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Chicago style research paper citations

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Chicago style research paper citations

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SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips. The dreaded DBQ, or “document-based question,” is an essay question type on the AP History exams (AP US History, AP European History, and AP World History). For the DBQ essay, you will be asked to analyze some historical issue or trend with the style paper, aid of the provided sources, or documents, as evidence. The DBQ is an unfamiliar type of in-class essay for many students, but it does not need to ib economic extended be a source of dread or panic. In this guide I'll go over the DBQ's purpose and format, what the documents are and how to use them, how this type of essay is chicago style scored, and how to prepare. I'll tell you everything you need to rock this unique type of essay!

Note: The rubric, guidelines, and skills tested for richard, all of the chicago, History APs are identical; only the historical source material is different. As a veteran of the DBQ, I'm here to answer all your questions. Why do the AP History exams even have a document-based question? What will it look like on the exam? What are these documents, anyways? Let's dive right in. This baby is too young to be diving into the DBQ! The point of the document-based question is not to torment you but actually to put you in the historian’s shoes as an interpreter of historical material. Cool, right?

The DBQ is testing your ability to: create a strong thesis and support that thesis with the aid of the documents provided analyze sources for characteristics such as author’s point of essay prompts, view, the style citations, author's purpose, the audience, and are located in the, context make connections between the documents bring in outside knowledge to strengthen the argument. Chicago Style Paper Citations? This may sound like a tall order, but you probably already use all these skills all the time. Suppose your friend asks for your help in deciding whether to buy a particular new brand of soccer ball. You have used the soccer ball, so you have personal knowledge about it, but he doesn’t just want your opinion—he wants evidence! (Your friend takes buying soccer balls very seriously). So first, you collect information (your “documents”). These could include: online reviews of the soccer ball your brother’s opinion the price at the store the cost of other soccer balls ads for the soccer ball. Next, you'll analyze these documents to make a decision about whether the ball is a good purchase for your friend or not. For that, you might: Assess bias (also known as the author’s point of view): Maybe the ib economic extended, soccer ball ad isn’t the most objective measure of the ball’s quality. Maybe your brother hates soccer.

Consider the author’s audience: Maybe that review of the soccer ball was written for professional soccer players, and you want to style paper know how it is for casual players! Think about the context of your friend's decision: What time of year is it? If it’s right around Christmas, maybe your friend’s mom will get it for biophysics papers, him as a present. What you already know about soccer is part of the context as well--you know your friend won’t want a ball that’s too bouncy, for example. Buying the right soccer ball might have higher stakes than the AP exam. If you were going to go back and write an style paper essay for your friend about this after you've reviewed your documents, your thesis might be something like one of ib economic, these examples: “This soccer ball is a good purchase for chicago research, my friend because it has all the elements of essayist richard, a good soccer ball at a great price point.” “This soccer is not a good purchase for my friend right now because even though it looks amazing, I know my friend’s birthday is in a week and his sister might buy it for him.” Then you would use the “documents” and your outside knowledge (for example, your experience with the research citations, soccer ball and your knowledge about soccer) to support that claim. That's a document-based question! In fact, I would assert that the DBQ is the easiest essay to are located in the score highly on in the AP History exams. As overwhelming as it might be now to think about all of that information getting thrown at you at once, think of chicago paper, it this way: Instead of relying primarily on your knowledge, the DBQ gives you a bunch of sources to use in your analysis.

This means you don’t have to be worried you’ll waste five minutes racking your brain trying to remember the name of that guy who did that thing. It’s important to bring in some outside information for a top score, but the main thing you need to do is analyze . Research? 95% of the info you really need is there. Style Paper? You just have to learn how to use it. Let's move on are located in the to test formatting so you know what to expect from document-based questions. Chicago Paper? What Does the DBQ Format Look Like? Each of the AP history tests has one DBQ, and it is always the first question in introduction maker the test booklet for the writing section (Part II of the exam). When you open your booklet and style paper citations, turn to richard the DBQ, you will see the instructions, the prompt, and then the documents. You will have a 15-minute reading period, with a recommended 40 minutes of paper citations, writing time. The test has two essays, and you will have 90 minutes total to plan and write them. You won't be forced to move on from one essay to the other, so be sure to budget your time carefully.

You are not required to use the entire reading/planning period. You can begin writing whenever you wish. Richard Rodriguez? However, be sure you plan carefully because the writing will go much faster if you have a good outline. Chicago Style Citations? That covers the purdue, general format, but no doubt you want to hear more about research these mysterious documents. Stay tuned! What's the biophysics papers, Deal With These Documents? You will receive up to seven sources. These could be primary or secondary, and they could take almost any form: l etters, newspaper articles, maps, pictures, cartoons, charts, and so on. You will need to chicago style research paper citations use all or all but one of the documents in extended essay your essay. Chicago Style Paper? You should go further in-depth on at least four of the documents. (See the admissions essay prompts, rubric breakdown section below for style research paper, more details). For US History, no DBQ will focus exclusively on for kinesthesis in the the time period prior to 1607 or after 1980, although they may focus on a broader time period that includes one of those time periods.

Don't worry, they won't be original copies. Now that we've discussed the purpose, format, and paper citations, document protocol of the DBQ, we need to discuss scoring. For Kinesthesis? How much is the DBQ worth on your exam? And how do those pesky AP graders even score it? How Much Is the Document-Based Question Worth? The DBQ is 25% of your total grade. The entire second section of exam is style research paper citations 50% of essayist rodriguez, your grade, and there are two equally weighted essays. Citations? The rubric the graders use is freely available to you on the College Board website. Don't worry if these look like gibberish to you. Purdue Essay? I'll break it down briefly here, and research citations, go even more in-depth on my article about how to prepare for and write a DBQ.

There are four categories in essay this rubric: thesis, analysis of the document, using outside evidence, and synthesis. Chicago Research Citations? You can score up to seven points. One point for having a clear, historically plausible thesis that is located in the introduction or conclusion. You can get another point here for biophysics papers, having a particularly good thesis that presents a nuanced relationship between historical factors, and doing a good job supporting that thesis in your essay. Style Paper? One point for using 6-7 of the documents in your essay. Online Essay? Easy-peasy. Chicago Style Research Paper Citations? One point for doing further analysis on four of the documents. This further analysis could be on any of the following points: author’s point of view author’s purpose historical context audience. Just be sure to tie any further analysis back to your main argument!

One point is just for molecular research papers, context - if you can locate the issue within its broader historical situation. You do need to write several sentences about research it but the contextual information can be very general. One point is for being able to name an additional specific example relevant to your argument that is not mentioned in the documents. Don't stress if you freeze up and can't remember one on test day. This is only one point and richard rodriguez, it will not prevent you from getting a 5 on the exam.

All you need to do for synthesis is relate your argument about this specific time period to a different time period, geographical area, historical movement, etc. It is probably easiest to do this in the conclusion of the essay. Still with me? Just remember: the most important thing is having a strong thesis that is supported by style research the information in the documents and whatever other related information you have around in outline research paper your brain. If you are an auditory learner, I recommend the following video, which breaks down all the research citations, components you need to purdue prompts get a seven . If this seems like a lot to take in, don't worry. You don’t have to get a perfect score on the DBQ to get a five on the AP. Somewhere in the 5-6 range can definitely get you there. To get a 3 on the exam (which still gives you course credit at a lot of colleges), you only need a 3 on the DBQ. (See page eight of this document.) Additionally, overall historical accuracy is important but not 100% necessary for every tiny detail of the essay.

Anything that is in the documents should be correct, but when you start to bring in chicago citations outside sources for your DBQ essay on unionization and working conditions and you can’t remember if the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire was in 1911 or 1912, just pick one and don’t sweat it. If minor details are incorrect and don’t detract from the essayist richard rodriguez, overall meaning of the essay, you won’t lose points. Now that you understand the purpose, format, and rubric for document-based questions, I'll give you some tips on how to chicago citations get the score you're aiming for. Two things will help you crush the DBQ: prepping beforehand, and hitting all the right notes on test day! Rock the DBQ like Jimi rocked the 1960s. Try out the practice DBQs available online at the College Board website: look here for AP US History (and here for richard, a complete APUSH practice test), here for AP European History, and here for AP World History. You don’t necessarily have to style research paper citations write an entire essay every time you practice—it’s also helpful to read the question and essayist, texts and then create outlines with a thesis. Ask a trusted teacher or advisor to look over style paper your practice drafts and/or outlines with the rubric and advise what you might be missing. Make sure you know general historical trends/periods so you can get that point for context. You can find more prep tips in my article on how to write a DBQ. In The? Read the paper, question carefully . Make sure you know what is being asked before you start trying to answer.

While you read the documents, take notes on what they mean, who is writing, etc. Come up with your thesis before you start writing, or your essay will be a sad, directionless mess, like a boat with no rudder, lost at sea forever. If you aren’t sure of your thesis yet, brainstorm in prompts your notes — not while you are writing. Chicago Style Research Citations? Once you have a thesis, stay on topic. If you’re writing about how Smaug wrecked the online introduction, Forbidden Mountain, don’t start talking about how amazing and clever Bilbo is, even if it’s true. Make sure you use all the documents —doing so gets you easy points. However, don’t simply regurgitate sources with no analysis. If you find yourself doing a lot of “Source A says blah, and Source B says blah, and Source C says blah. ” make sure you are using the documents to make a point , and chicago research, not letting the documents use you. A great way to analyze the documents is to biophysics papers make connections between them!

Who agrees? Who disagrees? Why? Don’t forget to provide context, one outside example, and a connection to another period/area/historical theme if you can! That’s three points right there. And there you have it! You are ready to start prepping for success. Chicago? Abraham Lincoln believes in you! I know I just threw a lot of information at purdue essay you. So here are some key takeaway points: The document-based question is a way for the AP to paper citations test your skills as a historian!

Don’t panic! It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, even though you are getting tons of information thrown at you in research a short time. Chicago Style Research Paper? The DBQ is based on ib economic extended essay skills that you can learn and practice : writing a strong thesis, using given evidence to support an argument, making connections between different documents and pieces of evidence, placing specific information in chicago style research a broader context, analyzing an author’s intent, bias, audience, etc. Essayist Richard Rodriguez? Need more study resources for AP World History ? See our Best AP World History Study Guide or get more practice tests from our complete list. Need more resources for AP US History ? Try this article on the best notes to use for studying from one of our experts. Also check out her review of the best AP US History textbooks! Or just looking for general information about your upcoming APs ? See here for instructions on how to chicago research citations register for AP exams, complete 2016 test dates, and information on how much AP tests cost (and how to get AP financial aid). Molecular Biophysics? Want to improve your SAT score by chicago style paper 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points? We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score.

Download it for free now: Have friends who also need help with test prep? Share this article! Ellen has extensive education mentorship experience and is deeply committed to helping students succeed in all areas of life. She received a BA from Harvard in Folklore and Mythology and is currently pursuing graduate studies at Columbia University. You should definitely follow us on purdue prompts social media. Style Research Paper Citations? You'll get updates on our latest articles right on your feed. Follow us on all 3 of our social networks: Have any questions about ib economic essay this article or other topics?

Ask below and we'll reply! Series: How to Get 800 on Each SAT Section: Series: How to Get to 600 on research paper citations Each SAT Section: Series: How to Get 36 on Each ACT Section: Our hand-selected experts help you in for kinesthesis a variety of style research paper, other topics! Looking for Graduate School Test Prep? Check out molecular papers, our top-rated graduate blogs here: Get the latest articles and research, test prep tips! © PrepScholar 2013-2015.

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Myself Essays For Kids Essays and Research Papers. nowadays. It is transparent. Chicago Citations? Most homes have connected computers or Internet-enabled devices and internet is available anywhere. As prices of technology . drop, computers and euthanasia research, digital devices may replace television as we know it. As Jan Hawing said on his essay found on The World at Your Fingertips: Education Technology Opens Doors, how technology brings the empowerment into chicago style research, the hands of introduction, people using it. Chicago Style Citations? Integration Integration is the process of inter-connecting one system with another system in order. Data integration , Data management , Enterprise application integration 1228 Words | 6 Pages. Hi, I am an international student from Czech Republic and I am applying for college preparatory boarding school in essayist rodriguez USA.

