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Write Equity Research Report, format, process

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Company research paper

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Bacterial meningitis Essay Sample. Bacterial meningitis is a severe infectious disease of the central nervous system, an inflammation of the meninges, which is caused by the bacterial infection. Neisseria meningitides and Streptococcus pneumoniae are the pathogens in response for the most cases of this disease, though meningitis in patients older than 50 years may be caused by Listeria monocytogenes, and in patients that suffer from immunodeficiency or alcoholism Haemophilus influenzae (type b) caused bacterial meningitis may occur. Bacterial meningitis is not a widespread disease, its general occurrence is about 3 to 10 cases for company paper the every 100 000 people all over the world, particularly 2.2 per 100 000 in the USA. [3] But the clinical course of the disease is grave and deceptive, and in essays an early stage of the disease patient may display only minor symptoms of cold, that’s why early diagnostics of the bacterial meningitis is highly important and patients affected require adequate and timely treatment and attentive, careful nursing. In the case listed in the assignment patient displays the symptoms of the early stage bacterial meningitis. Paper! The disease had started in about 24 hours and manifested itself with mood changes (irritability), headache and neck stiffness, drowsiness and nausea, accompanied by vomiting, photophobia, hyperthermia and moderate tachycardia. These pathologic changes in the organism of the patient are caused by the presence of the pathogenic microorganisms and by the intoxication with the metabolic wastes of the bacteria.

These substances serve as pyrogens and stimulate the receptors of the appropriate white blood cells. These WBC start to release pyrogenic cytokines into compare on a and the yellow the blood flow, and mentioned cytokines are transported to research the anterior hypothalamus and trigger the mechanisms of thermoregulation in a way that leads to the elevation of the thermoregulatory set point. As a result of essays these changes and subsequent neurohumoral commands of the hypothalamus heat production and heat conservation in the organism are increased. Heat production is company research increased by the means of involuntary muscular contractions (so called “chills”), and recently produced heat is essays biology conserved because of the company research constriction of the essays on marine biology peripheral blood vessels and of the appropriate behavioral changes. Tachycardia arises as a result of the sympathetic vegetative system activation by research, the cytokines and subsequent release of the additional portions of adrenaline into the blood flow. Headache is the results of elevated intracranial pressure which causes tension of the dura mater and irritation of nerve endings of the trigeminal nerve. The mechanism of ICP elevation, in a few words, comprises the following steps: invasion of the bacterial cells into the central nervous system, their propagation in the liquor, production of proinflammatory cytokines, and increase of BBB (blood brain barrier) permeability and infiltration of inflammatory neutrophils. (Tsao N. et al. 1999) This also increases liquor volume because of absorbance and circulation failure and, finally, results in elevation of ICP. Old Testament! Nausea and company paper, vomiting arise as the result of the nervus vagus endings irritation, and the cause of photophobia is general hyperesthesia and aggravation of bentley headache in the presence of company bright light. Irritability and subsequent drowsiness are the result of intoxication of the cortical neurons by the bacterial exotoxins.

Neck stiffness originate from muscular pain (myalgia) – muscles of the neck and back contract uncontrollably and care essay thesis, that makes body and neck bend backward, thus dampening the pain. Company Research! The first days of the old testament disease are critical for the patient’s survival and recovery, and, as it was said before, timely treatment and careful nursing are the matters of high importance. Leaving the research paper questions of treatment aside, let’s touch upon the question of nursing care for the patient like Mr. Scott. For Kinesthesis! The care of the patient with the early stage of bacterial meningitis is supportive, according to Shearer-Cooper L. A. and Frey R. (1996) Adequate and attentive nursing must include measures of several types: administration of prescribed strain-specific antibiotic treatment, providing comfort and care for the patient, assessing of the patient’s condition and prevention of aggravations, isolation of the patient if necessary to avert dissemination of the infection. Working this division out in paper details, it is necessary to mention administration of antibiotics and other medications as ordered by the physician, analgesics, anticonvulsants, oxygen and fluids if necessary. (Springhouse 2003; Comer S. 2003) These measures are the parts of the treatment aimed to maintain therapeutic concentrations of are located medicines in the bloodstream and though to guarantee maximum efficacy of the treatment. (Ahrens T. S., Prentice D. 1997) In order to provide comfort and care to the patient nurse should take steps to compensate patient’s temporary decreased ability to care for himself, among them are provision of company research paper skin and hair care, bathing, sufficient nutrition and hydration, (Sheppard M. 2000) maintenance of comforting environmental conditions i.e. temperature control, quiet and dim light (this will decrease the load on hyperirritable sensory organs and thus reduce pain of the patient) minimization of seizure and compare and contrast rose for emily yellow wallpaper, trauma risks by paper, padding side rails of the bed (Comer S. 2003; Springhouse. 2003) Assessing the present condition include monitoring body temperature, blood pressure and respiratory rate, general neurological, cardiovascular and respiratory status, (Springhouse. 2003) level of conscience and other vital signs. (Shearer-Cooper L. A., Frey R. 1996) Prevention of aggravations includes control of bentley essay pyrexia, rehydration of the company research patient, administration of anticonvulsants, if necessary, mechanical lung ventilation, and control of the patient’s position in bed to avert the bedsores development. Care! Respiratory isolation should be performed at first 24-48 hours to protect the staff and visitors and to prevent dissemination of the infection. (Ahrens T. S., Prentice D. 1997) Ahrens S., Prentice D. 1997.

Critical Care Certification. McGraw-Hill Professional Comer 2003. Delmar#8217;s Critical Care Nursing Care Plans. Paper! Thomson Delmar Learning 2006. [online] [Accessed 17 th November 2006]. Available from World Wide Web: health/hot/meningitis.shtml Shearer-Cooper L. A., Frey R. 1996. Compare And Contrast For Emily And The Wallpaper! An Introduction to Nursing Assisting: Building Language Skills. Research Paper! Thomson Delmar Learning Sheppard A., Wright M., Sheppard M. 2000. Principles And Practice of for kinesthesis in the High Dependency Nursing. Elsevier Health Sciences 2003. Straight A#8217;s Medical- S urgical Nursing.

Lippincott Williams Wilkins Tsao N., Puthuparampil P. Kanakamma, Tien-Yau Luh, Chen-Kung Chou, and Huan-Yao Lei. 1999. Inhibition of Escherichia coli-Induced Meningitis by research, Carboxyfullerence. Essay! Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 43 (9), p. 2274. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Bacterial meningitis.

essay editing for only $13.9 per research paper page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Bacterial meningitis. Meningococcal meningitis is a severe bacterial infection of the meninges and the blood stream. This is disease is more common usually during late summer and early fall, but it can#8230; Case Study for essay Meningitis. Abstract The chronic inflammation of the meninges is known as chronic meningitis.

Among the pathologic agents that can cause this disease is Mycobacterium tuberculosis. A case of tuberculous meningitis is#8230; Syphilis, a Bacterial Disease. What is the difference between a disease and a bacterial disease? A bacterial disease doesn#8217;t need a host, it is able to reproduce without outside influence. Virii can#8217;t do#8230; Cerebral palsy is the term used to describe a group of disorders that affect the ability of a child to coordinate body movements in his first few years of#8230; Bacterial Growth Rates. 1.Mediums that could be used to determine shigellosis include Btilliant Green Agar, and Triple Sugar-Iron Agar. Research! Expected results in a confirmed case of shigellosis are as follows: Brilliant Green Agar#8230;

Nervous System Diseases. Review the following two case studies. Each patient is being referred to a specialist for essay further evaluation of a nervous system disorder. Outline characteristics of the disease each patient is#8230;

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How to company research paper, screen .NET developer programming skills to find the best – guide for IT recruitment. Home » How to screen .NET developer programming skills to find the best – guide for IT recruitment. You are about to start recruitment campaign to braveheart essays, hire .NET developer. Once you receive applications and resumes you have to decide who is company, good enough to get to on-site technical interview. Screening is not just looking through CV. It is a really responsible task. You don’t want to essay thesis, overlook a candidate with a potential and good programming skills. Company? You don’t want to qualify weak candidates for an interview with your IT team and biology waste precious time of your coworkers. So the question arises how to company research paper, screen .NET programming skills in order to essay on a for emily and the, get all the company paper candidates that are suitable for derek a job. Paper? Let us help you and show what matters in .NET technology and how to screen candidates fast and essay effective. Ready?

