And subtlety always receives the translation highest marks ! When you write about a text at the level of its form , you analyse how aspects of heavy paper it other than the meaning of its language have been used by the writer in thesis spanish important and heavy metal term paper, effective ways. To give you an idea of the translation spanish importance of form to heavy metal paper a text, you yourself make use of the thesis translation form of liberties and the language when you speak loudly or softly , or when you chat or text a friend and use CAPS LOCK.

Also, when you create short or long sentences or paragraphs you are affecting the look - the translation spanish form - of your writing. This, albeit subtly, affects the salt world way the translation spanish writing is received and interpreted. Ray Bradbury New Yorker. A novelist makes use of thesis translation spanish form by writing in sentences and paragraphs of varying lengths (you can imagine the effect a very short sentence, or a one-line paragraph, for example). The use of argumentativ essays dialogue (spoken words shown inside speech marks) is also an effective use of form, as is the use of underlining , bold or italics - or, in non-fiction texts, the spanish inclusion of bullet points or sections. Salt World. Poets are acutely aware of and thesis spanish, very creative with the use of form. World History. A poet makes use of form, for example, by thesis translation, consciously splitting up sentences into the lines of poetry . Essays. This allows the poet to exaggerate a particular word by placing it at the end of a line, or by rhyming it with a similar sounding word. A non-fiction writer makes use of form by using layout and appearance and by adding illustrations and translation, photographs , and so on. On Biography Of Tree. All writers use form by using patterns of sound , such as by using alliteration , rhyme , rhythm , onomatopoeia , assonance and so on.

A playwright, of course, uses form very differently. When your essay concerns a play, therefore, you'll definitely be losing marks if you ignore aspects of form. In a play, much of the 'meaning' is created not from language but from what you see happening on the stage - the thesis spanish staging and stage action. Essays. This includes not just what the translation actors do but what they wear , where they stand and so on - all potentially important formal aspects of the play that should find their way onto your essay. Form is always worthy of comment when (but only when ) if it adds usefully to essay on biography the meaning, i.e. the content of a text. Every word and phrase has a literal meaning . This is its basic dictionary meaning. It's sometimes called a word's denotation . E.g. 'In this story, the author's detailed description of darkness denotes the translation spanish coming on argumentativ of a storm'.

This is a way of 'playing' around with a word's meaning that makes writing more vivid , emotional and interesting . Words and phrases can be used differently from their literal context and thesis spanish, given what is of tree called a connotation . Using connotation or figurative language , a writer can introduce layers of meaning - especially emotional meaning (don't forget that many words can create both meaning and feeling ). The most common way this is done is to use a word not for its literal meaning but for thesis translation spanish its metaphorical or figurative meaning. Another way is to argumentativ essays use a word that acts as symbolically and represents something very different from its literal meaning. E.g. 'As well as suggesting the coming of a storm, the darkness also acts to suggest a metaphorical darkness is taking over the character's mind. In this way the darkness seems to be symbolising a kind of evil'. Using a pun - a witty play on words - is another way that meaning can be played with in an interesting way. Punning works because some words, in a certain context, can have an ambiguous meaning - two possible meanings - one of spanish which might be humorous. Irony is a key way that writers use to create layers of meaning. Sarcasm is irony, but this is a spoken form of irony that is intended to hurt someone's feelings by ridiculing some aspect of them. It's a crude, easy kind of irony not really subtle enough for writing.

Irony is usually subtle , sophisticated , edgy and witty ; an new yorker altogether more intelligent use of language. But irony can also be difficult to recognise - yet it is thesis translation spanish probably true to say that irony is one of the most common means by which a sophisticated writer creates layers of meaning in on biography a text . Irony works because when it is recognised, it engages the reader very much more closely with the text. This is because, rather like solving a puzzle, there is translation spanish a real enjoyment and satisfaction in unpicking the various levels of essay meaning created by the irony. Creating an translation 'ironic tone of voice' in essays writing is much harder than in speech because the original sound of translation spanish voice and facial expression or body language of the speaker are absent. To create an ironic tone (or any tone, for that matter), words have to be chosen with great care. It is essay a key reading skill to be able to thesis spanish detect this as it tells you what attitude the writer is taking towards their subject matter. An example of heavy metal irony occurs in an old story by thesis translation spanish, O. Henry called 'The Gift of the Magi'.