This is my short essay . (100-200 words), topic is Tell us about yourself and why you would like to become a part of research citations, our school family. My story is essayist rodriguez, similar like the story of thousand of other children: My father struggled with alcohol and paper citations, drug problems which caused him to leave my mother and extended essay, me, so I grew up with only chicago style paper citations my mother. Nevertheless, I realized what I want from my. Boarding house , Boarding school , English language 971 Words | 3 Pages. Breakfast Club Essay, Myself Relating to Characters. Essay The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club is a story about five teenagers put in purdue essay prompts Saturday detention. Each character gives a face to most . of the high school stereotypes. The brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess and research, the criminal. Each are given their own seat and the instructions to sit for outline paper eight hours and write an essay on who they think they are. Each of them, having very strong personalities, will fight, cry, laugh and learn from each other, making friendships that would have. Stereotype , Suicide , Suicide methods 880 Words | 3 Pages.

Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra Campus Santo Tomas de Aquino Name Mario Ceballos ID 2009-5513 Teacher Jamila Hussain Topic Childhood . obesity in the United States Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Cause and chicago research citations, effect essay Childhood obesity in the United States Recently a big problem has presented in the children from United States. Obesity is outline euthanasia paper, a huge issue nowadays, according to the to the American Obesity Associaction between 16 and 33 percent of children. Childhood , Childhood obesity , Diabetes mellitus 601 Words | 3 Pages. Some of the following content has been altered to maintain anonymity. Citations? MSU standards for for kinesthesis are located intellectual honesty apply to scholarship application . essays . Essays copied in whole or in chicago style research paper part from these samples or any other applicant’s work will be rejected and may result in essayist disciplinary action. Chicago Research Citations? Essay #1 Score: 4.0 For as long as I can remember I’ve known what I wanted to do with my life. Science has always been a passion of mine, and medicine in particular has interested me for some time. Dedicating.

College , Experience , German language 1196 Words | 4 Pages. matter what children are doing, they are always surrounded by advertisements. Whether it is watching television, Reading a book/magazine, or browsing the . internet; advertisements are everywhere. Eric Schlosser has a good point when he argues in his essay “ Kid Kustomers” that more advertisements are being directed towards children each day. It is not only directed toward children, but influencing children to ib economic extended essay beg their parents for products they do not need or even want.

As in, the stuff they see on chicago style paper television. Advertising , Burbank, California , Disney Channel 1468 Words | 4 Pages. EssayForum Unanswered [2] / Urgent [3] Home / Speeches / 'Good morning friends!'; Introducing Myself - college speech . answers: 2 Sarath Kumar Oct 31, 2013, 11:19am #1 Introducing Myself - college speech Good morning friends! My name is Sarath Kumar. Ib Economic Extended? I'm going to introduce myself.I have born and grown up in Vizianagaram and I'm studying first year BSC computer science in this prestigeous college, Vizianagaram. As for my family, I've just one brother older than me. My father. 1995 singles , Attention , Employment 746 Words | 3 Pages.

Discuss the techniques used to convince the reader to adopt a particular way of style research paper citations, thinking about text one and text two? The feature article, “the Overprotected . kid ” written by Hannah Rosin published in essay maker the Atlantic uses the techniques of Descriptive language, anecdote and factual evidence to persuade the reader to adopt a particular way of thinking. The feature article poses the chicago style research paper citations, theory that children of the 21st century are missing out on childhood development and experiences due to the increasing overprotection. 21st century , Academy Award for Best Picture , Child 817 Words | 2 Pages. Countryside Is Safe For Kids Essay. ?Targets: Select poems which support or contradict the viewpoint directly. Purdue Essay? Targets: Aim to remain focused and concise in your answer throughout the chicago citations, . essay . Thoughts: For this task I created a slightly more detailed plan before completing the essay . I think that I have improved greatly to reach my benchmark on this task. In Songs of Innocence and Experience, ‘The countryside is a place where children can play safely’ consider the ways in which Blake presents the relationship between the countryside. Alliteration , Child , Childhood 2196 Words | 4 Pages. ?Running Head: COMMUNICATION VIA “THE KID ” 1 Interpersonal Communication as lost . from the movie “The Kid ” COMMUNICATION VIA “THE KID ” 2 The interpersonal communication in the movie “The Kid ” is unique in molecular research papers some aspects.

Russ, the middle aged character, has an indifference to everyone he communicates with at the beginning of the movie. As the movie progresses, you can see how Russ’s interpersonal communication. Communication , Graphic communication , Interpersonal communication 809 Words | 3 Pages. Duritz hides from his hurt and loneliness by working all the style research citations, time, being thoughtless and research paper, insensitive to everyone he meets, and forgetting his feelings and . Chicago Research? that he ever had them. But he can't escape his feelings.

Duritz meets a pudgy, unhappy little kid named Rusty (Spencer Breslin) who turns out to be none other than Duritz himself, circa 1968. At first, Duritz is embarrassed by his younger self. Essay? He says, I look at him and all I see is awful memories -- memories I've been spending most of my life. Amy Tong , Dog , Marriage 891 Words | 3 Pages. Easy Essay Topics for Kids It is always good to chicago style research paper begin with essays where children can describe something. The . topic should be about something that the kids already know, like, their home or family.

Such type of essay topics will aid them to learn to organize their thoughts in a constructive manner. Admissions Essay? After children select their topic, they can make points about them, before actually writing the chicago style research citations, main essay . Here are some good essay topics for kids which they will be able to write easily. . Essay , Essays , Mobile phone 444 Words | 2 Pages. writing this essay right now. I know what you are probably thinking right now, reader. You are thinking somthing along the lines of, Another . essay about how a horny teacher and how said teachers inability to keep it in ib economic extended his pants turned you on to writing (see what I did there, kids ?) Boring! Before you give up on both this essay and style research paper, myself , let me assure you that this essay is both based in truth and unique.

While there are a million teacher unzips pants and in doing so changes a kids opinion of. Classroom , Creative class , Creative writing 2258 Words | 5 Pages. Kids or No Kids Candance Bacco March 3, 2013 The title of molecular biophysics, my paper is called Kids or No Kids . Chicago Research Paper? . Online Maker? Today married couples have a big decision on style paper citations whether or not they want kids . Are Located? I start out my paper by talking about how important this decision is and how it effects other people. Then I start to chicago research talk about all the pros of having kids . After that I point out all the cons of having children. The next part of the paper is all about the pros and cons of richard rodriguez, not having kids . As you will see there are a lot. Child , Debut albums , Form of the Good 1027 Words | 3 Pages. writing, the topic sentence nearly always works best at research, the beginning of a paragraph so that the reader knows what to expect. Online Introduction Maker? Don't count on your readers to citations . Online Essay? guess what your paragraph is going to be about.

NOTE: The first and last paragraphs of an essay are exceptions to chicago style research paper this rule. In both instances, readers already know you're leading up to something, and you can save the topic sentence to for kinesthesis make a strong paragraph ending. Expand on the Topic Sentences The body of a paragraph develops and citations, demonstrates. Logic , Marshall McLuhan , Paragraph 637 Words | 4 Pages. Exploratory Essay Kids in outline euthanasia research paper Competitve Sports. question whether or not they should sign their kids up for a competitive sports team. Although many parents are skeptical of putting their . child in on style research paper such an emotional journey, everybody gets a taste of are located, competitiveness sometime in their life, especially in the competitive workforce. There are so many reasons to consider whether or not it is healthy to involve their innocent children in such a competitive atmosphere at a young age. Many parents who put their kids into sports at a young age often grew up. Anxiety , Childhood , Learning 1142 Words | 4 Pages. ?Katie Luther English 118, Instructor Griffin 7/9/2013 Essay #1 Audience: Class Mates and teacher Caution!

Kids At . Play! I loved growing up in my neighborhood. Chicago Style Research? I lived on a street called Hemming Way and it was a beautiful street where each house seemed to stand on its own hill, almost like royalty. My house was a deep dark red and it had bright green grass out richard rodriguez, front and a beautiful garden that consisted of chicago style research, roses, dandelions, and jasmines. For Kinesthesis Are Located In The? There were trees and mountains everywhere. English-language films , Jump , Play 865 Words | 3 Pages. maybe connected to low self esteem and image, a clear example of this can be shown in the time it has taken for me to chicago style citations write this piece of work, I decided . that I would base what I had learnt on the course, theory and essay introduction, group work around my beliefs about myself and my abilities. Main I realised that I was not taught how to learn as a child and due to this I formed my own beliefs around. I decided that by having an understanding of chicago style citations, different learning styles may help me find what approach works best. Cognition , Essay , Mind 849 Words | 3 Pages.

A friend of mine asked me to for kinesthesis are located in the write an essay about myself ….and I wondered that I did experience many writings but none of them . were my own. Undoubtedly it’s difficult to style paper citations tell you about me but let’s start from online essay introduction, a scratch. I am Adeela Abbasi, born at chicago research citations, Deena near Mangla in 1988. Being the elder of my family with two siblings a brother and a sister, I enjoyed the love of every relation at utmost level. Biophysics Research? My father belongs to chicago style research paper citations a construction business and for kinesthesis in the, my mom is a house wife.

Papa, having charismatic personality. Allah , Islamic banking , Management 809 Words | 2 Pages. ?Nadia Testroet Eikum AP English December 13, 2014 About Myself In 1914, World War I began and chicago style research paper, was commonly referred to around the world as . “The War To End All Wars” and “The Great War”. As volunteers for the war ran out, the government had to go into essay maker, a draft. As names were getting pulled, the chicago style citations, soon to online essay maker be soldiers were being pulled out chicago, as just a number, not even a name. Introduction Maker? Following the conclusion of World War I was the emergence of The Great Depression. “Millions of paper, people were out of work, and. Federal government of the United States , Franklin D. Roosevelt , Great Depression 797 Words | 4 Pages. The Art of the Essay It is the fall of 2008, and a 14 year old kid is sitting in his Freshman Introductory English class. . Classes essentially just started and like always, the new freshmen are still giddy in the excitement of a new school with new classes. Kids walk around with their class schedules in their back pockets, stopping and investigating the potential of are located in the, each and every one of their friends' list of classes. Freshman English, Freshman Science, Algebra I, World History, and style research paper citations, Fundamentals. American football , Essay , Five paragraph essay 1980 Words | 5 Pages.

Happy Marriages, Happy Kids On a sunny day, a father wants his family to go mountain climbing, but the mother prefers to molecular biophysics research papers go to the . mall to buy shoes for the kids . Chicago Style? Even though it is a very normal conversation in a family, the purdue admissions prompts, way parents solve this conflict could make a big deal to style paper the kids . Extended Essay? Siegel, author of “7 Essential Lessons Your Kids Learn from research paper, Your Marriage,” states that “how you and essay introduction, your husband talk to each other, how you listen, and how you work out your differences shape the beliefs. Alimony , Annulment , Divorce 1333 Words | 4 Pages. In The Introductory Paragraph To This Essay About Essays. ?In the introductory paragraph to this essay about essays I will tell you that you don’t need an introductory paragraph, at least . not of the 1) topic sentence 2) structural methodology 3) thesis statement varity that we were all taught in high school. What you do need is That Thing; maybe a question, a fear or a fury. It makes your blood boil. It’s all you can talk about chicago style paper citations, when you sit down with your friends over a glass of wine or two or five, or maybe you can’t talk about it with anyone, just your.

Education , Essay , Essays 1304 Words | 4 Pages. try to essay figure out by myself . I was very sacred I didn’t know what I am going to do. I decided I am not going to sit here and do nothing. Next . morning I went to college and asked the administration lady what is chicago paper citations, assessment test, and where I have to take the test and what should I study. Online Essay Introduction? She explained me everything about assessment test. I took my assessment test without getting any help from my brother.

I was really happy that I am ready for some responsibility of myself . But now there is new. Academic term , College , Essay 1524 Words | 4 Pages. Allen Eckles Mrs. Konczakowski 12 CP LA period 1 23 August 2012 “Token kid ” In school social circles, I always find myself . becoming “The Token Black kid . Most people just naturally assume by the tan skin and curly hair that I must be half black. They mistakenly assume that many of the accomplishments I have made are due to the fact that I am mixed. It is true that I am mixed, but not with African American, but with the chicago research, Latino culture. My mother was born in purdue essay the Dominican Republic, and my.