.NET is a software development framework from Microsoft. It provides a controlled programming environment where software can be developed, installed and research paper executed on mainly Windows-based operating systems. It was Microsoft’s response to old testament essay, rapid growth of company research paper, Java platform and that’s why many concepts (starting from health care thesis, languages’ syntax and including the research paper idea of executing programs on essays, virtual machine) of company paper, those two are similar. .NET platform supports many languages, like C#, Visual Basic .NET, F#, C++ .NET. It gives developers bunch of libraries and frameworks, making it very comfortable to create a large variety of applications (web, desktop and mobile), including most sophisticated enterprise purposes. Main advantages of health care, .NET include: natural integration with other Microsoft’s products/tools like Office, framework’s maturity and stability, as well as great support from developer’s community. 2. What is company research paper, important for IT Recruiter to derek essay, know about .NET ? There are certain tips which can be valuable for IT recruiters when it comes to research paper, .NET:

Just like in Java’s world, knowledge about care essay thesis language (in most cases it will be C#) is paper, simply not enough. Care Thesis? To be a productive developer, you need to know libraries and frameworks, like ASP.NET MVC or Entity Framework, just because any non-trivial commercial application is built upon them. It is important not to rule out company paper, candidates if they don’t know single framework from requirements’ list. Quite often frameworks are similar and essay if candidate has a decent knowledge of one of them, he can easily migrate to the required one, because he knows the idea and principles behind it. Examples of such relations will be presented later in the article.

Furthermore, it is commercial experience that counts and brings real value for company research an employer. .NET knowledge from derek bentley essay, university, unless it’s very practical, doesn’t bring much to business coding. Of course, if you recruit junior .NET developer, education does matter. But remember that you can take into company, account programming experience, even if it is non-commercial one – ask for on marine hobby or open source programming project that was done in .NET technology. Last but not least, .NET is currently evolving intensely. Some parts of it have just become open-source, whic h is company, no less than a mile stone. Moreover, soon it will be possible to host fully functional .NET web applications on Linux OS. For Kinesthesis Are Located? Both of those could have a great impact on .NET popularity and growth of open-source frameworks number, just like it happened with Java. 3. Paper? How to verify .NET developer skills in screening phase? IT recruiters reach out to various screening methods from assessing .NET skills based on resume through technical interview or video calls to online coding tests. Below you find some useful and practical recruiting tips how to verify .NET skills using each method. 3.1.

Technical screening of .NET developers based on CV. As an IT recruiter you can find some really valuable information in resumes you get from .NET programmers, but you have to understand what is written there and don’t get confused with various .NET terms. If you are Technical Recruiter recruiting for .NET developer then you should at for kinesthesis, least be familiar with all its frameworks, build tools etc. in order to know what you are looking for and to be able to research, speak the same language with your candidates (or at old testament, least understand basics the candidate is talking about). That’s why we prepared this basic .NET glossary, just have a look. .NET glossary for technical recruiters. *used to exchange data and create Service Oriented Applications.

Now that you are familiar with .NET basics, we can go into further details. If you’re not a technical person then it’s easy to company research paper, get confused by all the different technology names and braveheart abbreviations. If the company candidate states that they know C# does it mean that they are familiar with Visual Basic .NET? Or if the applicant knows ASP.NET MVC 1 does it mean they can also deal with ASP.NET MVC 3? Just keep on bentley, reading and you will get an answer. Most common .NET technology names that are used interchangeably: ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET MVC (Model View Controller), EF, Entity Framework, ADO.NET Entity Framework, Windows Communication Foundation, WCF, SOA, Service-Oriented Architecture. Relations between respective versions of company, .NET technology: ASP.NET MVC 3/4/5 are similar, ASP.NET MVC 1 and ASP.NET MVC 2 are similar, ASP.NET MVC 3 is different that ASP.NET MVC 2, C# 6.0 is an richer version of essay, C# 5.0 which is company paper, a richer version of C# 4.0, C# 4.0 is essay on a rose for emily, a bit different than C# 3.0, C# 3.0 is research, different than C# 2.0, Entity Framework 6.0 is similar to Entity Framework 5.0, Entity Framework 5.0 is similar to Entity Framework 4.0. It is also valuable to be aware of bentley, following relations: C# is totally different than Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET MVC is totally different that ASP.NET Web Forms, WPF is totally different than Windows Forms, All IoC containers are very similar conceptually, if someone knows one, then it’s easy to paper, adapt to old testament essay, another, nHibernate is similar to Entity Framework, Entity Framework is more sophisticated than Linq2SQL, Entity Framework/nHibernate/Linq2SQL are totally different that ADO.NET, RESTful Services: If someone knows ASP.NET Web Api then will be able to company research, deal with the old testament others. Significance of .NET certificate for assessing developer’s .NET coding skills.

Certificates are a bit controversial subject in .NET world. Some companies and specialists say that it is the best proof of candidate’s in-depth knowledge. On the research other hand, others point out that exams hardly test any practical skills, concentrating on for kinesthesis are located, exceptions and rather theoretical knowledge. It is safe to say that certificates don’t have to prove anything. Many great developes don’t have any, just because they think it is company research paper, not worth trying to essays, pass them. Others, who may not have a lot of commercial experience, will try to “boost” their market position by taking a certificate exam.

Obviously one can say that having a certificate is better than not having any, but recruiters should remember that it is rather a “nice to have” requirement and candidate’s best proof of company research, quality is his commercial experience and references. In .NET, obviously Microsoft certifications matter most when it comes to software development. They can be divided into several groups: A. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) MCTS is used to be an entry point for Microsoft certifications. Proves skills on a particular Microsoft technology, like WPF, but also SQL Server, SharePoint, SQL Server, Windows Server, etc. Here are a couple of examples:

MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Windows Applications (511) – covers WPF, XAML and Windows Forms (C# 4.0 and .NET 4.0), MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Web Applications (515) – covers ASP.NET MVC, WCF, IIS (C# 4.0 and .NET 4.0), MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications (513) – WCF (in a very detailed way), concurrency, MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Data Access (516) – Entity Framework, LINQ to health essay thesis, SQL, stored procedures and SQL (briefly). There used to be many MCTS certificates which lead to some mess, so Microsoft redesigned their certification schemes and now promotes MCSD’s, described below. That means MCTS’s will expire soon and are no longer issued. B. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) MCSD proves that you create full-stack skills to create applications which are built with many frameworks and technologies. Usually requires to pass several exams in company research paper certain technologies. Some of the examples are: MCSD: Web Applications (covers HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS3, ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET WebApi 2, WCF, Azure), MSCD: SharePoint Applications (covers HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS3, ASP.NET MVC 4, SharePoint Server 2013). Other information on resume that can show developer’s .NET skills. When reading candidate’s CV pay attention to following points – they prove that you deal with a person with potential and that is biology, likely to research, be valuable for your IT team.

Experience in large projects, including dealing with large volumes of data: it is a sign that candidate probably already knows how to braveheart essays, handle issues which can emerge in any IT project. Participation in conferences, programming meetups: it is paper, a sign that candidate has above-average interest in derek new trends and could be a passionate and skilful developer. Participation is open-source projects: it is a sign that candidate probably has above-average knowledge of .NET technology and would probably do great in any project. 3.2. Paper? Technical screening of .NET developer skills during a phone/video interview. Drawing reliable conclusions about candidate’s .NET skills from resume itself is pretty difficult.

That’s why IT recruiters often turn to phone or video interview to get to know the candidate better. Often based on such interview a candidate is invited for on-site technical interview with IT team or not, so it’s worth to think through the questions you want to ask carefully. As questions itself can vary based on position you are recruiting for and specific skills you want to old testament essay, verify, based on my experience I would recommend following general questions to find out more about research candidate’s .NET skills: 1. Are Located? NET interview question concerning developer’s experience. Q1 : What was the research most interesting project you’ve participated in? Can you describe it and tell why you consider it to be so attractive?

Why to derek bentley essay, ask Q1?: It gives you an idea, what was the complexity of projects in which candidate’s participated and, obviously, about his preferences (algorithms, front-end, database). 2. .NET interview questions concerning developer’s knowledge and opinions. Q2: Could you explain the difference between similar frameworks A and B (good example: ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms) ? Why to ask Q2?: If candidate can explain the difference in an understandable way to non-technical person, they indicate potentially good communication skills with business users. Additionally, fluency in research paper explanation probably means deep understanding of the essays on marine biology problem (in this case, knowledge of both frameworks). Q3: Do you like to participate in analysis, design and deployment phases of IT project or do you prefer to company research paper, concentrate on pure development of in the, well-described task?

Why? Why to ask Q3?: If candidate prefers first option it means he would probably feel better in an agile-like project (both small and large organisation) and company research paper can evolve to a different role later (business analysts, architect, scrum master). Second answer suggests candidates would feel better in old testament a team with well defined roles and boundaries (large organisation). Q4: I’ve noticed you listed framework X on your CV. What’s your opinion about it? Is it a good choice?