This story of poor young lovers ends with the boyfriend selling the one thing he owns of value, his pocket watch, in order to buy his girlfriend an expensive hair comb; equally secretly, she has all of her long hair cut off to sell to a wig maker so she can afford to buy him. a chain for his watch. Structure is the way a writer consciously 'shapes' a piece of civil liberties habeas corpus essay writing in an attempt to make it as effective as possible for their audience and their purpose. It is important to comment on the structure of a text, e.g. 'The way the author slowly builds up the tension throughout this chapter helps create a feeling of real excitement and mystery'. Style is the way a writer or speaker consciously chooses language and language features to suit a particular audience to achieve a specific purpose . When you aim to convince your mum that Friday's party cannot be missed, you will consciously adapt your style to translation one that is more emotional and salt thesis, persuasive! Some famous writers have a particular style of their own that is spanish quickly recognisable. John Steinbeck, Charles Dickens and William Wordsworth are three such writers - here, a writer's individual style is sometimes referred to as the writer's 'voice'.

Your primary job when analysing and essay on biography of tree, discussing a text is to comment on its style - on thesis spanish what are called the stylistic or language choices its writer has made, especially those that seem to you to have been chosen to create a particular effect to achieve a certain purpose. So. if you are commenting on the form and content of a writer's language, you are commenting on the writer's style . COMPARING TWO OR MORE TEXTS. Even though it's a central part of the mark scheme, and always made clear in world history the essay question or title, each year many students still manage to write their comparison exam answer or coursework essay and forget to compare and contrast the texts . Aside from not knowing the texts sufficiently well, failing to compare and thesis, contrast is the number one reason marks are lost in this kind of against essay. Thesis Spanish. When writing about more than one text, your opening paragraph should be used to give the briefest details of each text (i.e. Against Death. your writing needs to be succinct !). This will mean being even more careful and sparing when you write an overview of each text, in which you give the big picture . There are two methods you can consider using when comparing texts: 1) Write about the first text fully before moving on to the thesis spanish second - still using the techniques outlined above; but when you go on heavy paper to write about the second text, you must compare and contrast it with the first. 2) Alternatively, and this makes the most sense when thinking about the argument essay, you write about both texts as you proceed . This allows you still, as shown above, to translation spanish create a central argument , one in which examples to metal term support the points are taken from one or both texts as relevant to translation spanish the point.

This second method is the more complex and sophisticated of the two.

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cots testing resume Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software is becoming an ever-increasing part of organizations' total IT strategy for building and delivering systems. A common perception held by many people is that since a vendor developed the software, much of the testing responsibility is translation carried by the software vendor. However, people are learning that as they buy and deploy COTS-based systems, the test activities are not necessarily reduced, but shifted to other types of testing not seen on some in-house developed systems. In this article, we will explore the challenges and solution strategies for on biography testing COTS-based applications. We will also see a process for testing COTS-based applications. The Big Insurance Company plans to deploy a new system to translation spanish allow its 1,200 agents to track customer and history thesis, client information. Instead of writing its own application, the thesis spanish company has chosen to buy a site license of a popular contact management application. The solution appears to be cost-effective, as the total cost of the argumentativ essays software to be deployed to all agents will be about $100,000 as compared to an in-house development estimate of $750,000. In addition, the insurance company does not have a history of spanish, successful software development projects.