African American , Black Hispanic and chicago research, Latino Americans , Black people 1337 Words | 4 Pages. Gerard Jones is quite a fan of essayist rodriguez, The Hulk and chicago style research paper citations, Tarzan comic books. In his essay “Violent Media is paper, Good for Kids ” Jones argues that . the violence in style paper those and other comics teach valuable lessons that will help children understand difficult emotions. Jones states that in research “try (ing) to protect our children from their own feelings and research, fantasies, we shelter them not against violence but against power and selfhood.” Throughout the essay Jones relies on personal anecdotes that reveal his opinions about violence. Fantastic Four , Graphic novel , Marvel Comics 1310 Words | 4 Pages. two smoothest scoops of vanilla” (359) which shows the paper, author’s use for humorous imagery to express Sammy’s mannerisms. Chicago Style Research? Updike also describes the maker, females . with terms that could be found offensive. Sammy often refers to one of the girls as “the chunky kid ” and style citations, also says one of the online maker, other girls has “one of those chubby berry faces” (356). Sammy also calls the customers a whole list of names, witch, bums, sheep, and pigs. This is another example of how the chicago citations, author uses language to express Sammy’s attitude.

360 , Comedy , Feeling 1197 Words | 3 Pages. stories, news articles, and especially essays begin with good hooks because a writer is often judged within the molecular research, first few sentences. Just as . the style research, news tries to molecular biophysics research stimulate our fears by announcing a “danger in our water supply,” a writer must try to bring the reader from research paper citations, his or her world into the world of the online maker, essay . Style Research Citations? This is ib economic, done with a few choice words at style paper, the beginning of the essayist richard rodriguez, essay : the infamous hook. It is research paper citations, not easy to think of how to extended make someone want to read an chicago research paper essay about a novel. It’s not even easy to.

Essay , Good and evil , Human 609 Words | 3 Pages. She borrows sugar, wheat flour and other sundries from all the Neighbours but never returns what she borrows. Online? She is style research paper, fat and ugly but she considers . herself very beautiful. Are Located? My neighbours Many of us live in paper citations housing estates. I live in one myself . The one thing about living in essayist richard rodriguez a housing estate is that we have many neighbours. Next to my house on the right lives a family whose parents seem to be always scolding the children. I do not know them very well because they always appear angry. Never. Family , Feces , Friendly 593 Words | 2 Pages.

expand my skills to the fullest. To me a good education will equip me for a better job opputunity in my career field. Without having the proper education I . Paper? would not be able to support my future dreams, my kids well being and I would not be able to provide a stable home to live in for my kids and I because, It will be much harder to find a job that I enjoy doing that will pay me enough to pay my bills. A higher education is very important to me because, it's my ultimate goal to develop new skills. College , Education in the People's Republic of essayist richard rodriguez, China , Gymnasium 866 Words | 2 Pages. ?Chris Hartwick Personal Essay I have thought about this for a couple of days and I am still wrapping my head around the chicago research paper citations, idea of . putting it on paper. Being forty -five, I have a lot of experiences both good and bad but it is outline euthanasia paper, not as easy as I thought to pick just one. I decided to pick one that I have been experiencing every day for the last year and a half.

At most this is an abbreviated version of style research paper, my experience. I have been unemployed twice since September 2010. The first job I was laid. High school , Prince , Rake 1617 Words | 4 Pages. *note: certain places and richard rodriguez, peoples' names have been censored* Essay topic: We are interested in learning more . about you and style paper citations, the context in which you have grown up, formed your aspirations and accomplished your academic successes.

Please describe the factors and challenges that have most shaped your personal life and aspirations. How have these factors caused you to grow? Coming to America was not easy for my parents, especially considering. Accept , Anxiety , High school 913 Words | 3 Pages. _____________________________________ Date ________________________________ Period ___ My Dream Life Essay Due Date: Typed final drafts . are due on richard rodriguez _______________________ at the beginning of the period. Your graded final draft will be placed in your portfolio. Style Paper? Organization of Paper: Title: Come up with a creative title Paragraph #1: Introduction. Use one of the “hooks” from the six choices on essayist richard side 2. Don’t forget to let your reader know what your essay will be about (career, family, friends, relationships, house, and vehicle).

Automobile , Dream , Henry David Thoreau 647 Words | 2 Pages. cast your mind back to the last time you stood your ground as your nine-year-old begged for yet another pair of trainers, or your 14-year-old threatened to . fail his exams unless he could go out with his friends midweek ? bankrolled by chicago style citations you? Pampered kids can grow up to be dysfunctional within society Can you, hand on heart, say that you have never once given in to the petulant insistence that everyone else I know has one, even when you knew, deep down, that you shouldn't? We all love our children. Child , Child discipline , CHILD syndrome 3138 Words | 6 Pages. Problem “ Kids will be kids .” Time and time again, this phrase has been used to dismiss the molecular research papers, countless cases of bullying that take . place in chicago schools across the admissions essay prompts, country. Such a carefree attitude towards a violent and brutal problem like bullying is research paper, a disturbing trend to extended see. Chicago Style Research? Every year thousands of extended essay, kids fall victim to schoolyard and online bulling.

A child who has suffered from bullying is “2 to research citations 9 times more likely to outline euthanasia paper commit or attempt suicide” (Teen Health) and more often then not, cruelty from research paper, peers. Abuse , Aggression , Bullying 881 Words | 3 Pages. Analysis of the Kids Are All Right. Analysis of The Kids Are All Right by Susan Faludi Kids are crawling around in outline euthanasia research the dirt, screaming, and have not yet had their . diapers changed because the day care provider seems to be in research citations a trance watching the latest episode of the Montel Williams show. One of the workers strikes a child because she won't stop crying about how hungry she is. The other worker just sits in her chair drinking Jack Daniels with a little Coke mixed in. Not all is well at molecular biophysics research papers, the Wee World Child Center.

But is research paper, this. Audience theory , Babysitting , Childcare 882 Words | 3 Pages. noteworthy personal essays are written by famous personal essay authors. I think reading a personal essay is richard, like . Research Paper? having a deep conversation with someone. I am reminded of the drunken heart to biophysics research hearts I had in high school with fellow friends out on the ranch. A personal essay is a story filled with feelings, sounds, comparisons, parallel to me, parallel to everyone somehow. Sitting down at a computer wondering why a personal essay is so popular, thinking about the other essays I have written and. Essay , Writing 2749 Words | 7 Pages. n this reflective essay , I want to research talk about molecular biophysics research, my situation.

When I was thirteen , I survived something really difficult. I got through it and . became a different person. I was the person that used to talk a lot, a naughty one and I liked to make fun of other people. But certainly,in a mean time, I became a different person, and I can’t even imagine it. Six years ago, at aged thirteen,as a young girl have knew nothing about the US. I had come to America. At that time, English is the most difficult.

2008 singles , Dance-pop songs , Debut albums 970 Words | 3 Pages. September 11th, 2012 Asmaa Salem Narrative Essay I am an chicago research paper average 16 year who just can’t wait to grow up and face the real world and not . have to worry about any rules or restrictions. Extended Essay? On January 12th, 1996, my parents named me Asmaa, so I have to stick with that name for style research the rest of online introduction, my life. Personally, I like the name because it’s the name of a very great person; more of a hero in Islam. Names in my family go with a pattern; but this only goes for girls. The pattern is the double ‘A’ at the. 2008 albums , Debut albums , Frustration 1565 Words | 4 Pages.

?Anthony Santos September 18, 2013 Narrative Essay Professor Wang Unfamiliar Territory I recall the nerves, sweat, and some . tears of my first day of public school in an unfamiliar environment. I was vulnerable and style research paper, invisible to all the chaos occurring in essayist richard rodriguez my peripheral vision. All I remember is seeing an endless sea of faces from all different colors, backgrounds, and ages. In the moment, I perceived that anyone who survived this madness would be considered invincible. Style Paper Citations? This experience. Cafeteria , High school , Private school 825 Words | 3 Pages. Narrative Essay (Proving Myself to My Dad) course, Johnny Walker Whiskey. My father and I never had a typical, father-daughter relationship. He never taught how to do anything else but drive . and ride a motorcycle, which he taught me out of the necessity for me to be able to transport myself , not as a bonding experience.

He would repeatedly tell me that no daughter of him would become a carpenter or a mechanic, which were and still are two of my interests. I never learned about hand tools, cars, playing soccer, fishing, off roading, hunting. 2007 singles , Family , Man 1483 Words | 4 Pages. ?Social Media Marketing Note On Smo Marketing Essay Social Media Optimization can be defined as a process of achieving Marketing Communication . and euthanasia research paper, Branding goals through the chicago research, use of various Social Media Websites. It is a process to optimize web sites, so that they are easily connected or interlaced with online communities and community websites. Primarily the Focus of Social Media Optimization is to drive traffic from Sources other than the Search Engines. Social media can take many different forms. Blog , Facebook , Instant messaging 1777 Words | 6 Pages.

Green) This little line from one of my favorite books helped me start my journey of self-discovery. Before, I really did consider myself as . Introduction? someone very unextraordinary. To the world, I’m just an average girl that nobody will ever notice. Maybe I never will be noticed in an extraordinary way, but I’m determined to make my mark. But first things first, I had to discover myself and style, define who I really am. Biophysics Research? My first moment of self-discovery began, actually, when I first developed my love for style paper books. And that. Adolf Hitler , Dragon , Essay 1624 Words | 4 Pages. Essay - Effect of Media on essay Kids - Apa.Doc Uploaded Successfully.

COVER PAGE HOW DOES MEDIA AFFECT KIDS ? Student: Supervisor: HOW DOES MEDIA AFFECT KIDS ? There has been an . on-going debate whether or not media influences a child’s behavior. There isn’t a doubt that the media has an chicago research impact on a child, but is it so influential that it can make a child do something that they would have never thought of doing until they see it on the television? According to Dr. Susan Villani (1999), there is a significant amount of evidence linking behavioral effects. Aggression , Behavior , Media influence 1291 Words | 4 Pages. Effect On Kids Video games have a positive and negative effect on for kinesthesis in the kids . Video games affect the kids health, for . example lead to chicago paper cardiovascular implication. Are Located? Also affect their education when affecting their cognition. Others video games effects on kids are when affecting their social and behaviors. Parents need to involve and regulate their children‘s gaming habit.

Video games attribute in big portion in kids behavior. Video game affect kids negatively could be a good reason to make a kid violent. Console game , Entertainment Software Rating Board , Game 1508 Words | 4 Pages. phenomenon of Hong Kong Kids I The Phenomenon of style citations, Hong Kong Kids . THE PHENOMENON OF HONG KONG KIDS II Abstract In recent years, children who born after 1990s are labeled “Hong Kong kids ”. The comments towards “Hong Kong kids ” are mostly negative. This paper is aimed to discover “Hong Kong kids ” characteristic, and the cause of this phenomenon. Throughout examining “Hong Kong kids ”, it can show out.

Economy of the People's Republic of China , Emotional intelligence , Hong Kong 1067 Words | 3 Pages. ?Name:Wendy Moderow Date:12/30/14 EN46b Unit 6 Critical Analysis Essay Grade: _____/100 Directions: Compose a critical analysis . essay that focuses on an essay's theme and how the literary elements contribute to the development of the theme. Your critical analysis essay must focus on one of the admissions essay, following essays : How to Write with Style by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (from Unit 1) The Organization Kid by David Brooks (from Unit 2) Why We Crave Horror Movies by chicago paper citations Stephen King (from Unit 3) I Have a. China , Kurt Vonnegut 795 Words | 2 Pages. Scholarship essay ?As Franklin Roosevelt once said “It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and research, resolute courage that we . move on research citations to better things”. My childhood was filled with memories of happiness, sadness and essay, the loss of chicago style paper citations, experiences that have made it hard for research me to grow up. I’ve had to show my strength to overcome things and chicago style research paper citations, the courage to walk away from things that aren’t good for me without knowing if it will affect me in a bad way. Throughout the past few years I have. Emotion , Family , Foster care 1700 Words | 4 Pages. ? Myself as a Writer Gatphan Atassi 2nd Period AP Lang It is essayist, no surprise to chicago style citations anyone who has known me since my years as a wee-little first . grader that language is extended, my Achilles Heel.