Why to ask Q4: Such an open question gives a candidate an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of company research paper, certain framework. You can also play devil’s advocate based on essays, their answers “But why not use framework Y for that?”. Thus you can see how the candidates make their decision concerning technology, justify their choices and whether their opinions are in line with your IT teams. 3. Behavioral question for .NET developer. Q5: Think about programming project decision you made that was a failure. Why do you think it was a mistake? Why did it happen? Could there be anything done differently in order to turn it into paper, success? What steps did you take to improve the situation? What did you learn from this experience?

Why to ask Q5: That type of question will help you find out how the candidate perceives their decisions, draws conclusions and how much they learn from their previous experience. 3.3. Technical screening of .NET skills with online coding test. Online coding tests can be a great tool to carry out .NET assessment. Find out how programming tests can streamline your technical screening process and what should they include in braveheart essays order to research, provide you with accurate information. .NET online coding tests – the for kinesthesis are located in the primary or additional method for screening.

Depending on company’s approach coding tests can be used either as the company first method of screening programming skills or additional one, next to resume analysis and essay phone interview. Company Research? More and more companies turn to coding tests as the braveheart first method for company paper screening as it gives IT recruiters a couple of crucial benefits: The most important candidate’s feature is their programming skills so it should be verified carefully and in an accurate way at health care thesis, the very beginning of IT recruitment process. Technical recruiters can spend their time only on promising candidates, the ones that passed the programming test, and get to know them better. Candidates that are well verified in terms of company research paper, their programming skills do not waste time of compare rose for emily yellow, your IT team during on-site technical interview, they are worth their time, Candidates that take coding test show their willingness to paper, participate in compare essay and the yellow your recruitment process which has positive impact on candidate’s engagement.

That’s why not showing for an on-site interview rarely happens. .NET online programming test – which one to company research, choose? But in order to screen accurate, coding tests have to be the right ones. They have to essay on a yellow, be formulated in such a way so that they assess programming skills and ability to solve real life coding challenges and not to research paper, test book or university knowledge. A lot of experienced programmers can be put off by coding tests if they are single or multiple choice questions – they can’t show their experience and programming skills in action. That’s why you should choose .NET coding tests carefully. Below you will find my top 5 features you should be looking for: .NET programming tests should verify not only .NET skills in general but also frameworks and braveheart essays libraries as being familiar with them brings a great value for the employer and makes programmer’s work more efficient. .NET coding tests should consist of programming tasks which difficulty should match the responsibilities the candidates will have if they get the job (tests shouldn’t be based on algorithmic tasks as thus you cannot verify whether a candidate can solve real life coding challenges). It’s worth considering preparing .NET programming task based on research paper, company’s code, as this is the best way to imitate the challenges the candidate will have once they get the job. Coding test can also include programming task with code review challenges to test .NET skills.

It gives you information about the experience of the candidate, their approach to code quality and essay efficiency of debugging and finding traps. Company? Such an assessment should be obligatory when recruiting senior .NET developer. Braveheart? There is no point in forbidding the programmer to use external sources, the research paper best way is to create them such an old testament essay environment like they have at work on a daily basis, so open book exam is much more appropriate. Moreover, the candidate should be able to use their preferred IDE to research, feel comfortable when solving a programming challenge. 4. Braveheart Essays? DevSKiller ready-to-use online .NET coding assessment tests. At DevSKiller we provide companies with an company research paper infrastructure which lets them create their own programming tests, where they can use their own code base, whole IT projects using frameworks and libraries, to test programmers online.

However, we also have some ready-to-use .NET coding tests which you can use in your recruitment campaign. C# Junior Developer – Basic C# .Net – Extract word from string and reverse. 1) Choice questions - assessing knowledge of Exception handling , Garbage Collection , Enum and more! 2) Programming task - repair a program in C# that extracts substrings and reverses them. Junior .Net C# Developer – C# – Reverse String.

Contains the for kinesthesis are located in the following tasks: 1) Multiple Choice - Answer 3 questions on research paper, C# Basics. 2) Multiple Choice - Answer 3 questions on C# Basics. 3) Programming task - Use C# to essays on marine biology, perform a string reversal. .NET Middle Developer – ASP.NET – RESTful reservations application. 2) Programming task - REST reservations application, candidate needs to implement two query methods.

Requires knowledge about company research paper ASP.NET , AutoMapper and Linq. .NET Middle Developer – ASP.NET- RESTful reservations application. 2) Programming task - REST reservations application, candidate needs to and the yellow, implement two query methods. Requires knowledge about ASP.NET , AutoMapper and Linq. 3) Code review task - evaluates candidate's familiarity of design patterns and coding practices, candidate needs to review a C# class with a collection wrapper code.

.NET Middle Developer – ASP.NET – RESTful reservations application. 1) Choice questions - assessing knowledge of Entity Framework and ASP.NET. 2) Programming task - REST reservations application, candidate needs to company research paper, implement validation rules for a new reservation form. Requires knowledge about ASP.NET. C# Junior Developer – Standard C# – calculator application. 1) Choice questions - assessing knowledge of for kinesthesis in the, C# basics.

2) Programming task - simple calculator application based on VisualStudio solution, candidate needs to implement four methods for company paper basic arithmetic operations. Derek Bentley Essay? Requires knowledge about C# .NET Middle Developer – ASP.NET – RESTful blog application. 1) Choice questions - assessing knowledge of C# and research ASP.NET. 2) Programming task - REST blog application, candidate needs to implement two business methods. Requires knowledge about ASP.NET , AutoMapper and Linq. 3) Code review task - evaluates candidate's familiarity of design patterns and coding practices, candidate needs to review a C# class with a ceasar algorithm. .NET Middle Developer – ASP.NET – RESTful reservations application. 1) Choice questions - assessing knowledge of Entity Framework and ASP.NET. 2) Programming task - REST reservations application, candidate needs to implement validation rules for a new reservation form. Requires knowledge about ASP.NET. .NET Middle Developer – ASP.NET – RESTful reservations application.

2) Programming task - REST reservations application, candidate needs to implement two query methods. Requires knowledge about care thesis ASP.NET , AutoMapper and Linq. .NET Middle Developer – ASP.NET- RESTful reservations application. 2) Programming task - REST reservations application, candidate needs to paper, implement two query methods. Requires knowledge about ASP.NET , AutoMapper and old testament Linq. 3) Code review task - evaluates candidate's familiarity of paper, design patterns and coding practices, candidate needs to review a C# class with a collection wrapper code. Great blog! Its a pleasure to read your blog. As I am also a developer and also looks for some new technology and information on the web on for kinesthesis are located in the, regular basis.

Seriously I found this blog very informative for company research paper me. Please to know more about .net development visit “5 Skills Your Microsoft .Net Developer Should Have”

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Businessplan maken: Opzet en werkwijze. Een goed businessplan maken is research paper, lastig. Biology? Dat ervaren zowel beginnende als gevorderde ondernemers telkens weer. Van alle kanten wordt hen hulp geboden, wat natuurlijk fantastisch is. Company Paper? Maar vaak bedreigt die hulp – hoe vreemd dat ook klinkt – de kwaliteit van het plan. And Contrast Essay On A For Emily And The? In dit artikel wordt beschreven waarom een businessplan van belang is en vooral wat er dan in research paper moet staan. Braveheart? Het artikel is research paper, bedoeld voor ondernemers en professionals die hun ideeen over compare and contrast essay on a and the wallpaper, een eigen bedrijf willen vertalen in company paper een businessplan. Wouter realiseert zich dat hij vaart moet maken en gaat bij de bank waar ook de te kopen onderneming bankiert een verkennend gesprek voeren.

De bank vraagt hem om een businessplan op te stellen, zodat ze zich een beeld kunnen vormen van de benodigde financiering voor de onderneming na overname. Health Care Essay Thesis? Hoewel Wouter de redelijkheid van de vraag inziet, is research paper, dit een serieus obstakel, want dat is voor Wouter onbekend terrein. In zijn eerdere opleidingen is for kinesthesis are located, dit thema nooit diepgaand aan de orde geweest. Het opstellen van een businessplan is company, voor een beginnend ondernemer onvermijdelijk. In The? Want er is research paper, altijd iemand in de omgeving van de onderneming die een dergelijk plan nodig heeft om te kunnen beslissen of health essay, aan de nieuwe ondernemer en zijn onderneming steun kan worden verleend.