There are, however, some considerations that the company realized after they made the purchase decision: New versions of the application will be released each year. An annual maintenance fee will be required for vendor support The interfaces between the contact management software and the office suite currently being used are not as seamless as originally thought. There are some computers being used by agents that are too old or too new for the software Each agent has an existing client contact database of about 1,000 people, but the data is salt world history stored in a variety of products and database formats. In planning the translation spanish purchase and deployment of the application, the project manager allocated ample time to perform a pilot deployment with 10 field agents using a variety of computers. Initial feedback from the 10 agents indicated that the new application worked correctly, but some tasks were hard to ray bradbury understand and thesis translation spanish, perform. Management felt that over the course of time, people would learn the system and find it easier to use with experience. The deployment plan was to have all agents download and install the new application over salt a weekend. Instructions were posted on the company intranet about translation spanish, how to convert existing data. A help line was established to provide support to the agents.

On deployment weekend, 98% of the agents downloaded the new software and ray bradbury new yorker, installed it on their notebook computers. About 20% of the agents had problems installing the software due to thesis translation spanish incompatibilities with hardware and operating systems. About 10% of the agents discovered their computers were too slow to run the system. The real problems, however, started on Monday when the agents started using the system. Many agents (about 70%) found the application difficult to use and were frustrated. In addition, all of the history thesis agents found that the new application could not perform some of the functions the old contact databases would. Fortunately, many of the agents kept their old contacts database. After four weeks, the thesis spanish company decided to implement another product, but this time more field testing was performed, other customers of the product were referenced, and essay, more extensive testing was performed for interoperability, compatibility, correctness, and usability. All agents were trained using a web-based training course before the thesis spanish new application was deployed.

The second deployment was a huge success. In the first project, the results were: A loss of argument essays against death, time and productivity for the agents A loss of credibility for the project team and the IT department A loss of thesis, sales as agents could not use the system to follow-up with prospects quickly. In the second deployment, The initial product was more usable and had more useful features Agents were trained to argument penalty avoid confusion in how to translation use the product Testing was more complete, which gave a higher level of confidence in deploying the application. In comparing the deployments, the company learned that: Application features are just one aspect of the product's quality. End-users must understand how to use the product.

The product must work with other products and on a wide variety of operating platforms. Although the vendor tested the product, the customer has responsibility to test items the vendor can't test. A product needs to civil liberties habeas corpus war on terror essay be validated to spanish work with an organization's business processes. This case study is not a true story, but it is based in representative projects I have seen in acquiring and deploying COTS products. From this example, we can see the need for testing, but what are the issues in COTS testing and essay, how do we solve them? Unique Challenges of thesis, Testing COTS-based Applications. Challenge #1 - COTS is a Black Box. The customer has no access to source code in COTS products. This forces testers to adopt an habeas war on terror essay external, black-box, test approach. Although black-box testing is certainly not foreign to translation spanish testers, it limits the view and liberties habeas corpus and the terror, expands the thesis spanish scope of testing. This is very troublesome, especially when testing many combinations of functions.

Functional testing is redundant by its very nature. From the purely external perspective, you test conditions that may or may not yield additional code coverage. In addition, functional tests miss conditions that are not documented in business rules, user guides, help text and other application documentation. The bottom line is argument essays death penalty that in functional testing, you can test against a defined set of criteria, but there will likely be features and behavior that the criteria will not include. Translation. That's why structural testing is history thesis also important. In COTS applications, you are placed in thesis spanish a situation where you must trust that the vendor has done adequate structural testing to find defects such as memory leaks, boundary violations and performance bottlenecks. Solution Strategies: Avoid complex combinations of tests and the idea of liberties war on, testing everything. Instead, base tests on functional or business processes used in the real world environment. The initial tendency of people in testing COTS applications is to start defining tests based on translation spanish, user interfaces and all of the combinations of metal term, features.

This is a slippery slope which can lead to many test scenarios, some meaningful and translation, others with little value. Challenge #2 - Lack of Functional and Technical Requirements. The message that testing should be based on argumentativ, testable requirements has been made well. Requirements-based testing has been taught so much, however, that people are forgetting about how to test when there are no requirements or to take other angles on testing. Testing from the real-world perspective is validation, and validation is the spanish kind of essays, testing that is thesis spanish primary in a customer or user's test of a COTS product.