The inner confusion in an up-and-coming student's head when introduced to two languages since birth is paper, quite a mess. Euthanasia? Having to live in a world half dominated by the colloquial English language that is spoken everyday while the other half is controlled by the strict rules of chicago research paper, Arabic drives me insane at times. Lately. Educational years , Grade , High school 1194 Words | 4 Pages. from the extended essay, University of Pittsburgh found that “harsh verbal discipline”—cursing, insults, and shouting—can be as harmful to paper kids as hitting or . spanking. The scientists tracked 967 middle-schoolers for two years. The students attended 10 public schools in eastern Pennsylvania and came from middle-class families that were not considered “high risk.” Sifting through surveys these kids and molecular biophysics research, their families completed on “their mental health, child-rearing practices, the quality of the research, parent-child relationship. Death growl , Father , Lisa Simpson 855 Words | 3 Pages.

for every excuse to get rid of someone. Wear and appearance means to me is that you should be in the right uniform at molecular biophysics, times when instructed or permitted, is chicago research paper, . should be clean and serviceable and be to military standards. Essayist Rodriguez? The reason i am writing tho essay y is citations, i simply got lazy towards the exercise in for kinesthesis in the Graf and i decided that packing my gear and others things where more important then my appearance in chicago research paper my military uniform. i decided not to shave and euthanasia research paper, therefore that action i was confronted by another NCO. Army , Army Combat Uniform , Military 1151 Words | 3 Pages. THE WINNING ESSAY IDEA is paper, happy to announce Aisa Ovshiyeva from Russia the molecular biophysics research papers, winner of the IDEA Declaration of Interdependence . essay contest. Honorable mention also goes to Syed Hashim Zaidi, the ?rst runner up from Pakistan and Feshko Yliana the second runner up from style, Ukraine who will receive IDEA publications. Aisa will receive a trip to are located in the the Interdependence Day Celebration in Rome, Italy on chicago citations September 12, 2004.

Idebate Magazine would like to congratulate Aisa and we invite our readers to read. Africa , BBC World Service , Globalization 1182 Words | 4 Pages. Responsibility Essay GEN/200 I have often pondered throughout my life the “what if’s” of education. Papers? What if I don’t finish . Citations? college and essayist richard rodriguez, what if I don’t take personal responsibility for furthering my education? My answer being, “Nah, my work ethic and hands on experience will get me to where I need to be.” I’ve later come to style research paper citations realize that for me, that answer isn’t good enough. Getting my Bachelor’s degree will show my responsibility to future employers. It will allow me to provide. Academic degree , Associate's degree , Bachelor's degree 1283 Words | 4 Pages. THE WRITING PROCESS – PERSUASIVE ESSAY Prompt: Do you think cell phones should be allowed in purdue admissions essay school? Compose an chicago research paper citations essay to . Are Located In The? persuade the school community of your opinion. STEP 1: ANALYZE THE PROMPT Role: myself as a student Planning: Audience: students, teachers, parents Format: 5-paragraph persuasive essay Topic: cell phones in school STEP 2: PLAN THE PAPER Topic: Three reasons why cell phones should be allowed in school: Reasons: 1- students stay connected with family and style research paper, friends ________________________.

Cellular network , Education , Laptop 927 Words | 8 Pages. Compare and essay, Contrast:Swing Kids/A Separate Peace. Comparison/Contrast Essay For A Separate Peace and Swing Kids - Similarities-Differences Outline I. Introduction- Last . Research Citations? sentence is the thesis II. Paragraph(s) discussing only the essay, similarities between A and B (transition) III. Paragraphs discussing only the chicago research citations, differences between A and B (transition) IV. Discuss how and A and rodriguez, B reflect or connect to a shared theme (must be one of the themes discussed in chicago style research citations class) V. Conclusion Possible Choices: - Compare and contrast the characters. Debate 767 Words | 4 Pages. Observational Essay Whether the sun is just rising, or has been set for some time, you can always find Velocity Sports Performance at 2211 . NW Military Hwy Suite 127B San Antonio Texas 78216, hustling and bustling with employees, coaches and its members.

This athletic training facility isn’t your ordinary work out facility like Lifetime, Spectrum, or Triton. No – Velocity is a specialized training facility that teaches, coaches, and informs people of extended essay, all ages to be fit, healthy, and most of all. A Flock of Seagulls , Dream Come True , Work Out 1416 Words | 4 Pages. Essays are generally scholarly pieces of writing written from an author's personal point of view, but the research paper citations, definition is vague, overlapping with . those of an article, a pamphlet and papers, a short story. Essays can consist of a number of elements, including: literary criticism, political manifestos, learned arguments, observations of daily life, recollections, and reflections of the chicago style research, author. Almost all modern essays are written in extended prose, but works in verse have been dubbed essays (e.g. Citations? Alexander Pope's. Alexander Pope , Essay , Essays 1053 Words | 4 Pages.

Field Experience Essay I observed and online essay, analyzed the design and delivery of an instructional unit in a Montessori school setting. I observed a . Paper? classroom of grades 1-3 two times from essay, 9 a.m. Chicago Paper Citations? – 11 a.m. at the Kennebec Montessori school. I was asked to sit quietly and to not interact with the children so I could get a realistic view of the class day and the children would pursue their chosen work. When I first entered the classroom the atmosphere was very inviting and comfortable unlike most classrooms. Classroom , Education , Kindergarten 938 Words | 3 Pages. an alternate view that we need to keep in for kinesthesis are located in the mind when we are teaching. Style Research Citations? Things like the ib economic, sciences are taught as completely true, but we have to be aware because . we are mere humans we don’t know all the answers, and paper, we need to research papers teach this concept to our kids . The difference that knowing this concept really broadens our student’s perspective on life by teaching them not everything taught is paper, fact. 6 Respond to this quotation from Norman Vincent Peale from the point of view of teacher evaluations. “The. Certified teacher , Education , Mind 957 Words | 3 Pages. Good for Kids ”. It is undeniable that the title of Jones’s essay is straightforward and aptly named, if not confidently bold. . But while his claim may boast confidence, it lacks credibility. Jones does do a great job introducing his controversial claim by using passion, persuasion, and essay, personal experience.

However, his insufficient evidence and fallacious reasoning fail to support the chicago research, claim he is making, and therefore weaken his argument. The author starts off his essay by allowing. Comics , Logic , Marvel Comics 954 Words | 3 Pages.

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2012 in review Top 20 PR campaigns and stunts of the year. 2012 was a good year to work in PR. The opportunities to chicago research citations piggyback on topical events, what with the Olympics, the ib economic extended essay, Queen#8217;s Jubilee and all the fun to be had at the expense of yet another ridiculous end of the citations, world prophecy, were ample. Brands and agencies around the admissions essay, world succeeded in capitalising and, of course, creating their own positive news, whilst some made huge errors in judgement, especially when it came to disasters and tragedies. Chicago Research Citations! Public relations is, for the public we practitioners attempt to ib economic extended relate to/with, almost scarily fleeting in its ability to really capture imaginations. Ask anybody that doesn’t work in marketing and they’ll struggle to remember PR stunts, campaigns or aforementioned errors in judgement from the last week or two, let alone the last year. Fortunately though, for people that do study or work in publicrelationssocialmediadigitalmarketing for whom previous and successful efforts can serve as case studies or inspiration, I’ve taken the time to compile the research, best twenty public relations stunts and online, campaigns of the style research, last twelve months, which just about happens to coincide with when I launched the site. The examples are ordered by the number of times each post, all previously featured on outline research, has been visited, giving as accurate an estimation of popularity as any other metric. The link in each title takes you to each post, where you’ll be able to read more about it. Before I forget, if you, along with thousands of others, would like to receive the best PR stunts/campaigns of each week, directly to your inbox, click here to subscribe. Chicago Style Research Citations! Without further ado, I bring to you#8230; The Top Twenty PR (and marketing) campaigns and stunts of 2012, in reverse order#8230; 20.

Beer company leases an island – most expensive PR stunt of the year? – Castlemaine XXX leased an molecular research, island off the chicago research citations, coast of Australia and ib economic extended essay, asked members of the public to decide how it should be developed. Mental budget involved. Style Paper! 19. Coke Zero makes train commuters James Bond for a minute, post by Racepoint Group’s Simon Hilliard – (surprisingly attractive, athletic and obliging) members of the public were challenged to online introduction sprint their way through a busy station, packed with obstacles, in order to win tickets to an exclusive Skyfall screening. 18. Citations! Alton Towers 3D art lift stunt shocks shoppers – a brilliant 3D art stunt gave the impression a lift’s floor had collapsed, created to ‘test people’s likely reaction’ to theme park Alton Tower’s new ride for 2012, Nemesis Sub-Terra. 17. Simple PR wins: Muppets cupcakes sent to essay maker Stephen Fry – to promote/celebrate (same thing) the launch of research The Muppets movie, character cupcakes were sent to prominent tweeters. Introduction Maker! Who then tweeted about them, thus letting millions of followers know about the film if they didn’t already. Chicago Paper! PR doesn’t need to essay be complicated.

16. Tweets written in the Sky by Paddy Power stunt planes to support Team Europe at the Ryder Cup – encouraging tweets sent to the Paddy Power Twitter profile to support Team Europe were written in 1,200ft tall letters by stunt planes. Although Paddy Power weren’t official sponsors, they received a great deal of coverage and even received a couple of chicago style research paper citations Guinness World Records in the process. Essay! 15. ?1k prize Sleeping Beauty stunt slammed – a controversial campaign to promote the DVD release of arthouse film Sleeping Beauty, about a student who gets paid to style research citations lie unconscious while men ‘manhandle’ her. Students were asked to for kinesthesis are located submit a 2 minute video as to style research paper citations why they should sleep in a big bed in public (Waterloo Station, London) and be paid ?1,000 for ib economic extended essay doing so. 14. Fit as a Butcher’s Daughter racy campaign for research paper citations Rustlers , post by Leeds Met PR student Faye Oakey – a social media campaign for every sun-averse web developer’s favourite brand of microwave burger caused a few raised eyebrows, adopting the ib economic, ‘sex sells’ attitude with a risque character to target 16-24 year old blokes. 13. Nando’s delivered an ultimatum in funny parody response – Nando’s were essentially, through ripping off a funny ad by insurance company Santam, blackmailed into donating free food to a children’s home.

All ended well and everybody came out gleaming. Chicago Paper Citations! 12. Best anti-smoking campaign ever? – this hidden camera charity campaign, where children asked smokers for help lighting their cigarettes, was as successful in increasing calls from Thai people hoping to quit smoking as it was garnering views and plaudits. 11. Introduction! Oddbins anti-LOCOG stunt rewards Pepsi-drinking, Nike-wearing, Mastercard-using customers , post by Leeds Met PR student Faye Oakey – a humorous quick and dirty PR protest against Olympic body LOCOG’s Nazi-like enforcement of what brands could and couldn’t say about chicago paper, London 2012. Still with me? I don#8217;t know how to outline euthanasia research split into pages, otherwise I would.

Here#8217;s the top ten, with a bit more information about research paper citations, each example: What? Less a PR campaign or stunt and more a demonstration of what keeping on introduction maker top of social media can do for chicago style paper citations a brand, this example relates to a motoring journalist who tweeted he didn’t have a car and a follow-up from Skoda’s press office, who lent him a car and even threw in a free lunch. Introduction Maker! My thoughts: Ahhh, bribery. The fact this – and the original blog on Car Dealer magazine’s site – are so popular shows that people like a brand that goes over and above. James Baggott, the journalist in question, tweeted, got an unexpected response and for next to no outlay, Skoda comes out of it looking very good indeed.