Daarom is er een keur van ‘standaard-businessplannen’ te verkrijgen bij o.m. Company? de Kamers van Koophandel, banken, accountants en veel beroeps- en standsorganisaties. On Marine? Die instellingen bevorderen daarmee dat beginnende ondernemers een plan opstellen dat aan de informatie-behoefte van die betreffende instelling voldoet. Over het algemeen zijn het redelijk bruikbare invuldocumenten, die ook verwijzen naar allerhande bronnen van informatie die voor het plan van belang kunnen zijn. Paper? Een nadeel is dat het plan, zeker als het onder tijdsdruk moet worden opgeleverd, vooral een invuloefening wordt. Als ondernemer heb je er het meest aan als het schrijven van het plan je helpt je eigen gedachten te ordenen, kritisch te bezien en steeds scherper en helderder te krijgen. Health Care Essay Thesis? Om dat te bereiken is research, het naar mijn idee beter om – al dan niet ondersteund door een gestandaardiseerd plan – zelf je gedachten te verkennen en te ordenen. Bentley? Bij onderdelen van het businessplan kunnen, waar dat uitkomt, altijd nog specialisten worden ingeschakeld. Wat is research paper, een businessplan eigenlijk? Een businessplan is compare essay rose for emily yellow wallpaper, een systematische vertaling van al je ideeen over company, de onderneming tot praktisch uitvoerbare acties. Derek? Om die acties uit je ideeen af te leiden moet je informatie verzamelen, analyses maken en (vooral) keuzes maken en beslissingen nemen. Het plan is paper, voor de ondernemer zelf en de mensen met wie hij in derek essay de onderneming samenwerkt.

De eerste ideeen worden vastgelegd, onderbouwd, doorgerekend, in company research paper gesprekken met relevante partijen getoetst en nieuwe inzichten worden er aan toegevoegd. Na verloop van tijd ontstaat een document, waarin is and contrast essay on a for emily yellow wallpaper, vastgelegd waarom de onderneming wordt opgericht, wat de onderneming gaat doen en vooral hoe dat zal gebeuren. Company Paper? Dat kan tot op zeer gedetailleerd niveau, al is het raadzaam niet alles in health care essay thesis een document te zetten. Paper? De uitwerking van de organisatie-inrichting in essays on marine biology functieomschrijvingen kan bijvoorbeeld prima in een apart document. Ook voor mensen buiten de onderneming? Een goed en volledig opgebouwd businessplan is ook bruikbaar voor anderen dan de ondernemer zelf, om beslissingen over de mate en vorm van samenwerking met de onderneming op te baseren. Company Research Paper? Denk bijvoorbeeld aan verschaffers van (soms risicodragend) kapitaal zoals investeerders en banken.

Soms zijn leveranciers ook bereid meer risico te nemen als er een goed plan is. Overigens moet je je steeds afvragen of braveheart, het verstandig is research, deze buitenstaanders alle informatie over bentley essay, je bedrijfsgeheimen te geven. Research? Vaak is on marine biology, het dan beter speciaal voor deze partijen een gerichte samenvatting van het plan op te stellen. Company? Of op zijn minst een geheimhoudingsverklaring overeen te komen. Ondernemerschap betekent dat je altijd te maken hebt met tijdsdruk. For Kinesthesis In The? Mijn advies is company, dan ook om met een plan te beginnen zodra je serieuze plannen voor je onderneming hebt. Dan heb je de meeste gelegenheid om je ideeen uit te werken en te toetsen. Het is compare essay on a rose for emily yellow wallpaper, opmerkelijk hoe je verder komt in company research paper je denken door het telkens weer uit te leggen en op papier te zetten. Het geeft je ook een goede gelegenheid om mensen die je vertrouwt en die over essay thesis, een voor jouw nuttige deskundigheid beschikken als klankbord te gebruiken en de nieuwe inzichten uit die gesprekken in je plan te verwerken.

In essentie gaat het om de volgende drie vragen, die ik telkens uitwerk om ze beter hanteerbaar te maken: Waarom wil ik deze onderneming oprichten? Waarom heeft mijn onderneming bestaansrecht? Hoe omschrijf ik dat? Waarom denk ik dat er in company research paper deze markt behoefte is essay, aan deze onderneming. Company Paper? Wat is and contrast essay on a and the yellow, mijn visie op de markt? Op welke behoefte in company research paper de markt speelt mijn onderneming in? Waarom denk ik dat ik dit tot een succes kan maken? Langs welke weg ga ik dat doen?

Wat zijn de concrete doelen die ik met mijn onderneming wil realiseren? Wat voor producten en/of diensten wil ik aanbieden? Wat onderscheidt mij van andere aanbieders? Wat is braveheart, de omvang die mijn onderneming moet bereiken? Wat voor omzet wil ik realiseren? Wat voor winst resp. Paper? ondernemersbeloning wil ik? Hoe ga ik dat doen?

Hoe wil ik mijn unieke propositie in old testament de markt kenbaar maken? Doe ik aan reclame en, zo ja, hoe? Verschijnt mijn onderneming op internet? Hoe krijg ik informatie van mijn klanten over hun wensen en de ontwikkeling daarin? In welke netwerken laat ik me zien? Hoe positioneer ik mijn onderneming ten opzichte van mijn concurrenten? Hoe is company research paper, mijn prijsbeleid? Hoe breng ik mijn product aan de man?

Ga ik naar de klant toe? Of nodig ik hem uit in health care een winkel (fysiek en/of tegenwoordig ook op internet als “webshop”). Hoe kom ik aan mijn product of company, dienst? Maak ik alles zelf of care essay, koop ik zaken in? Bij wie koop ik dan in? Hoe bewaak ik de kwaliteit? Hoe en waar sla ik mijn voorraden op? Hoe financier ik mijn onderneming?

Betaal ik alles uit eigen middelen en groei ik door ingehouden winsten te investeren? Of zoek ik risicodragend vermogen en/of leen ik bij familie en banken? Koop ik of company research paper, lease ik bedrijfsmiddelen? Hoe richt ik mijn bedrijf in? Neem ik personeel in old testament dienst? Betrek ik een kantoor? Welke rechtsvorm kies ik voor mijn onderneming? Hoe richt ik mijn administratie in? Hoe beheers ik de overige risico’s (verzekeren, beperken in company paper handelsvoorwaarden en contracten, reserves vormen en/of de resterende risico’s accepteren)? En als deze vragen voldoende beantwoord zijn, dan kan een vertaling naar de financiele planning resp. Essay? verantwoording gemaakt worden.

Voor jezelf en voor andere partijen (waaronder de fiscus, die van ondernemers een correcte administratie eist). Research? Daarin zijn de volgende stappen van belang om een duidelijk en volledig beeld te geven: Dit is in health thesis feite de “boodschappenlijst” van alles wat je moet kopen om te kunnen beginnen. Company? Als je dit uit eigen middelen kunt kopen, dan is essays on marine, dat prachtig. Company? Maar zo niet, dan zie je hierin wat je aan geld moet lenen om van start te kunnen gaan.

Dit is old testament essay, een overzicht waarin je (meestal per maand) je ideeen en aannames vertaalt naar de verwachte geldstromen. Research Paper? Je zou het een voorspelling van je bankafschriften kunnen noemen. Braveheart? In dit overzicht wordt haarscherp duidelijk wat de financiele gevolgen van je beslissingen zijn. Company Research Paper? Veel beginnende ondernemers laten dit door een boekhouder opstellen, omdat het een lastig rekenwerkje is, maar dit onderdeel heeft altijd gevolgen voor je besluiten als ondernemer, zorg dus dat je er volledig bij betrokken blijft! Dit overzicht geeft een beeld van alles wat er in old testament je onderneming is research paper, en hoe dat gefinancierd is. Alles dat je zelf hebt ingebracht, vormt je “eigen vermogen”. Health Care? Dat is voor de externe financiers (kapitaalverschaffers, de bank en soms leveranciers) een belangrijk gegeven.

De verlies- en winstrekening. Hierin wordt duidelijk wat je omzet in company research een bepaalde periode is derek, en welke kosten je hebt gemaakt om die omzet te kunnen realiseren. Paper? Meestal kiest men voor een jaar, bij beginnende ondernemingen wordt het eerste z.g. Are Located In The? boekjaar wel eens aangepast om in paper volgende jaren op bijv. Essays? 1 januari te kunnen starten. Company Research Paper? Dit overzicht geeft aan het einde aan of old testament, je in een periode winst hebt gemaakt of paper, niet. Je snapt dat de fiscus dit overzicht ook erg waardeert. Dit is een overzicht van alles wat er in braveheart essays je onderneming is aan het eind van een bepaalde periode.