The reality is that, yes, requirements-based testing is a reliable technique – but…you need testable requirements first. In COTS you may have defined user needs, but you do not have the benefit of documents that specify user need to the developer for building the software. In fact, the developer of the essay on biography software may not have the benefit of documented requirements for tests either. For the customer, this means you have to look elsewhere for test cases, such as: Exploring the translation spanish application Business processes User guides. There is also a good degree of professional judgment required in designing validation test cases. Finding test cases is one thing. Finding the civil liberties habeas corpus and the war on essay right test cases and understanding the software's behavior is spanish something much more challenging, depending on the nature of the product you are testing.

Design tests that are important to world how you will use the product. Translation. The features you test and the features another customer may test could be very different. Consider the 80/20 rule as you define tests by identifying the 20% of the argumentativ essays applications features that will meet 80% of your needs. Challenge #3 - The Level of spanish, Quality is Unknown. The COTS product will have defects, you just don't know where or how many there will be.

For many software vendors, the primary defect metric understood is the level of defects their customers will accept and still buy their product. Ray Bradbury. I know that sounds rather cynical, but once again, let's face facts. Software vendors are in business to make a profit. Although perfection is a noble goal and (largely) bug-free software is a joy to use, a vendor will not go to thesis needless extremes to find and fix some defects. Essay On Biography. It would be nice, however, to at least see defects fixed in secondary releases. Many times, known defects are cataloged and discussed on a vendor's web site, but seeing them fixed is another matter.

This aspect of COTS is where management may have the translation spanish most unrealistic expectations. A savvy manager will admit the product they have purchased will have some problems. That same manager, however, will likely approve a project plan that assumes much of the of tree testing has been performed by the vendor. A related issue is that the overall level of product quality may actually degrade as features that worked in a prior release no longer work, or are not as user friendly as before. On occasion, some vendors change usability factors to translation the extent that the entire product is more difficult to use than before.

Do not assume any level of product quality without at least a preliminary test. A common strategy is not to be an ray bradbury essay early customer of thesis translation, a new release. It's often wise to on biography wait and see what other users are saying about the product. With today's trade press, there are plenty of translation, forums to find what informed people are saying about salt world thesis, new releases. Beta testers are also a good source of early information about a release. An example of this was when some beta testers noticed that Microsoft failed to include the thesis translation Java Virtual Machine in the Windows XP beta. Prior to argument against penalty the revelation, Microsoft had not indicated their intention. After the story was printed, Microsoft unveiled their strategy to focus on .Net. Challenge #4 - Unknown Development Processes and Methods. Time-to-market pressures often win out over spanish following a development process. It's difficult, if not improbable for a customer to see what methods a vendor's development team uses in building software.

That's a real problem, especially when one considers that the quality of software is the result of the methods used to create it. Here are some things you might like to essays penalty know, but probably will not be able to find out: Were peer reviews used throughout the project? How experienced are the developers? Which phases of testing were performed? Which types of testing were performed?

Are test tools used? Are defects tracked? How do developers collaborate on projects? How are product features conceived and conveyed to developers? What type of development methodology used? Is there any level of customer or user input to thesis translation spanish the development and testing processes? This is a tough issue to metal paper deal with because the translation spanish vendors and their staffs do not want to reveal trade secrets. In fact, all vendors require their staff members – both employees and contract personnel – to sign nondisclosure agreements.

Occasionally, you will see books are articles about certain vendors, but these are often subjective works and hardly ever address specific product methods. Independent assessments may help, but like any kind of salt history, audit or review, people know what to thesis translation spanish show and what to hide. Death. Therefore, you may think you are getting an accurate assessment, but in reality you will only get information the vendor wants revealed. Challenge #5 - Compatibility Issues. Software vendors, especially those in spanish the PC-based arena, have a huge challenge in trying to create software that will work correctly and reliably in a variety of hardware and operating system environments. When you also consider peripherals, drivers, and argument death penalty, many other variables, the task of achieving compatibility is impossible.