Set alerts and keep an eye on chicago research paper citations Twitter searches, people, all it takes is for kinesthesis are located, one tiny opportunity and you can capitalise. Style Paper Citations! What? Billboards up and down the country featuring Gio, GoCompare’s operatic frontman, were being threateningly defaced. Or were they? As it turns out, the light-hearted jibes were part of the brand’s plan to euthanasia kill the character off, squeezing news coverage out of their above the line spend. My thoughts: When your competitor’s mascots are inexplicably-popular talking Russian meerkats, you have to admire a brand who challenges that head-on. By piggybacking on chicago style paper citations the fact their ads were named Marketing’s most irritating ads of 2009 and 2010, GoCompare showed they weren’t afraid to change and managed to admissions prompts show a sense of humour, whilst knowingly encouraging people to question whether the style research citations, billboard campaign was real or not, leading to members of the public sharing the ad online. What? To celebrate the extended, 40 th year of McDonald’s in Germany, members of the research paper citations, public were encouraged to create their very own burger. The winning burger would go on to be sold in for kinesthesis are located, the restaurant. The campaign roundup by agency Razorfish highlights some brilliant results, even stating that ‘never before had a campaign brought in research, so many additional customers’.

My thoughts: When I’m asked how PR – and particularly online campaigns – can benefit sales, this is one I point to. It was well-executed and in the absence of for kinesthesis are located in the many other full campaign overviews, gives me hope that ‘digital’ work is being done out there that isn’t simply to see how many likes on Facebook a brand can get. What? To encourage commuters to avoid busy roads during the Olympics, TfL had the British volleyball team play in style paper, public outside of notable London landmarks, wearing, well, not very much. My thoughts: You can’t go far wrong with barely-dressed athletes in public, really. I saw lots of press coverage for it, all mentioning the outline, site, which featured a tool to help commuters better plan journeys, so in that sense, I’m sure it was successful. Chicago Paper Citations! The post still gets quite a lot of traffic now, presumably not from essayist rodriguez, visitors intent on appreciating the PR benefits of the stunt. What?

To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, Marmite had a limited number of ‘Ma’amite’ jars made, to be sold in Sainsbury’s. My thoughts: Quintessentially British (although Wikipedia tells me what would become Marmite was invented by a German), DDB piggybacked the news agenda brilliantly, creating something that wasn’t too in-your-face and could actually pass for a commemorative product. What? Students were asked to apply for a 6 week internship, where a guy and chicago style, a girl would get to ‘work and party’ in the ‘Jack Wills house’, travel to America to attend a major Jack Wills event and get ?10,000 in university tuition fees paid for them. My thoughts: what student wouldn’t want ?10,000 of the admissions essay prompts, tuition fees paid for them? A nice opportunity and one that seemingly caught the style paper citations, attention of students – Jack Wills’ target market – judging by admissions prompts, the volume of traffic this post still receives.

What? To stop people stealing your ice cream, Ben and Jerry’s created a combination lock for tubs that the public could actually buy. My thoughts: Funny and popular, this is a stunt that probably cost a little to set in motion, with the value seemingly in reinforcing the quality and desirability of the product. Research Paper! I can’t imagine they sold many of the locks, but the press ate this stunt up. What? Dozens of humorous reviews started popping up on molecular biophysics research the Veet for Men Amazon product page, the majority of which being cautionary tales for men intent on ‘Veeting’ their nether-regions. Using a “links: URL” Google search, I can see that thousands of websites and forums, including media outlets, have both written about the product page and linked to it. My thoughts: I’m convinced the PR/marketing team set the ball (pun intended) rolling before, as they would have hoped, members of the chicago style citations, public got involved in a ‘me too! I can be funny and tell knob gags!’ way. Maker! I’m even more convinced now, months later.

In the link to the example, you’ll find a quick breakdown of the citations, regularity of reviews, before ‘somebody’ started posting funny ones. I just can’t believe a deluge of 5 star reviews, links and conversation around a product (which may or may not have resulted in increased sales – after all, getting buyers there is half the battle) was ever the by-product of the public’s wish to be funny. Nobody cares about brands enough. For Kinesthesis Are Located! What? Journalists were sent a cash bribe and a personalised letter, thanking them in advance for their ‘5 out of chicago citations 4 star review’ My thoughts: Whether the for kinesthesis are located in the, stunt had an effect on reviews and ultimately sales is unknown, but it was certainly a big hit on Twitter, where film reviewers were quick to tweet pictures of style research their letters and cash piles. This is an example of a relevant PR idea executed very well; with just the right amount of humour (“you are free to say whatever you wish. Just as John Lennon was free to refuse my father an autograph in 1980”). Still haven’t seen the film. What? To launch TV channel TNT in Belgium, members of the public were invited to press a button, which, unbeknownst to them, set of a chaotic and entertaining chain reaction#8230; My thoughts: I recently gave a talk to students in Leeds, where I classified good PR into three categories; campaigns that wow, campaigns that deliver [results/to goals] and campaigns that do both.

This definitely fits into the first category and whilst people I’ve spoken to paper about it have been quick to chicago recall the stunt, very few could remember the company or the reason behind it. Whether it had more long-term impact in outline euthanasia paper, Belgium is anybody’s guess. Sorry, there are no related posts. Have you read our most recent posts?

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Editorial: General Motors Death Watch 239: Rick Wagoner’s Resignation. General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner is set to resign his position tomorrow. The timing of research citations Wagoner’s departure is clearly symbolic. It’s meant to signal the nation that it’s OK throw bailout billions GM’s way because it’s a new day. Well, there’s a new guy at are located the top, anyway. Which may or may not be true, depending on whether or not Wagoner’s hand-picked successor and chicago style paper citations, virtual clone Fritz Henderson inherits the job. If Henderson gets the nod, the symbolism of richard Wagoner’s defenestration will be far richer than its architects intended. For it will confirm the growing suspicion that the president’s mantra of chicago style research paper hope and purdue essay prompts, change is heavy on the hope and style research citations, light on the change. And while that plays out, Wagoner’s resignation will eventually be seen as a way point on a journey of self-destruction, rather than a turning point on a bridge to online introduction . . . nowhere. This is not the place for a post mortem examination of Rick Wagoner’s career as a GM lifer.

There is no need nor room for paper citations debate about Wagoner’s negative impact on the artist formerly known as the world’s largest automaker. Molecular Papers! By any objective metric—market share, profitability, share price, capitalization, anything—Wagoner’s tenure at the top was an research paper, abject, epic failure. In fact, I pronounced Wagoner R.I.P. three years ago, in March 2006. I said it then, I’ll say it now: it’s too late to save General Motors. General George S. Patton himself could rise up from the dead, slap a few of Wagoner’s soldiers, assume command and outline euthanasia research paper, fail. All Wagoner’s replacement can do, indeed should do, is prepare the chicago research paper citations automaker for bankruptcy. Wagoner leaves GM buried [barely] alive under a Himalayan mountain of debt, much of in the it his creation (under the chicago style citations guise of lowering operating costs). The company which once held the title as the world’s most profitable corporation now carries some $46.5B worth of purdue essay debt.

President Obama could add 20 or 30 or even 50 billion dollars in “loans” for GM tomorrow. He could force a 100 percent debt-for-equity swap for ten cents on the dollar amongst GM’s bondholders. Chicago Style Citations! He could dictate that the for kinesthesis United Auto Workers accept stock in lieu of ANY contribution to its Mother of All Health Care Funds. And it still wouldn’t be enough to extricate General Motors from its current predicament. GM has been and citations, will continue to be an richard, over-dealered, under-funded mess. Its brands are a complete disaster. Even the chicago research paper brands with some remaining psychological equity—Chevrolet and Cadillac chief amongst them—are suffering from bailout backlash as Americans grow angry at the increasingly obvious black hole that is Bailout Nation. With a handful of notable exceptions (mainly because they ARE exceptions), GM’s products are not competitive. And, lest we forget, the U.S. For Kinesthesis In The! new car market is citations, still contracting violently, with millions of rodriguez unsold units just waiting for their makers to give up, sell them at any price and further depress sales and profits. In short, GM currently has zero opportunity for relative or absolute growth.

Given this hopeless morass, Wagoner’s resignation comes at the worst possible moment. Chicago Style Paper Citations! It will fuel the boundless, baseless optimism which led to the first $17.4B GM bailout (not including a share of the Department of Energy’s $25B retooling loans or the $1B GMAC-related loan). Of course, that’s the essayist rodriguez entire point: Wagoner’s sword-falling routine gives the Obama administration and his Presidential Task Force on paper citations, Automobiles something “concrete” upon which to pin their empty message of future auto industry transformation. What’s more, with Wagoner out of the way, the president can amp-up his electric car and maker, high mileage dreams. Style! See? We’re not subsidizing the outline euthanasia same old SUV-building bastards.

We’re reinventing the car industry! What’s the chicago style research citations bet Wagoner will announce his resignation without a single mea culpa? His statement will be as short as it will be meaningless. Seed-sowing, torch passing, foundation building—no matter what the metaphor, the underlying message will be “I prepared GM for rodriguez the success to follow.” The fact that there will be no success to follow is neither here nor there. The feds’ willingness to keep GM on citations, taxpayer funded life support means that Wagoner will be enjoying the fruits of prompts his labors—including his bankruptcy-proof pension—even as those who inherit his legacy of his incompetence struggle to style research paper citations extricate anything of value from the inevitable corporate carnage. I can’t decide whether Wagoner’s career at GM is for kinesthesis are located in the, Wagnerian, Chekovian (Cherry Orchard), Millerian (Death of a Salesman) or Shakespearean (King Lear). Chicago Style Paper Citations! In the final analysis, it’s all of the outline paper above. And as long as we’re going down the literary path, Wagoner is the ultimate Hollow Man. Although news of his resignation arrives with something of chicago style research paper a bang, the company Wagoner guided will not end with equal force. Thanks to the men at the top of the GM pyramid it will end with a whimper.

111 Comments on “Editorial: General Motors Death Watch 239: Rick Wagoner’s Resignation. ” Whether this is a turning point will depend on whether the next guy can reorganize GM into a viable concern. Introduction Maker! Their manufacturing efficienty and products (well, at chicago style research citations least the newer ones) are pretty much where they need to for kinesthesis be. The problem at research paper citations this point is with GM’s fixed costs, among them debt payments. One they get the fixed costs in line, they need to focus on creating thoroughly excellent products. This will require a much different organization than that found in most businesses. Online Maker! For those who haven’t read my take on what such an organization would be like: I thought Wagoner already did a pretty good job of preparing GM for bankruptcy….. I agree with Robert. Style Research! When those in power bail, it usually means sudden catastrophic failure is imminent.

But when? Honestly, I really don’t think Wagoner was THAT bad. Clearly he was ineffective in online essay introduction turning around the company, but only Superman could make ANY of those objective measures go up in the market conditions (and initial state of the company) of the past 5 years. Most missteps occurred before his tenure; if the chicago paper citations morons in Washington think they can do better than someone who’s been in the industry and the company as long as Wagoner, they’ll find themselves either lucky or wrong. If Mr. W had been in any other Industry, he would have been sacked long before this time, it sort of looks like he asked to leave?, I expect time will tell on this score, I note that the head of the CAW here in essayist richard rodriguez Canada was really upset when he heard this News! Amazing eh! It really is research paper citations, tough to see where GM can go from here. Its only outline research paper, chance is for the government to issue a blank cheque to its next CEO, in chicago style research paper the hope that they can attract some top talent.

Nissan only turned itself around because Renault gave it the capital and management to survive. Likewise, no self respecting manager will want to take the position up without having some sort of backup (in this case, the ib economic government with cash on hip). What career manager is going to chicago research paper citations want to put his/her legacy on the line for a job where you’ll have government interference at every corner, be in the middle of a turnaround plan which your predecessor started (and you can’t stop) and have a demoralised staff? I strongly suspect that if Mr Mulally didn’t get that huge pay cheque at molecular biophysics the beginning and that all that cash to chicago turn the company around, I doubt he would have left Boeing. He had a good body of work there. Why ruin a good thing at a bad price? I suspect the next CEO will be another GM lifer, simply by virtue that no-one else will want the job. I was once told a story of a where a child did something bad (doesn’t matter what) and the parent decided to highlight to the child the actions of what they’d done. They told the child to squeeze a tube of toothpaste out. Totally empty it.

(confused expression on the child’s face) “It’s easier to do something, than to undo it.” Putting toothpaste back into richard rodriguez the tube is pretty much the situation GM is in now…. The fact it took Obama to force Wagoner to leave just shows how out of touch the upper management of GM is with reality. The Rick was a failure, yet the BOD and other managers continued to give him time and support. Fritz Henderson will likely be the next CEO.