Hierin worden, naast de winst, ook afschrijvingen, (des-)investeringen, aflossingen en nieuwe financieringen zichtbaar. Staat van herkomst en besteding van middelen. In dit overzicht kun je zien wat er met het voor je onderneming besteedbare geld is company research, gebeurd, wat bronnen van nieuwe liquiditeit waren (bij voorbeeld krediet van leveranciers of compare on a for emily and the, banken) en waar je geld in company paper is gaan zitten (bijvoorbeeld meer voorraden en/of debiteuren). Uit de analyse van de zoekopdrachten aan de Google zoekfaciliteit op ManagementSite bleek dat zeer veel mensen vragen hebben als “Hoe kom ik tot een goed businessplan?” en “Wat moet ik in een businessplan vastleggen?” Meer informatie over on marine biology, Businessplan en Ondernemingsplan. Een snelle scan brengt u ongetwijfeld op ideeen. Een goed businessplan maken is research, lastig. And Contrast Essay On A Rose Yellow? Dat ervaren zowel beginnende alsgevorderde ondernemers. Company Paper? Toch is compare on a rose wallpaper, het broodnodig!

Hoe kan je het gebruiken,wat moet erin staan, wat zijn de valkuilen. Company Research Paper? Dit artikel is compare essay on a rose for emily and the yellow, bedoeld voorondernemers en professionals die hun ideeën over company, een eigen bedrijf willenvertalen in een businessplan. Dit item is health, alleen beschikbaar voor leden. Ben jij een gedreven en betrokken manager? Heb jij jezelf bewezen in de directe aansturing van productiemedewerkers?

Ben jij daadkrachtig en weet je hoe je mensen het beste kan stimuleren? Dan zijn wij op zoek naar jou! Blaaauwschrijven: Commercieel, creatief en effectief schrijven. Research? Voor wie? Hoe kun je je schriftelijke communicatie: e-mails, brieven, CV's, rapporten, notities, afstemmen op Training: Telefonisch afspraken maken / acquisitie Wat is essay thesis, het doel van deze eendaagse training?In deze training leert u hoe u resultaatgerichte De tweedaagse training presenteren vanuit zelfvertrouwen brengt jou en je publiek rust en de zekerheid van een goede, inspirerende presentatie! Frisse, creatieve tekstideeen ontwikkelen en deze toepassen op een concreet onderwerp. Paper? Bestemd voor tekstprofessionals als bladenmakers, bloggers, communicatieadviseurs, journalisten, marketeers, pr- en persmedewerkers,

Face-to-face acquisitie en relatiebeheer Wat is het doel van de training?U leert face-to-face verkoop- en adviesgesprekken op perfect verzorgde, efficiente Het zou heel goed zijn als eenieder er zo over dacht. Recent volgde ik een aantal seminars van de KvK. Ik vroeg een van mijn buurvrouwen of braveheart essays, ze een onderneminsplan had. Antwoord: “Nee want nu ben ik vrij, want ik ben ondernemer” Daarna had ik bijna de intensive care nodig.

Triest! Eindelijk iemand die mijn bezwaren tegen de ‘invuloefeningen’ van goedbedoelende instanties deelt. Paper? En vervolgens simpel vertelt wat een business plan is essays, en moet inhouden. Research? Op Internet vind je, naast de ‘invuloefeningen’ die met name het doel van de opsteller dienen (bank) verwijzingen naar business plannen als onderdeell van Prince2. Niet beschikbaar, tenzij je een bedrijfsabonnement neemt. Essays On Marine? Maar staat daar dan wel in research paper wat je nodig hebt? Aanvullende tip: begin vooral zelf te schrijven over braveheart, je plannen en pik uit dit artikel of company research paper, uit de ‘invuloefeningen’ in in the eerste instantie alleen de onderwerpen waar je al over hebt nagedacht. Company Research Paper? Als dat staat is essays biology, het aanvullen met noodzakelijke andere onderwerpen, bijvoorbeeld de zwaktes van het plan, hoe die te tackelen en de financiering, een veel eenvoudigere zaak. Company Research? Dan blijkt dat je ook daar best ideeen over braveheart, hebt. Geachte heer, mevrouw,

Wat ik goed vond aan uw artikel waren voor mij met name de concrete vragen halverwege, die tot nadenken zetten. Uw artikel zet mij ook aan tot de wens naar meer informatie. Ikzelf ben concerncontroller bij een grotere automotiveholding en ben op zoek naar een format voor een financieel beleidsplan. Kunt u mij hieraan verder helpen? Met vriendelijke groet, Etienne van Beek. de kreet “invuloefening” is paper, er slechts een van de talloze denigrerende kreten die ik in care mijn langjarige ervaring als marketingman heb gehoord/gezien. De personen die dit soort uitdrukkingen gebruiken vertonen als groep een grote homogeniteit: doeners! Maar ook geen visie, niet echt helder, weinig abstractievermogen, bosbrandenblussers, paniekvoetballers, kippen zonder kop, marktkooplui, gelegenheidsdealtjes, handjeklappers, scharrelaars, druk-druk-drukkers etc. Company Paper? Ja, druk met herstellen van de rommel die ze zelf veroorzaakt hebben. Dat komt omdat ze niet begrijpen dat het niet om de invulling van een lijstje gaat, maar om een ongoing proces, het doen, het ervaren waarbij je langzaam gaat begrijpen dat een bedrijf iets is compare essay on a rose for emily and the wallpaper, als een gecompliceerde machine die je kunt besturen mits . Research Paper? . Essays? . Company Research Paper? je de gebruiksaanwijzing kent.

Even heel eerlijk antwoorden: ga je de lucht in met een piloot die de checklist voor opstijgen achteloos overzijn schouder gooit met de kreet: “Vliegen doe je met je kont”? Mijn hartelijke dank aan alle lezers die de moeite wilden nemen hun reactie op te schrijven! In alle reacties proef ik dat men de mening met me deelt dat een businessplan niet een eenmalige productie moet zijn maar meer de neerslag van het zich ontwikkelende denken van de ondernemer. Natuurlijk moet je als ondernemer soms je plan schrijven om er een externe partij mee te kunnen informeren en overtuigen. For Kinesthesis In The? Dat is company, een goed moment om het businessplan voor dat moment vast te leggen. Bentley Essay? Maar dan ben je niet klaar met je ontwikkeling als ondernemer. Company Research Paper? Dus blijft het zinvol je plan met enige regelmaat bij te stellen en er je nieuwste inzichten in braveheart te verwerken. Een van de ondernemingen die ik als voorbeeld gebruik, volg ik vanaf de start, dus vanaf het moment dat ze begonnen aan het ontwerp voor hun bedrijf. Company Research? Binnenkort gaan we bezien wat er na enkele maanden ontwikkeld is compare and contrast essay rose for emily wallpaper, en veranderd in company research paper de omstandigheden en de inzichten van de ondernemers. Essay? Ik ben er van overtuigd dat hun businessplan er na het verwerken van hun inzichten weer beter uit zal zien. Beter, want hun inzichten zijn nu getoetst aan de praktijk.

Geachte heer Steynenburg, Dat Internet veel gebruikt wordt om te schelden had ik wel gehoord, maar het was me nog niet overkomen. Dank voor deze verheffende ervaring. Met de term ‘invuloefening’ doelde ik op een business plan sjabloon van een zekere instelling, waar het ‘schrijven’ gestuurd werd door een zo grote hoeveelheid macro’s, dat mijn beveiligingssoftware meteen op tilt sloeg. Company Research Paper? Nadat ik die had gekalmeerd bleek, dat strikt de door de macro’s gedicteerde volgorde moest worden gehanteerd en dat tekstvelden onder de strikt voorgeschreven koppen moesten worden ingevuld.

De mensen die mij kennen weten, dat ze niet te maken hebben met iemand die “geen visie, niet echt helder, weinig abstractievermogen, bosbrandenblussers, paniekvoetballers, kippen zonder kop, marktkooplui, gelegenheidsdealtjes, handjeklappers, scharrelaars, druk-druk-drukkers etc. Compare And Contrast Essay For Emily And The Yellow? Ja, druk met herstellen van de rommel die ze zelf veroorzaakt hebben…” Waar haalt u het vandaan! Het artikel over company research, het business plan van de heer Petrarca verdient dergelijke kritiek beslist niet. Bentley? Het is goed geschreven en bevat een aantal zinvolle tips, ik kan het de lezers alleen maar aanraden. En dat heb ik in company research mijn kennissenkring dan ook gedaan. […] ook Businessplan maken: Opzet en werkwijze AKPC_IDS += […]

[…] met nog een artikel van Management Site “BusinessPlan maken: opzet en werkwijze” […] Een goede hulp bij een bedrijfsplan stelt alleen maar vragen. Vragen waar je over and contrast essay for emily yellow, na moet denken, waar je onderzoek voor moet doen. Een goed plan is company research, een groeiboek en zou je ieder jaar moeten bijstellen voor je doelen op korte en lange termijn. Veel ZZP ers die gedwongen voor zichzelf beginnen missen het ondernemerschap en hebben niet genoeg aan een voorgekauwd plan, die hebben een opleiding leren ondernemen nodig.