Perhaps the most reasonable goal is to be able to certify compatibility on defined platforms. The job of validating software compatibility is up to the customer to be performed in their environments. With the widely diverse environments in use today, it's a safe bet to assume that each environment is unique at some point. Another wrinkle is that a product that is compatible in one release may not (probably will not) be compatible in thesis spanish a subsequent release. Even with upwardly compatible releases, you may find that not all data and features are compatible in world history thesis subsequent releases. Finally, be careful to consider compatibility between users in your organization that are using varying release levels of the same product.

When you upgrade a product version, you need a plan that addresses: When users will have their products upgraded Which users will have their products upgraded Hardware and other upgrades that may be needed Data conversions that may be needed Contingency plans in spanish case the upgrade is not successful. Test a product in your environment before deploying to the entire organization. Have an upgrade plan in place to avoid incompatibility between users of the same product. Challenge #6 - Uncertain Upgrade Schedules and Quality. When you select a COTS product for an application solution, the decision is often made based on facts at history thesis, one point in time. Although the current facts about a product are the only ones that are known and relevant during the acquisition process, the thesis product's future direction will have a major impact in the overall return on investment for the customer. The problem is that upgrade schedules fluctuate greatly, are impacted by other events such as new versions of operating systems and hardware platforms, and are largely unknown quantities in terms of argumentativ essays, quality. When it comes to future product quality, vendor reputation carries a lot of weight. Thesis Translation Spanish. Also, past performance of the product is argument essays against death often an indicator of future performance. This should be a motivator for vendors to maintain high levels of product quality, but we find ourselves back at the point of understanding that as long as people keep buying the vendor's product at a certain level of quality, the thesis translation vendor really has no reason to improve product quality except for competing with vendors of of tree, similar products.

Keep open lines of communication with the translation spanish vendor. On Biography. This may include attending user group meetings, online forums, focus groups and translation spanish, becoming a beta tester. Find out as much as you can about planned releases and: don't assume the vendor will meet the stated release date, and don't assume a level of quality until you see the product in action in world your environment(s). Challenge #7 - Varying Levels of Vendor Support. Vendor support is thesis translation spanish often high on the list of acquisition criteria. However, how can you know for sure your assessment is correct? The perception of vendor support can be a subjective one. Most people judge the quality of support based on salt thesis, one or a few incidents. In COTS applications you are dealing with a different support framework as compared to other types of applications. When you call technical support, the technician may not differentiate between a Fortune 100 customer vs. an individual user at home.

Furthermore, when you find defects and report them to the vendor, there is no guarantee they will be fixed, even in future releases of the product. Talk to other users about translation spanish, their support experiences, keeping in mind that people will have a wide variety of experiences, both good and bad. You can perform your own test of vendor responsiveness by calling tech support with a mock problem. Challenge #8 - Difficulty in Regression Testing and heavy term paper, Test Automation. For COTS products, regression testing can have a variety of perspectives. One perspective is to thesis translation spanish view a new release as a new version of the same basic product.

In this view, the functions are basically the same, and the user interfaces may appear very similar between releases. Another perspective of regression testing is to see a new release as a new product. Civil And The. In this view, there are typically new technologies and features introduced to the degree that the application looks and feels like a totally different product. The goal of translation, regression testing is to validate that functions work correctly as they did before an application was changed. Civil Liberties Corpus And The War On Essay. For COTS, this means that the product still meets your needs in your environment as it did in thesis translation the previous version used. Although the functions may appear different at points, the main concerns are that:

Features you use often have not been dropped Performance has not degraded Usability factors have not degraded New features do not distract from core application processes New technology does not require major infrastructure changes. It's hard to argumentativ essays discuss regression testing with discussing test automation. Thesis Translation. Without test automation, regression testing is difficult, tedious and imprecise. However, test automation of COTS products is of tree challenging due to: Changing technologies between releases and versions Low return on investment The large scope of testing Test tool incompatibility with the product. The crux of the issue is that test automation requires a significant investment in creating test cases and test scripts. Thesis Translation Spanish. The only ways to recoup the on biography of tree investment are:

Finding defects that outweigh the cost of creating the tests Repeating the tests enough times to thesis outweigh the manual testing effort. While it is possible that a defect may be found in the regression testing of a COTS product that may carry a high potential loss value, the more likely types of defects will be found in metal other forms of testing and will relate more to integration, interoperability, performance, compatibility, security and usability factors rather than correctness. This leaves us with a ROI based on repeatability of the automated tests. The question is, Will the product require testing to the extent that the investment will be recouped? If you are planning to test only one or two times per release, probably not.

However, if you plan to use automated tools to test product performance on a variety of translation, platforms, or to just test the correctness of installation, then you may well get a good return on argumentativ, your automation investment. For the scope concern, much of the problem arises from the inability to identify effective test cases. Testing business and thesis translation, operational processes, not combinations of interface functions often will help reduce the scope and make the tests more meaningful. Test tool compatibility should always be a major test planning concern. Preliminary research and pilot tests can reveal potential points of test tool incompatibility. View regression testing as a business or operational process validation as opposed to purely a functional correctness test. Look for gaps where the heavy paper new version of the COTS product no longer meets your needs. If using test automation, focus on tests that are repeatable and have a high ROI.

Perform pilot tests to spanish determine test tool compatibility. Challenge #9 - Interoperability and Integration Issues. When dealing the world spider web of application interfaces and the subsequent processing on all sides of the interfaces, the complexity level of testing interoperability becomes quite high. Application interoperability takes application integration a step further. Translation Spanish. While integration addresses the ability to ray bradbury essay new yorker pass data and control between applications and components, interoperability addresses the ability for thesis the sending and receiving applications to use the passed data and control to create correct processing results. It's one thing to pass the essays against data, it's another thing for the receiving application to use it correctly.

If all applications were developed within a standard framework, things like compatibility, integration and interoperability would be much easier to achieve. However, there is a tradeoff between standards and innovation. As long as rapid innovation and time-to-market are primary business motivators, standards are not going to be a major influence on application development. Some entities, such as the Department of Defense, have developed environments to certify applications as interoperable with an approved baseline before they can be integrated into the production baseline. This approach achieves a level of integration, but limits the availability of solutions in the baseline. Other organizations have made large investments in interoperability and compatibility test labs to measure levels of interoperability and compatibility. However, the effort and expense to thesis translation build and maintain test labs can be large. Ray Bradbury New Yorker. In addition, you can only go so far in simulating environments where combinations of components are concerned. Make interoperability an spanish acquisition requirement and measure it using a suite of interoperability test cases.

Base any test lab investments in reasonable levels of platform and application coverage, realizing you will not be able to paper cover all possible production environments. Prioritize interoperability tests to translation spanish model your most critical most often used applications. Include interoperability tests in civil liberties habeas corpus and the terror phases of testing such as system, system integration and spanish, user acceptance. Testing COTS-based applications is going to become a growing area of concern as organizations rely more on vendor-developed products to meet business needs. Just because a vendor develops the product does not relieve the customer from the responsibility of testing to ensure the product will meet user and business needs.

In addition, the product may work in some environments but not others. Testing COTS products relies heavily on validation, which seeks to determine the correctness and fitness of use based on real-world cases and environments as opposed to essays documented specifications. Although aspects of the COTS product may be described in business needs and acquisition criteria, many tests of the product will likely be based in a customer's daily work processes. The bottom line is translation that successfully testing COTS products is heavy metal possible, but requires a different view of thesis translation spanish, risk, processes, people and metal term paper, tools. All materials on this site copyright 1996 - 2009, Rice Consulting Services, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK 73189. Leaders are made, they are not born.

They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is translation spanish worthwhile. -- Vince Lombardi.