If he does, he will have a long honeymoon period just like his predecessor did if the style research paper citations BOD has anything to say about it. No matter how many mistakes he makes, he’ll be given all the praise the BOD can give him. Not much will change, as the molecular biophysics papers upper management and BOD will just continue to high-five each other as GM slips closer to finally filing for bankruptcy. Now, what do you call a political system where the government tells businesses what to style paper citations do? De mortuis nil nisi bonum. Now, what do you call a political system where the government tells businesses what to do? C’mon – quit Stalin and give us the answer…:) Christmas came early this year. Detroit News says Fritz Henderson will be the next CEO, on an “interim basis”. “GM has set a 9 a.m. conference call for Monday morning with top company officials.

A person familiar with the extended matter said GM President and Chief Operating Officer Fritz Henderson would be named CEO on style paper citations, an interim basis.” @Ronnie: One that has a leg up on one that blindly hands money out to any failing industry? The three options are: 1. Let them fail. 2. Throw money at them. 3. Throw money at them, conditionally. I really doubt that President Obama had anything to do with the resignation. Politics do not work that way, especially at the national level. The BOD sat on extended essay, their hands for years, just approving what was put before them. Style Paper! Stock holders are too diffuse to have any input. Debt holders are in a different position, and admissions, the largest probably know better and have some power; More than the older-than-me Cadillac drivers, Detroiters, GM retirees, pumpers and the like. Maybe a bond holder or somebody really important,(Fill in the blank, maybe Obama’s Aunt, investment manager, etc.) besides my wife, rented a vehicle and drew a Cobalt at style the Memphis airport this week.

C’mon – quit Stalin and give us the answer…:) Bzzzz. Wrong answer. Stalin didn’t tell businesses what to do, his state owned all the businesses. I’m thinking something that’s more “third way” than socialism or capitalism. I’ll give you a hint. Prompts! Jonah Goldberg’s current book discusses it.

Fritz? – you gotto be kidding? What GM needs now is an outsider to chicago style paper citations ask “why?” The model GM worked to just ain’t working – GM needs to get into a “PR”(post-Rick) mode asap. Katie – I fear you’re right, GM will look internally to find somwone (anyone) BO will accept and appoint them. Another GM-staffer who has enough ‘plausable denability’, to say “it’s a new day”. As much as am I pleased that RiR is History, I regret his passing, not least because he’s no longer in the frame to be accountable for online introduction what he’s presided over. Citations! Can’t you see him at breakfast this morning saying to his wife, “s^t, we don’t need this, how’d you fancy a few weeks in the Carribean?”. The captain of the Hindenburg decides it’s time to walk away from for kinesthesis, a smoking hole in the ground.

So, loaning billions of dollars to business is chicago citations, ok for outline euthanasia paper the government, but asking for a bad ceo to resign is beyond the pale? Name another company that lost this much money, market share, stock price and prestige in 5 years. I don’t even think the other two can match the numbers. GE comes close, we will see if Jeffery keeps his job for much longer. Rabid Rick ran GM into the wall, aided by research paper, the BoD and the other chief executives around him. His salary the past few years was a disgrace, not even close to what he should have taken which was a dollar a year. Sure he was GM blue to the bone and most definately cared about the company’s fortunes but in the end he FAILED to molecular biophysics papers make correct decisions about product, market, Union contracts, and leadership around him. I think any one of these areas would have made a difference today if he didn’t choose the path of less resistance. From VEBA to Volt, the real answers were on the wall. Small hybrid cars, like the cobalt. Tell the Union to F off.

Strike if you don’t like it because, hey, we got 200 days of cars in chicago research citations stock. Red Tag and employee pricing. Online! Let’s sell cars at a loss and call it a business. This drained the bank like nothing else except….. GMAC and home loans. Why on earth would a car company get involved with sub prime home loans and stay involved as the market crashed? And on chicago research paper, and on. Importing Opals and Korean cars for an American Revolution sales campaign. I’m hoping that Mitt Romney is on purdue essay prompts, a plane tonight bound for DTW. Probably not because I’m not sure the PTFOA (or whatever it is) has the citations stomach for essay his tough love approach, but he’s one of the few people that has a snowballs chance in hell of turning them around. Hollow Man?

More like Robocop, but definitely Verhoevian. 6000-SUX: An American tradition – 8.2 MPG! It would fit nicely on chicago style research citations, his resume. OK So March 31st was the deadline,and GM missed it.The President of the United finds himself between a rock and a hard place.Somebody has to pay the piper,and that fell’a calls the tune. Welcome to the world of biophysics research papers former GM employees Rick. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Detroit’s biggest problem isn’t the economy, it’s Detroit.

For way too many years there was this incestuous mentality, largely due to corporate inbreeding that caused it’s demise. You really can’t blame them they were so isolated from the rest of the country, heck, the rest of the world. After all for so many decades after WW II whatever the Big 3 produced was always good enough, why change? Remember the chicago old saying “what’s good for GM, is good enough for the country”? The notion of false superiority, repudiating the threat from foreign competition with ridiculous statements like “we’ll drive ’em back into the sea” all while ridiculing foreign competitors was nothing less than insightful if not completely ludicrous.

I can still fondly recall memorable statements like “if the Japanese had to ib economic extended build cars in the good old US of chicago style citations A they would never be able to maintain those financial cost advantages.” Or who can forget the visionary leadership Wagoner displayed (only a mere 4 years ago) when he decided to kill the USDM Zeta worldwide rear-wheel-drive platform in favor of bringing out- wait for it… a new line of full size pickups!? Keep in mind this occurred during the rodriguez time of ever rising gas prices when any 12 year old could see the writing on the wall spelling the death knell for gas guzzling pickups and chicago paper citations, SUVs. In retrospect, even those rear-wheel-drive Pontiac G8’s and Camaro’s rolling off Holden’s assembly lines are not even close to appropriate given the are located current economic mess. But hey, when you’re GM it don’t matter cause anything we make, the country’s gonna buy, right?

Yeah, and chicago style research citations, we’re gonna party like it’s 1999! Here’s another thought… you know that new Presidential Caddillac limo that weighs as much as the Lincoln Memorial, looks like the aborted fetus between a Chevy Suburban and a 1986 Sedan de Ville and probably sucks down about essay 12 gallons per mile? Maybe Obama decided he’s tired of being tailed by Exxon tanker trailers in chicago research his motorcade just to keep this behemoth fueled every 6 blocks – it’s time for payback… true. One last point, now that GM is being absorbed into the “collective” via US tax dollars, what will their new name be? Federal Motors, MG (money grubers), how about keep it GM but change the name to purdue essay prompts Government Motors this way the remain execs can keep the embroidered hand towels and monogrammed gold china? I will restate the opinion I gave in my article on chicago style research citations, Retooling GM Culture: removing the CEO as an isolated sacrifice is meaningless; the essay culture that drove the chicago style research citations company to essayist its current situation will be alive and well. Style Citations! But if this is the beginning of a broad change in GM’s leadership and ib economic extended essay, structure and not just a symbolic act, then I think there is real hope for the company.

The critical question is whether the White House understands, and is willing to force, the true need for broad transformation or will be content with this relatively unimportant act. We should know which it is style paper, soon. His exit will cost us billions more. Ib Economic Extended! Thanks, Rick. * Help GM’s cash flow.

* Improve GM’s product mix. * Boost GM’s quality, real or perceived. * Accelerate the style research paper Volt timeline, which will save the company. Or definitely won’t. I guess we’ll hear shortly about richard how he’s pillaged the company with some ‘excessive’ golden parachute, to which I say “maybe, maybe not”. So, loaning billions of chicago research paper citations dollars to business is purdue admissions essay prompts, ok for the government, but asking for a bad ceo to style research citations resign is beyond the pale? Yep. Online Introduction! When the gov’t is making personnel and management decisions a bright line has been crossed.

It’s worth noting that there’s no way Obama or anyone could have really changed anything this fast. He’s making a lot of friends. Style! Don’t forget, it’s early yet. As he cleans out ib economic extended essay, his desk (assuming guys like him really clean out chicago research, their own desks), I hope that this thought occurs to The Rick: “DAMN!! I could have done what I KNEW was the right thing by going Chapter 11. Sure I would’ve been shown the door, but at least I would’ve gone out as a hero who did the admissions right thing regardless of the chicago style citations consequences to me personally. Instead, because I didn’t have the balls to leave while I still had a little dignity, I let GM suck on Uncle Sam’s sugar tit until they finally got so pissed off at my own (and my board’s) incompetence that they gave me the boot anyway. Now not only is purdue admissions essay, my ass out on chicago research paper citations, the street, but I also will be forever known as the dickless wonder who rode GM into the ground.

And all I have to show for it is outline euthanasia, my bankruptcy-proof pension.” In the end, Wagoner screwed himself just as badly as he screwed GM. When the gov’t is making personnel and research paper citations, management decisions a bright line has been crossed. No problem. Essayist Richard! Have GM repay the money, and they can make all the decisions that they want. (Clearly, they are quite adept at making poor ones.) Beggars can’t be choosers. GM is already effectively defaulting on its loans, so they are in absolutely no position to complain.

The forces of the past can no longer pretend business as usual. The complete and total makeover of GM is finally starting. The NY Times is reporting that within 30 days GM will file for bankruptcy or a “chief restructuring officer” will be named to “knock heads.” I think the emphasis on Henderson’s new title should be on “Interim.” Well since it took a salary of what $14 million to keep a man as talented as Wagoner at the top of GM, it will be interesting to see the companies lining up to get him now that he’s on the market. I’d kinda prefer the bright line be at the loans. If you’re the only thing keeping a business alive, you get to chicago research paper citations fire people. That’s just common sense. March 29th, 2009 at 7:39 pm. Well since it took a salary of molecular what $14 million to keep a man as talented as Wagoner at chicago paper the top of GM, it will be interesting to see the companies lining up to get him now that he’s on for kinesthesis are located, the market. I’m on it – the next Republican candidate for 2012 presidential elections.

Hey, Sara Palin needs a VP running mate, right? Seven years ago, Rick proclaimed that GM would be the king of profitability by going all-in on style paper, trucks and are located in the, SUVs while letting its car business wither and die. That was a major strategic decision and it led to the disaster of 2008. Given GM’s size, it has to be a first tier player in chicago style paper every major market segment on a global basis. Rick never made decisions consistent with such a strategic objective.

He was a bean counter first, last and forever. Some bean counter rise above the narrow minded finance spreadsheet view of the world, he wasn’t one of them. Mitt Romney for CEO of GM. It would be both a bi-partisan gesture and a real pistonhead with good business sense. Perfect replacement. Personally, I would classify Ricky’s reign as Luciferian. The NY Times is reporting that within 30 days GM will file for outline research bankruptcy or a “chief restructuring officer” will be named to “knock heads.” I think the emphasis on Henderson’s new title should be on “Interim.”

I call bullshit. We all know that Obama has a devious plan to enable the moochers and destroy capitalism as we know it. Instead of spending money on programs he believes in, he would much rather spend it to clean up Bush’s mess by bailing out incompetent rich people. There is no way he will let his hard won control over the auto industry evaporate with a bankruptcy. If the gubmit can now tell insolvent companies kept afloat with taxpayer money to fire incompetent executives then where will it end? The goose step, that’s where. Chicago Research Paper Citations! Buy guns.

Stock up on food. Hide your women. The end is nigh. “Now, what do you call a political system where the online introduction maker government tells businesses what to chicago style research do?” You do know that is exactly how the richard US built the arsenal of democracy with which WWII was won, don’t you? During the war years the entire economy was directly controlled by various boards in Washington under the orders of the President. Even basic supplies for the populace were only style research, available under a strict regimen of rationing. Young and middle aged men could pretty much count on being drafted and told exactly what they would be doing and where they would be doing it. Many neo-cons are very proud of the US’ efforts in WWII, yet neglect to acknowledge how it was done. Believe it or not, democracy doesn’t not necessarily equal laissez-faire capitalism.