Dan komen ze er halverwege achter dat ze niet geschikt zijn in plaats van na een paar jaar modderen als ondernemer. Ik vind het wel goed dat er dit soort stukken worden geschreven, alleen jammer dat de doelgroep die het zo nodig heeft een broertje dood heeft aan lezen. De grootste ondernemersvalkuil van allemaal. Negen tips om uit de valkuil te blijven. Wordt het Businessplanning of old testament essay, SMART bezigheidstherapie? De tijdgeest vraagt om een andere aanpak. Het Business Model Canvas als eenvoudige aanpak voor grote ondernemingen.

Parttime Master Bedrijfskunde ErasmusUniversiteit. Combineer opleiding, werk en prive en verhoog je waarde in minder dan 2 jaar. Company Paper? DOWNLOAD DE BROCHURE. Platform om kennis en ervaring te delen. Essay? Wil grenzen verkennen en blokkades doorbreken.

Kritisch, wars van hypes, altijd op zoek naar wat wel werkt.

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A Guide to Writing A Pastoral Resume. Company. A pastoral resume can be difficult to write and develop. Churches often receive dozens of essay, resumes in company research paper, their pastoral search process, and finding the right candidate is a rigorous process. There are several important steps to compare essay and the wallpaper, follow as you prepare for writing a pastoral resume. First, you must remember that a ministry resume is a very different document than a secular resume. Pastoral resumes often include personal information, such as marital and family status, date of birth, personal philosophies, and even a family picture. You cannot approach writing a pastoral resume in the same fashion you would a secular resume, because a pastoral resume is structured and developed different from a traditional resume.

Because of this structure and research, the details involved in writing a pastoral resume, it is often longer than a traditional resume. Compare And Contrast Essay Rose For Emily And The Yellow Wallpaper. On the company paper first page you should include the old testament essay most pertinent and core information – the top of the first page should clearly state your name, and paper, if you have an advanced degree, add your credentials behind your name. Many ministry and pastoral resumes feature a professional headshot, typically placed at essay thesis, the top right of the page. Paul’s first letter to Timothy includes the pastor’s family in company, the description of the pastor’s qualifications, and as our culture includes the biology pastor’s wife as a representation of the ministry position, pastoral resumes often feature a family picture. Including a family picture also personalizes your resume. Below your name you should indicate you contact information and company research, biographical information. Derek Essay. A significant difference between a secular resume and company paper, a ministry resume is the inclusion of personal details.

Some of these details include marital status, family details, date of birth, and even how long you have been married. Especially from a secular point of view, and living in a very politically correct society, these details may seem inappropriate or irrelevant, but Scripture has very specific requirements for essay pastors; including physical maturity, spiritual maturity, and company paper, leadership in his marriage and parenting. Next, although optional, many pastoral resumes include a personal statement, consisting of ministry objectives, ambitions, or a short summary of your ministry accomplishments. This should be succinct and essay, set you apart as the candidate for the position. The second section in writing a pastoral resume is your educational information. You should clearly indicate both your degree and the institution you received your degree at. Especially in ministry positions, your educational institution will certainly affect your potential hiring as it reflects the quality of company, your theological training. Education also impacts your doctrinal positions and teaching within the church you are hired at. Essay. You should list your most recent degree earned first, which is typically your highest degree. The third section when writing a pastoral resume should be your ministry experience.

In the case of someone beginning in ministry, list any ministry experience, including volunteer ministries and academic internships. For pastors or ministers without significant of lengthy ministry experience, or who have worked bi-vocationally, it may be important to list experience in the secular field as well, always listing the paper most recent employment first. Care Essay. Human Resource professionals tend to recommend that in company paper, describing your ministry responsibilities, you place the focus on accomplishments and activities, rather than job elements or responsibilities . This informs the reader not only of what your responsibilities are, but also of the results of your ministries. Health Care Essay Thesis. Although you want to balance humility with describing your accomplishments, your resume is where you showcase your skills and talents. The fourth section of research paper, your pastoral resume is where all semblance of rose and the yellow wallpaper, a traditional resume disappears.

Your ministry philosophy is often attached separately, or included on company a separate page. Ministry philosophies are typically broken down into several sections, such as: Conversion and derek, Call to Ministry. Company Research. Philosophy of Preaching and Teaching. Braveheart. Philosophy of Leadership. Philosophy of Counseling. Each of your philosophies should be succinct, yet detailed, and if appropriate, should include Scriptural references. These are all important sections, are churches want to know, and frankly have a right to know, how you will teach, lead, and counsel. Be sure to personalize these statements. Finally, your pastoral resume should include your doctrinal positions.

You may list that your doctrinal positions align with a published doctrinal statement within the denomination you are applying within, but a pastoral resume should always include a description of your doctrinal positions: churches want to know what you personally believe and will teach in company, their church. Do not make the mistake of trusting another’s references. Only list Scripture references you have personally researched and care essay thesis, agree with in their application. There are a few more details that are important not to overlook when writing a pastoral resume. Paper. Often times, search committees and essays, churches may dismiss a resume due to a lack of details or information. You resume should reflect not only research your professional and ministry accomplishments, but also your personality. If you print off your resume to send it to a church, staple your resume or paperclip the document.

This is an easy step to ensure that the pages are not separated. An important tip to consider is to insert your first and last name, as well as page numbers, in the footer of your resume, in case the pages of your resume are separated. Do not use graphics, pictures, or excessive colors in your resume. Essays On Marine Biology. Your formatting should be simple and elegant, subtle and not obtrusive. Consider using heavier paper or paper designed for company research paper resumes. A contemporary trend is to make references available upon old testament essay request. These may be included on paper a separate sheet; this reduces clutter on your resume and separates them somewhat from the rest of on marine, your resume. Your references should be relevant; pastors or ministry leaders you have served under, seminary professors you have studied with, or other ministry related references. Company Paper. If at all possible, your references should not be family members or close friends. Be sure to ask your reference if they can be listed as a reliable reference before including them on your list, and ask them directly if they can give you a positive reference. Bentley Essay. Finally, consider including a cover letter with your ministry or pastoral resume.

A cover letter is an excellent opportunity to explain some of your qualifications, skills, talents, and experience, in a less formal manner than in your resume. Your cover letter should be written well and signed personally. Copyright #x000A9; 2017 Pastoral Resume | Reproduction of content on this website, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited | Log in.

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dungeon craft essays Confessions of a Dungeons Dragons™ Addict. Your contribution via Patreon or PayPal Me keeps this site and its author alive. It is important that you accept the fact that I am a Christian. To this end, and recognizing that I am saved by grace, not by paper works I have done, I would recount just a part of my Christian experience so that you may know me by my works. I was as a youth raised in Baptist Sunday Schools until the essays on marine, age of research paper, twelve, when a business relocation landed me in derek bentley essay a Presbyterian congregation. By then I had learned the scriptures well enough that the Presbyterians chose me as one of two youths to represent them on WNBC (New York) radio's Bible quiz. My partner and I advanced to the finals. More importantly, in 1968, when I was thirteen, my cousin (now a Presbyterian minister) showed me that the truth I knew could become a personal truth. Using a Campus Crusade Four Spiritual Laws leaflet, he led me into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. To trace in company research paper detail the essays biology, fellowships and ministries through which I grew would take too much space.

They include independent fellowships, Full Gospel Businessmen, Scott Ross, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, and company research paper Assembly of God churches, and many others. For Kinesthesis Are Located! Before I finished high school I took the opportunity to carry Bibles into Romania with a high school choral group, and started an research, evangelistic music ministry in New Jersey. Over the next decade, my music, evangelism, and teaching were heard from Maine to Maryland. Seeking to better serve God with my music, I went to college to study the Bible. In five years of study I earned an Associate of Arts from Luther College of the Bible and for kinesthesis are located Liberal Arts in Teaneck, New Jersey, and company research a Bachelor of bentley essay, Arts majoring in Biblical Studies from company research paper Gordon College. I took all this accrued study, and compare and contrast essay on a for emily yellow wound up on a small Christian radio station where for company research five years I struggled to fight management pressures to convert to a more financially profitable format while preaching and teaching the braveheart essays, gospel on the air and in local churches. I also continued with my music; some of my songs are still sung as choruses in company fellowships in the area.

During this time I taught New Testament at a small Bible College which unfortunately did not prosper; sometime after part-time faculty (including me) were released, the school closed. It was also during this time that my wife and I began to play Dungeons Dragons(tm). I should also make it clear that we are not idiots. Old Testament Essay! On the contrary, my wife is a registered nurse who graduated from her program with a perfect 4.0 average. I eventually went on to complete my Juris Doctore, receiving an American Jurisprudence Award in Jurisprudence, and being listed in Who's Who Among American Law Students 8th and 9th editions. Company Research! I also became a member of American Mensa.

We were not fools. But we were game players. Care Thesis! We played many kinds of company research paper, games with many kinds of people. Apart from the fact that it was a relaxing and stimulating recreational activity, it enabled us to essay, maintain relationships with people who were not Christians and, by sharing our lives with them, to move them slowly toward the gospel and into growth. We constantly kept our eyes open for new games, even subscribing to paper, magazines which provided information about them. Then one day in about 1980, my wife brought home an article in Psychology Today(tm) praising the new game Dungeons Dragons(tm), which the author had used as a group therapy technique for teenagers. We were intrigued. In The! From the sound of it, this was a game that would enable us to create adventures like those in some of our favorite Christian fiction--C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Research! Tolkein, George MacDonald. We immediately sought it out, and purchased a basic set.

We were not disappointed. The game lends itself extremely well to creating mortal battles with spiritual ramifications. Health! We quickly expanded into the advanced rules. I became the referee--the dungeon master--and created worlds for company paper my friends to explore. After a time, I mentioned the game on the air as part of an essay, illustration in a teaching.

I was abruptly made aware of something I could not then understand: that there were Christians who believed the game was itself evil, demonic, and dangerous. They showed their concern for me (I was, fortunately, established and well loved by the Christians in the audience) by showering me with tracts by various and sometimes highly respected writers explaining why this game was so horrible. Perhaps the volume of paper, material and the respectability of the derek, authors should have caused me to abandon the game. The problem was, everything that was said about the game in company research these tracts was either completely wrong or completely meaningless. For example, it was pointed out that the braveheart essays, Monster Manual--one of the rulebooks for the game--contained the words devil and company demon many times--the authors had counted how many--between certain page numbers. However, the braveheart essays, book in question is a sourcebook, essentially an encyclopedia of good and evil creatures, some very weak, others very powerful, which may be used at the referee's discretion to create encounters in his campaign. Company! The words appear far more frequently in similar sections of the Encyclopedia Brittanica, which to my knowledge nobody advocates burning. Are Located! Furthermore, if these monsters were exactly the same but for the names--if they were called orthnips and ognogs--no one would complain.

However, the research, swords and sorcery milieu (and the fictional and inspirational writings of many Christian authors) include many encounters with such creatures. They are recognized by those names, and any brave Christian knight who faces such a being knows what he faces. The game would be stripped of much of its Christian potential without them. It should also be noted that on the grand scale good is greater than evil. Solars, planetars, and devas--the ranks of angels--are greater in power than the demons, daemons, and devils who might be arrayed against old testament them, even without recognizing (as the game does) that the evil creatures cannot cooperate in mutual trust. Furthermore, many of the character types (called classes) which are the most powerful--paladin, ranger, cavalier--must be good without blemish or face severe consequences including the loss of all their spiritually-derived powers.

And a high-level paladin--a knight of holy orders trained for many years in defending his lawful good faith--although a mere mortal is more than the company research paper, equal of a devil, as he can bring to bear not merely his physical prowess but also the powers of good. Another attack is made upon the book Deities Demigods(tm), replaced eventually by Legends Lore(tm). These books contain a great deal of information about false gods from many lands. However, this again is a sourcebook, permitting a referee a great deal of choice as to what kind of world he will create. The question of the bentley essay, religious background of the campaign is specifically left in the hands of the referee who creates the world. Research Paper! I--and most of the referees I have met--always maintained that there was one God of gods, but that there were many so-called gods vying for worship who were some more and some less aligned with the truth, all of whom would eventually kneel to are located, the God of gods.

Following C.S. Lewis, I accepted the possibility that many of the pagan gods may have been spiritual beings, and some in ancient times may actually have not yet been forced to chose between God and paper Lucifer. In fact, the game gave us the on marine, opportunity to talk about moral, ethical, and spiritual questions with nonbelievers in a way we had never done before. Paper! It is a strong point of Dungeons Dragons(tm) that it contains alignment: every player must decide whether his character is good or evil, lawful or chaotic. The character must then abide by that decision, and face the consequences of his actions whether he chooses something required by essays on marine biology his beliefs, or turns against those beliefs to act otherwise. The player is also bound by that decision, but in a different way. The player controls his character in exactly the same way as the research, author of old testament essay, a book.

Alignment is a major decision about a character, and the player must follow the company research, alignment decision in other decisions he makes for the character in order to remain in character. However, it is unfair to suggest that the player who runs an evil character is himself doing evil in the same way that it is unfair to essays, suggest that an author who creates well-developed evil characters in his stories must himself be evil. C.S. Lewis has given us many fictional examples of good characters--King Peter, Queen Lucy, Ransom, and Aslan himself--and also many powerful evil characters--the white queen, the green serpent, Weston, and Screwtape. The ability to understand evil does not make the company paper, author or the player--or the game--evil. On Marine! This aspect of the paper, game creates the compare essay on a, opportunity to discuss the nature of research paper, good and evil in a way that chess never did. In this regard, someone somewhere quoted a game player who alledgedly said that it was easier to health care essay thesis, play an evil character than a good one. I do not know who said it--and any game is only as good as the referee and the players--but it was not so at my table nor at the table of any referee I ever met. Evil characters rapidly face obvious consequences: they become distrusted, have no allies, and are soon eliminated either by those they trust or by those they misuse. It is as in real life: evil has consequences. Even more so, it is as we Christians perceive it: evil has eternal consequences.

There are many circumstances in which it is company paper, clear that the evil character who makes a fatal mistake is carried away by his own gods to eternal punishment. So many of these arguments proved to be without merit. Others merely misunderstood the game. It is pointed out that there are a large number of magic spells and magical devices described in the various rule books. Critics claimed that players pretended to cast these spells by saying spell words and making motions. These critics do not understand that the essays on marine, player is not the character. As it is, the books contain descriptions of what a spell or device does, and indeed says whether the research, character must speak, move his hands, and/or have materials available, but no words are given and rarely are motions described (and then only as a joke). While the character is perceived as doing these things, the player merely says that his character will cast the spell. He does not himself act out spell casting. The objection is still raised that the game suggests the involvement of magic.

Those of us who are fond of those Christian authors who write so much fantasy (and I would add Charles Williams and old testament John Milton to those already mentioned) do not have a problem with the fictitious use of magic. Swords and company sorcery books and movies are not a problem per se, and the idea of braveheart, incorporating these into a game is not significantly different. Company Research Paper! But some still feel uncomfortable about the idea of magic. Magic is merely a device of the story. For example, a character in a game picks up a device and fires it. It sends out health, a blast of heat. If you are playing Gamma World(tm), it is company, a flame thrower; if you are playing Dungeons Dragons(tm), it is a wand of fireballs. A character is injured, and another character comes to old testament, his aid, attempting to heal his injuries. In Star Frontiers(tm), it is a medic administering biocort; in paper Dungeons Dragons(tm), it is a cleric prayerfully ministering with a cure light wounds spell.

A character assaulted by missile fire creates an invisible barrier which blocks many of the attacks. If it is Metamorphosis Alpha(tm), the character is a mutant using mental force field generation; if it is Dungeons Dragons(tm), then the character is a magic user casting a shield spell. Magic is used because we are attempting to create the worlds of braveheart essays, medieval fantasy. It is not different in play from a world which uses advanced technology or presumed mental and physical mutations or for that matter from those games which recreate the wild west (Boot Hill(tm)), counter-espionage (Top Secret(tm)), or cops and robbers (Gangbusters(tm)): characters are assumed to perform the actions the research paper, player specifies; players no more cast spells in Dungeons Dragons(tm) than shoot each other with revolvers in Boot Hill(tm). But it was still argued by some that the background of magic was inherently dangerous in that it might spark interest in the supernatural, through such outlets as witchcraft. There are at least four answers to this suggestion. First, Christian writers during the braveheart essays, first half of research, this century (again Lewis, Tolkein, Williams) used magic, mysticism, and paganism in bentley essay their own stories specifically because they wanted modern materialists to begin to consider whether the supernatural might exist. Company Research Paper! Here we have a game with enormous popular potential which might well get that idea to many more people, and essays biology we condemn it. Is it merely because it was not our idea? Second, even if we assume that those authors were wrong, that it is dangerous to company paper, attack materialism with generalized spiritualism, does it not make sense that we should put ourselves in a position which makes us available to answer the questions of those who do become so involved, rather than signaling them that we despise them and condemn them for essay such curiosity? Third, it is not the mission of the church to create respectable sinners; it is the mission of the company, church to hold out the hope of redemption.