Back to GM: If Fritz is the replacement then we just have more of the extended same. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. “You do know that is exactly how the US built the arsenal of democracy with which WWII was won, don’t you? During the chicago paper citations war years the are located in the entire economy was directly controlled by various boards in paper Washington under the orders of the President. Even basic supplies for richard rodriguez the populace were only available under a strict regimen of rationing.”

OH MY GOD!! ZOMG. TEH KOMMEHNISM. 11! Time for another prediction. What other “visionary” CEO heading the 3rd largest domestic car maker should also be sent packing? Give up? Here’s a clue – he’s currently working the same magic mojo for Chrysler that he accomplished at Home Depot.

That’s right, let’s not forget what an chicago research, outstanding job former Home Depot chief Robert Nardelli is biophysics research papers, currently doing for research citations Chrysler. You know he was selected for his uncanny ability to “turn things around” based on his previous experience. Has to be, how much of a stretch is it to go from claw hammers to motor vehicles? Is this a great country or what!? I really hope Nardelli is fired next. He needs to get the pink slip as much as Wagoner did.

Rats or Rick are first to biophysics run from chicago style research, a sinking ship. And for all those down-spiraling years, where were the GM directors? Sucking tail fin juice and doing the bobble-head: yes, yes, ok, ok, zzz? why do some people think of romney as a piston head? his father, george, was the automotive ceo (before becoming michigan governer, and later a republican candidate for potus). mitt grew up in detroit, went to school out of state, and ib economic extended, never looked back (except to research paper visit dad, who continued to live in euthanasia research bloomfield hills.) btw, robin williams also grew up in bloomfield, father was a fomoco exec, but i wouldn’t particularly hang the gear head moniker on him either… I think we need to put Pete DeLorenzo on a suicide watch….this SURELY is going to drive him over the edge. I’m just looking at chicago style research the cars he owns, Robert. He seems to outline euthanasia research paper like American cars a lot.

I’m a Democrat and tend to think of Mitt as soulless bean counter, but that’s what GM needs right about now. Paper Citations! A soulless, pistonhead Republican bean counter. Mitt Romney–horrible President, kick-ass automotive CEO. Mitt would be a great candidate for CEO of GM because he has extraordinary experience in both the private and public sectors. He turned around Bain Company (the consulting firm) when it was near bankrupcy, and then started Bain Capital (the private equity firm), creating $Billions in value. He fixed the Salt Lake City Olympics, and ran Massachusetts. Euthanasia Paper! You may not agree with his politics (I certainly don’t) but as a manager and style, leader, he really is for kinesthesis, unparalleled today. Is he a car guy? Not really – he’s no Lutz that’s for style sure. But does he understand the extended essay industry?

Can he inspire workers and suppliers? Can he make hard decisions? Can he pull together bondholders, the government and shareholders? Better than anyone I can think of. I think we need to put Pete DeLorenzo on a suicide watch….this SURELY is going to drive him over the edge. “…why, that’s pure unmitigated bullshit”…haha” Wednesday can’t come soon enough. +1 regarding Mitt Romney as CEO choice. Although, I think he’s more interested in the Presidency. Absolutely correct!

Decades of propaganda have convinced people that their government is the enemy. Then, we are surprised that government indeed can fail us when we elect people who have no experience with successful governance and who campaign on an anti-government platform. Just saying… “Even the brands with some remaining psychological equity– Chevrolet and Cadillac chief amongst them– are suffering from chicago style research paper, bailout backlash, as Americans grow angry at the increasingly obvious black hole that is Bailout Nation.’ Really? As someone on the front lines so to speak, I have not once heard this sentiment.

Ever. I don’t think there’s bailout backlash against GM brands, and the idea itself seems as contrived and far-fetched as the outline research paper idea of people not buying luxury cars out of chicago paper fear of appearing rich or overly cocky (this one has also been posted here recently). For the most part people buy (or not buy) cars for purely pragmatic reasons. Is it reliable? Is it safe? How’s the warranty? How comfortable is it? How cheap can I get it? These are the things that concern people most, and other stuff like “I am sort of essay introduction maker angry at GM for taking my tax money” or “I’m afraid someone will call me a douche behind my back if I buy this Lexus” are very very far down on the list of priorities for car buyers. The backlash GM and other domestic car companies are suffering is due to several factors – the economic downturn, the fact that their cars still suck, the fact that much better offerings from other brands are still available (and now also at competitive prices), and the uncertain future of the brands themselves – who the heck wants to research citations get a Saturn these days, knowing that the brand is getting axed and essay introduction maker, the resale value of your Saturn vehicle (already abysmal) will become nonexistent once the company fades into Oldsmobile territory? Consumers’ anger has absolutely nothing to do with this.

More news is leaking out on the gov’t plans. Chrysler is supposedly being told do the Fiat deal, or else: Also in that article: “An official said a majority of the GM board was expected to step down.” March 29th, 2009 at 8:02 pm. “Now, what do you call a political system where the style research government tells businesses what to do?” You do know that is exactly how the US built the arsenal of democracy with which WWII was won, don’t you? That was during a war when we recognize exigent circumstances. As a matter of online introduction maker fact, one of the characteristics of chicago style paper fascism is the for kinesthesis in the “moral equivalent of war” mentality for things other than war. That way the society is mobilized towards a goal. Italian Fascism in part grew out of Mussolini’s experiences as a soldier in style research WWI. OTOH, I suppose an argument can be made that FDR’s wartime production and rationing policies were of a piece with much of his New Deal legislation, that rigidly controlled business activity.

Absolutely correct! Decades of propaganda have convinced people that their government is the enemy. The founding fathers were also suspicious of the power of the state. For Kinesthesis! Is the Constitution propaganda? @dejalma, Rastus: it’s up tonight. Can we once and for all bury the “democrats = socialists” nonsense? Both parties push for plenty of government intervention when it suits their purposes (sometimes for good reasons, often not so much).

And who was one of the most vocal critics asking for the head of style research paper Rick Wagoner after he testified before Congress? Oh right, this well-known leftie: “These leaders have been failures, and they need to purdue essay prompts go,” said Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., the ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee. Oops. Now please, let’s move on to issues and dispense with the childish name-calling. “That was during a war when we recognize exigent circumstances.”

Precisely. I would like to debate the issues at hand and the responses to them rather than devolve into simple minded name calling. People throw the “fascist”, “socialist”, “communist” and “European” labels around as if the chicago research paper citations labels themselves are weapons. It is essayist richard rodriguez, worthwhile to argue about how much or how little the government should be involved in the auto, banking and style research citations, other industries right now. It is not, however, productive to reduce the argument to molecular research labels. If the paper government is going to step in as the banker of last resort, then one should expect the banker to molecular papers make demands a business might otherwise not want to deal with. It goes hand-in-hand that when you take someone’s money for your very survival then they have a lot of say in what you do with that money. Once upon a time, GM was saved from ruin by the DuPonts sweeping in and keeping GM afloat. Part of that deal was that then founder/CEO Durant got kicked out the research door. In 1920 Pierre DuPont ousted Durant (for the second time) and took control himself.

By 1922 Pierre had also taken direct control of the Chevrolet division. Meanwhile, Alfred Sloan had been brought into GM when GM bought out his employer and by essay, 1923 Sloan took over the CEO job from DuPont (who still remained chairman). GM’s years under Sloan’s direction where by far the most productive period the company has ever enjoyed. Sloan didn’t retire until 1956. Where the gov’t might find a modern day replacement for Sloan is a very big question. Banks often require personnel changes when loaning large amounts of money to a troubled company, why shouldn’t the style paper citations government? Romney’s first name is Willard and nobody is ever going elected with the name Bill Clinton nicknamed his dick. as for crisis management, when his boss’s daughter had a row with daddy and essayist, stormed off to hide out in chicago style research citations New Jersey for the weekend, Willard decided to send out research paper, his staff with photos to ask random people on the street in Manhattan if they had seen her. Probably a great move if you wanted to score points with the Boss (or terrify paranoid schizophrenics) but not so good for finding rich bratty white girls. The best person in my opinion is chicago style research paper, Roger Penske.

(and probably the less said about the ib economic arsenal of democracy the research paper better as it wasn’t particularly democratic) My guess Red Ink Rick was making next to nothing as CEO.. For Kinesthesis In The! So now he will be a consultant paid millions to ensure smooth transition to the next waypoint on the highway to hell. Is it just me, or did this website just make a rather abrupt declaration of its political views/intent? While it is chicago citations, clear that there is a fundamental potential conflict between auto enthusiasists and environmentalists, this website has previously not taken such an overt stance on the political front. I’ll just say, that as someone who sympathizes with both fronts, I don’t like the overt political tones the website has taken on.

Do you really think McCain would be doing anything different? Really? Focus on the cars, please! “I can’t decide whether Wagoner’s career at GM is Wagnerian, Chekovian (Cherry Orchard), Millerian (Death of a Salesman) or Shakespearean (King Lear).” Measured by how well the company has fared under his management, I’d say his career is richard rodriguez, Marxist (A Night at the Opera).

You can not separate the people from the cars. It is the style paper PEOPLE who MAKE the essayist richard cars. You can no more separate the people and politics from the auto industry any more than you can describe all the work which went into style paper the Apollo missions without discussing the people and astronauts who made it all happen. Don’t frown upon this…embrace it. Molecular! The auto industry at citations the moment is richard, a very dynamic topic to style research paper cover…and yes, that includes the people who pull the levers. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. Would you want a story on the Shelby Cobra without any knowledge of Carrol Shelby? Besides, this can be viewed as part of admissions essay “the healing” :)

Embrace the chicago research healing. ;P. March 29th, 2009 at 10:33 pm. While it is clear that there is a fundamental potential conflict between auto enthusiasists and environmentalists, this website has previously not taken such an for kinesthesis in the, overt stance on the political front. I’ll just say, that as someone who sympathizes with both fronts, I don’t like the overt political tones the website has taken on. The tragedy is that with the recent round of federal intervention, the car business has become totally politicized. It’s not possible to talk about the auto business without talking about politics. Chicago Research! And it’s only going to get worse. “I can’t decide whether Wagoner’s career at GM is Wagnerian, Chekovian (Cherry Orchard), Millerian (Death of extended essay a Salesman) or Shakespearean (King Lear).” I’m thinking Richard II. And although the waning days of Wagoner’s stewardship might mirror the closing stanza of the poem, and I like your appropriation of chicago style research citations it, I’m hesitant to paper see him as one of the eponymous hollow men. Back to your regularly scheduled arguments!

General Motors, you took Barak’s money. And now he’ll take you. Who else wants some stimulus money? I haven’t seen a discussion of the individuals who make up the GM Board of Bystanders… It would be instructive to chicago citations know a bit about them and an analysis of extended why they have not forced appropriate and chicago research citations, more aggressive action with regard to richard rodriguez the huge problems GM has been facing for the past 15 years… Clearly two “hard headed” members, Ross Perot and Paul O’Neill were shown the door presumably when their “revolutionary” views were too much for GM… What is it about the others that kept GM from doing what needed doing over the past decades? I’m going to call it. GM stock will crater by chicago citations, the end of the week. Euthanasia Research! It’ll be back under $2 by the end of Monday, and will only get worse.

“I haven’t seen a discussion of the individuals who make up the style research paper citations GM Board of Bystanders … ” Few people seem to understand how someone gets nominated to be on the board of directors of a large public company. The truth: Most often they are asked to be on admissions prompts, the board by the CEO and/or Chairman. The BOD often serves the stockholders in name only. In reality, they are typically yes-men for the CEO. Not always, but usually.

Now with a new leader, we can prepare for 18-24 months of additional bailouts. Chicago Style Paper Citations! “Don’t blame person X for this mess… he inherited it… Wagoner would have been even worse!” Just like Obama inherited the mess from introduction maker, Bush. Nothing will be anyone’s fault, which makes future bailouts easier. We need to chicago style research paper give Person X time, and give him a chance! We need to richard have the chicago style research paper audacity to biophysics research hope!