Rebuking and condemning Dungeons Dragons(tm) players merely drives them away from are located in the that hope. If Dungeons Dragons(tm) is wrong, if it leads to a downward path (there is no evidence to support such a contention), then the company research paper, task of biology, Christians is to love the company paper, players regardless of where their lives lead. It is said that for some alcoholics and drug addicts there is compare and contrast for emily yellow wallpaper, no hope for them until they finally reach what for them is the bottom. Some people may need to see the full face of evil before fleeing in terror to the only hope of safety--and, as Lewis often said, the devil's best defense in this age is convincing people that he does not exist. Fourth, this feared spiritism is company paper, not the are located, most horrible thing which can affect a person. There are far more insidious evils which creep into research paper, our beliefs: even as Christians, we accept lies without realizing what we have done. The inherent greed of our society, the belief that success is measured by having the most toys, may be the most insidious lie in this century. This lie is promoted by many games, including Monopoly(tm) and Life(tm). No one recognizes how dangerous these games might be in the lessons they teach. Old Testament! Meanwhile, although Dungeons Dragons(tm) includes the company research, pursuit of wealth, it is are located, not the measure of success in the game, and many characters are expected to contribute large portions of company research, their wealth to churches and essay charitable organizations. Also, most games incorporate the competitive notion that only company paper one player or team can win, encouraging the belief that winning requires defeating everyone else.

Some games, notably Risk(tm), Stragego(tm), and chess, have elevated this to the status of war. While conflict, even war, is are located, integral to the Dungeons Dragons(tm) world, it is generally the case that players quickly learn to company paper, join forces, cooperating against a common non-player enemy, overcoming problems as a team. In a good campaign, all the players come away as winners. No, the real dangers of Dungeons Dragons(tm) lay elsewhere. The spiritism it alledgedly fosters is neither so strong nor so dangerous an idea as those insidious philosophies permeating other games which can so undermine our lives. Then there is the argument that Dungeons Dragons(tm) players commit suicide. Those authors who have said so should be embarrassed. The original case of this appears in on a for emily wallpaper the book Mazes and company paper Monsters by Rona Jaffee, a work of fiction written in the early 1980's when Dungeons Dragons(tm) was still a new game.

I know of no real case of a Dungeons Dragons(tm) related suicide or killing. It seems unlikely: the game teaches hope and resourcefulness. It encourages people to believe they can defeat the obstacles they face. Even so, with the vast number of teenage suicides, it is likely that some were Dungeons Dragons(tm) players. Some were honor students, some sports heroes, some scouts and choir members and braveheart essays Sunday School members and leaders in their communities. I am certain that far more suicides can be clearly shown to be directly caused by the stock market than can be even remotely connected to Dungeons Dragons(tm). That does not make the stock market the company research, tool of Satan. These arguments were all clearly invalid; they did not touch the true dangers of Dungeons Dragons(tm). Thus, we continued to play. Essay On A For Emily! We found that we had large numbers of Christians and non-Christians playing together, and sometimes discussing the morality and spiritual realities behind the game. Through the relationships we built, we saw a number of them become Christians and grow in grace and company understanding.

In fact, there is one story I must tell. It is the story of a friend who, long before I met him, had heard the gospel on television and given his life to Jesus. But before he had had the opportunity to learn and grow in this new life, some well-meaning misguided local minister singled him out as an example of someone who, because he played Dungeons Dragons(tm), was clearly of the devil. This condemnation rattled my friend, who decided that if that was what God thought of essay, him, he would pursue evil. This he did with a vengeance for many years. He was introduced to me because we were both Dungeons Dragons(tm) players, and for that reason he did not immediately dismiss me as a Christian fool; because I did not condemn him for this (indeed, I was not interested in condemning but in reaching him), he was willing to discuss the spiritual and moral ramifications of the game and the spiritual realities of his own life. Ultimately--after years wasted--he returned to the truth he had abandoned, and began to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ Jesus. So what are the problems of Dungeons Dragons(tm) and other role playing games? There are several, and Christians should be aware of company research paper, them and in the guard against company research paper them.

First, like most games--all those which use dice or cards--Dungeons Dragons(tm) assumes that dice and cards fall in a random pattern along statistically predictable probabilities. It is extremely difficult for us to derek, deal with this assumption. The question of company research paper, whether dice and cards fall at random or are divinely controlled is far beyond the scope of essay, this article, but the answer goes directly to the nature of the sovereignty of God. Company Paper! Christians who play such games should grapple with the issue and form an essay thesis, opinion about it. Note that it is possible to company research paper, avoid all such games by only playing those games which pit skill against skill--athletic competition, chess, checkers, reversi, competitive puzzles such as tic-tac-toe and on a for emily yellow wallpaper dots--but these are the games most susceptible to the problems of the competitive spirit, the research paper, idea that one wins and derek essay therefore all others lose. That may be a far more dangerous challenge to the principles of the gospel than the more intellectual question of whether the company, assumption of statistical randomness is an affront to the sovereignty of God. The second problem with Dungeons Dragons(tm) is that it, like nearly any hobby or recreational activity, takes time and braveheart essays money. The stewardship of company, our time and our money is a difficult personal issue, and each of us must determine the costs of braveheart, our choices. The time and money I spent learning Dungeons Dragons(tm) and developing my game world and company playing it (as well as additional time spent playing in other less controversial game worlds such as Star Frontiers(tm) and Gamma World(tm)) might have been spent in other pursuits. I might have memorized several more books of the Bible, or spent time and money passing out literature on street corners. And Contrast On A For Emily And The Wallpaper! I might have written more music and devoted time to the business problems of expanding a concert ministry.

I might have volunteered at any of several missions to help reach and teach people who had hit bottom. I cannot say what impact I would have had. Research Paper! But today I have about twenty young men from twelve to thirty years old who come to my house regularly to bentley, play a game which I referee, most of whom are either not Christian at all or very much unaware what their commitment to Christ means. As part of that game, they must each come to grips with how I understand good and evil, what moral standards I think are appropriate to characters professing faith in a good god, and what consequences will fall upon those who do right and those who do wrong. I have had the opportunity to give Bibles and instruction to teenagers whom I would not have met were it not for the game, and to sing songs of faith to company research, some who would never have darkened the and contrast for emily yellow wallpaper, door of company, a Christian concert let alone an evangelical church. I have been able to demonstrate that Christians are permitted--no, required--to think, to understand life from the thesis, perspective of the truth revealed. I have changed lives which might not otherwise have changed. In assessing how well my time and money are spent--and I confess to a tendency at times to company research paper, overspend even on unquestionably worthwhile pursuits--I must take into account what has happened in are located in the these lives. The third problem about Dungeons Dragons(tm) is that Christians have by and large abandoned it to the enemy. Those who complain and condemn a game which they have never even watched let alone played have in company paper attempting to essays, revile the game merely blackened the paper, eye of the church.

The game is for kinesthesis are located, replete with players who believe that all Christians are idiots because of what some Christians have said. The game itself is not a stumbling block to faith, but the attitudes of company research paper, those who would rebuke a Dungeons Dragons(tm) player in the name of derek bentley, Jesus and walk away rather than use the research, valuable lessons of the game as a building block for a true faith are. What the game needs is great players and intelligent referees who can incorporate their Christian faith into the game, debate the for kinesthesis, issues it raises on its own terms, and in so doing can say to the other players, I am a Christian, and paper as a Christian I believe. . . . Most people are reached by someone they know. Most Dungeons Dragons(tm) players do not know any Christians who have not called them satanists. Most ongoing Dungeons Dragons(tm) games do not have the insights to be gained from people of the Book sitting at the table bringing faith to bear on the worlds of human fantasy.

I still play Dungeons Dragons(tm), Star Frontiers(tm), and Gamma World(tm), and essay see no reason to stop. Company Paper! I referee two games, and have characters in seven others. I think C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Essay! Tolkein, and Charles Williams would approve--I know that many Dungeons Dragons(tm) players have the opportunity to read their books because of research paper, exposure through other players. I said at the beginning that I wanted you to understand how a Christian could become a Dungeons Dragons(tm) player. By now I hope I have made it clear why many more should.

The fears and misgivings of many concerning the game are misguided and unfounded. It is a fabulous opportunity to explore and understand our own faith, and to share that faith with others. For more on Faith and Gaming, visit the Christian Gamers Guild, and read more articles about derek bentley, faith and research paper gaming in the Chaplain's Corner. I've expressed a few thoughts on the integration of faith and gaming in response to derek bentley, a letter I received.

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