I was selling for GM back in the 70s (when everyone was still making a profit) and knew that their days were numbered when they came out with the Cimarron to compete with BMW…their problem isn’t with Wa-groiner…it goes back to Smith…and probably to the beginning. GM was never in the business of research citations CARS it was only in the business of acquisition. BTW the closest Romney ever came to cars was by being alive when his father ran AMC into the ground. Is it just me, or did this website just make a rather abrupt declaration of its political views/intent? While it is clear that there is a fundamental potential conflict between auto enthusiasists and environmentalists, this website has previously not taken such an overt stance on the political front. Euthanasia! I’ll just say, that as someone who sympathizes with both fronts, I don’t like the overt political tones the website has taken on. Do you really think McCain would be doing anything different? Really?

Focus on the cars, please! Sorry. The wingnuts have seized control. The comments get nuttier every week. I expect there will be calls to form revolutionary cells in a month or so. When I read the “light on change” snark from chicago style research, Robert, it reminded me that he has shown his stripes before, and it was a particularly icky thread about gays, IIRC (of all car-relevant things), a few years ago. I stopped reading for a while. But here I am, coming here more and more for the great writing (and the hilarious commentary), sometimes to pan the online introduction maker Chevy Malibu at every opportunity but more to get insight on what’s going on chicago research paper citations, in DTW. Quite frankly, I find myself in for kinesthesis agreement with Robert a lot of the time, even though I’m one of style those Democrats (socialist, no doubt) who would hold the door open for all the numb nuts going Galt (aka off the cliff). Truth is, I don’t mind the richard political slant, I suppose, although I fail to see how the snipe about hope and change is research paper, really relevant here other than as an opportunity to essay get a cheap shot in. While this plan may stink to chicago paper high heaven and Obama could deserve every shot he’s thrown, RW is being replaced, temporarily, by essay introduction maker, the #2 guy in charge.

Here it is, 48 hours later. More hope than change? Who would anyone expect from a publicly held company’s board, prudently? Ronald McDonald? I too would appreciate sticking to the cars, but I think the other posters are correct that this has become politicized. Chicago Style Research Paper Citations! I will say though, that context matters, and my assumption here is that Robert’s reference to Obama’s “mantra” is molecular papers, all-encompassing and not limited to, say, just Rick Wagoner’s replacement. Nevertheless, methinks we could use a little less of the pedantic, below-the-belt whacks that are more suited to AM talk radio and style paper, more of the grit that makes this blog (and Robert) so good. Mitt Romney? Are we serious? Look.. Rodriguez! um… how about the guy that ran Audi?

Or Subaru? Or any CAR company that has been able to gain market share in the last 12 months. Chicago Style Paper Citations! That’s who GM should offer $14 million per year to. Romney couldn’t even beat McCain. Though I must say, the research cognitive dissonance taking place in these here comments right now (who do I hate more Wagoner or Nobama. ) is chicago paper citations, quite amusing from out here in the People’s Republic.

Damn I’m off the site for a few days and the sh*t hits the fan. That God Wagoner is going to are located in the be history but the company is still doomed. This news report says Fritz is taking his spot. Chicago Style Citations! Reading this left me really confused after reading the Death watch. Are they getting the money to stay in business the rest of the online essay introduction year or not getting anything. The way this is style, worded they are both up sh*ts creek with no money to save them for the government. Bailout or no-bailout? I find it hard to understand people whining about for kinesthesis in the political comments. Have you guys not been paying attention? What the hell do you think CAFE is?

Chrysler Bailout ’79? And hybrids? This didn’t start last year with Bush giving the D2.8 money and continue with Obama giving them even more money. Politics and cars have been tied at research the hip for a looooong time. At first subpoenate him, create an oversight committee, then send him to court, repo his property according to damage, and the deed unpaid allow to be returned by either decapitating him or 1 year of extended imprisonment for each 100 workers fired due to chicago style research his negligence or shortsightedness.Or send him to a stadium the way chinese do it. Well, finally some accountability at purdue admissions General Motors. While many are expressing well wishes and appreciation toward Rick Wagoner, there are larger issues pressing. Chicago Style Citations! GM needs to extended clean house at Vehicle Sales Service and Marketing. It is research paper, specifically here that The General is mismanaged and unless dramatic changes are made, then it won’t matter who next occupies Rick’s newly vacated chair.

Personally, I have been on a campaign to online essay maker oust Red Ink Rick ever since he killed implementation of Return to Greatness. After I refused to accept $5,000 and sign intellectual property release, Wagoner stymied my efforts to bring productive and style research citations, effective marketing to a clueless group of incompetent failures who were/are responsible for GM’s shrinking market share. The Annual Meeting of Shareholders is held only because the SEC requires it, although in theory it is supposed to be an exchange of ideas and outline euthanasia, information amongst the company’s owners. GM Management can’t wait to get the darn thing over with, another sign of bad leadership. Style Research Paper! Even worse, a few years ago Wagoner directed security at the event to stop me from passing out copies of are located Return to research Greatness to my fellow stockholders. Why? There are corrective measures just waiting in rodriguez the wings.

There are people who understand what is chicago style, really wrong at GM and how to FIX IT. The last thing we need is another “turnaround” or “restructuring”. GM needs real leadership and a plan that will actually work. Return to Greatness is that plan. Meet the new boss, same as the richard rodriguez old boss… -Born in Detroit, Michigan, on November 29, 1958, Henderson earned a bachelor of business administration degree with high distinction from the University of chicago research paper citations Michigan in 1980, with an emphasis in accounting and finance. Ib Economic Extended! ….. He also received a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School in 1984, where he graduated as a George F. Baker Scholar. -Born in Wilmington, Delaware, on February 9, 1953, and chicago style research paper, raised in Richmond, Virginia, Wagoner received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Duke University in 1975 and a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard University in 1977. Which begs the question: What EXACTLY were they teaching at Harvard Business School in the 70’s? I’m not a Harvard Alum by molecular biophysics, any means, but I would say those MBA’s aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

It just gets more disgusting every day. GM and Chrysler are dead companies walking. Chrysler needs to go away, NOW. Chicago Paper Citations! GM needs to be gutted from the research top down and chicago research, reorganized with a totally new managment team and BOD. Nothing will ever change until that happens, except for the face of the scapegoats…. Now, what do you call a political system where the government tells businesses what to essay introduction maker do? To A is A- It is style research paper citations, called a socialism, fascism is not telling what to do, but making to do what is instructed. If the guy had been drug tested 9 years ago this could have all been avoided. I’ve always said that Thorazine and Southern Comfort don’t mix. GM is the longest running Corporate sob story in essay introduction maker history.

World’s largest corporation can’t build a fucking Honda! Any by the way who are these idiots that have nothing better to do than parrot the low lifes of our corporately controlled free press in their pronouncements of Socialism and Fascism? America is a Totalitarian State ask 3 million dead Vietnamese and 1 million dead Iraqis about chicago paper citations America’s brand of freedom. It’s my turn to molecular papers raise the Bull Shit flag… Ever since my first vistit to research TTAC, this site’s editors and most of euthanasia it’s posters have been calling for RiR to take the style research citations perp walk of shame and quit. Now that he does, you find fault? You should be cheering, jeering, and making a hoopla in purdue essay prompts the hopes that his replacement, even his inerim will take notice and make positive changes rather than more of the same. To those that want to lessen the blame on RiR, let me just say that before he was CEO, he held many important positions in management within GM.

He contibuted to GM’s decline every step of the way. Lowering Bull Shit flag now. As per chicago research citations, comments about the site and politics – especially the politics of the admissions essay sites editors, I’d like to chicago style research paper point out that just because a person feels politically aligned with an organization does not mean that person agrees with that organization. Take Comedy Central’s Daily Show for an example. Yes, we accept they lean a bit to the left. However, they bash the euthanasia Dem’s just as hard as the chicago style paper citations Republicans. Think about the last time the Dem’s were in online the White House. The left leaning media had a field day with Clinton’s antics. It made better TV than their shitty sitcoms.

If Robert leans one way or the other, that’s his perogitive. Chicago Style Research Paper! It would be wrong to stop listening to are located in the his message just becasue you don’t agree with it. Blitz of Hits from Fritz. Saturday, March 8, 2008. Fritz Henderson can handle a fastball. Here are some “Hit Singles”.

“There were no highlights in chicago research paper citations the fourth quarter.” “Our business is not generating the kind of returns we expect.” “Frankly, we didn’t do everything we could.” “I wouldn’t say we’re satisfied with any of the results.” “We need to step on the gas on how we are performing in the market.” I like this guy! He is introduction maker, a Michigan Man, born in Detroit and chicago research paper citations, graduated from the for kinesthesis are located in the University of Michigan. His father, Bob, is a Buickman. He was national Service Manager for Buick Motor Division. Fritz grew up learning the business from style research citations, his father. Let’s not forget that, historically, many of the great leaders at General Motors came from the Buick Division. Names like Durant, Mott, Chrysler, Nash, and even Chevrolet, are why Buick is considered to online essay be the Foundation Stone of GM. Naturally, I am partial to a Buickman who knows the business we’re in.

The question going forward is if Mr Henderson is able to institute accountability at style paper General Motors, particularly in the Vehicle Sales, Service, and Marketing. That would qualify as a “Solid Double” Having repeatedly proven his intellectual acumen, our man Fritz could safely round second, and actually turn a “Stand Up Triple” if he is online, able to chicago style paper reverse the long term trend of ib economic extended market share loss. If he doesn’t get caught “Stealing” (remember he works for Red Ink Rick), Fritz might achieve an research paper citations, “In The Park Home Run” by ib economic extended, effectively communicating the big story at GM, namely the chicago style research citations quality of our products today. Then when Fritz ascends the mound, he has the opportunity to become league MVP by biophysics papers, throwing Deloitte and Touche out at the plate. Chicago Research Paper Citations! That would restore investor confidence, as would publishing timely and accurate “Box Scores” with the SEC. The odds makers would favor General Motors once again winning the World Series Crown of Car Sales. Again with the baseball analogies? To A is A- It is called a socialism, fascism is… Socialism and Fascism are functionally identical: A small clique has unlimited power and most of the people is deprived of their self ownership rights. It is totally indifferent if the clique rules in the name of “The People”, “The Proletariat”, “The Arian Race” or “The united Farmers and Workers”.

The only purdue admissions essay prompts, (and non essential) difference is that under Fascism property rights are nominally (only nominally!) respected, and chicago, under socialism are not. That?s the reason I choose the name “Fascism” to what?s going on in the for kinesthesis USA and in Europe. GM given 60 days to come up with a new plan, Chrysler 30 days. Prediction: Chrysler will not come up with anything acceptable and be forced into chapter 11. GM will see this as an indication that the style white house is not kidding around anymore and clean up their act and come up with a minimally acceptable plan. The white house does not want to kill both of them, just Chyrsler and use them as an example. 1600MKII: The Cimarron came out in purdue the 80s, not the 70’z.

George Romney took AMC to it’s highest sales levels in it’s history. His successors ran it into the ground. It was Romney’s vision to s-can the chicago paper citations bigger cars, Hudson and Nash and maker, concentrate on small cars. His timing was perfect as a sharp recession hit in 1958. AMC was the only company that year to chicago style paper show a sales increase. By 1960 AMC was outselling everything but Ford and Chevrolet. Online Essay Introduction Maker! Hardly what you could call “running AMC into the ground”. After 1962 was when the decline began. And that accelerated when Roy Abernathy Jr decided AMC should try to compete with the Big Three on every level of the market and paper, dropped it’s most famous and established nameplate, Rambler. They had a couple of smash years in the 70s but nothing on the order of for kinesthesis are located in the 1960 ever again. The administration is chicago research citations, clearly setting up GM for a serious restructuring, and ib economic essay, I expect that no one (within GM, union or exec) is going to be happy with what’s coming down the pipe.

As this site has been proclaiming since day one, this is a necessary move. If this is true we have been buying control and time with the past few loan offerings. The President is taking control of the proceedings instead of leaving it up to chicago style citations a bankruptcy court, as the industry is deeply tied to American politics and the international economy. I for ib economic essay one, appreciate this, as I view Obama as a tempermental conservative with liberal social leanings (a combination I trust). I have no idea what the political, or personal, inclinations at play would be if this was left to research the courts. Bankruptcy may have set formulas, but how they are implemented depends heavily on judicial discretion. The idealogue’s in extended essay both parties have demonstrated pretty convincingly that they can’t be trusted with matters of economic importance. That goes double for laissez-faire conservatives after the last 8 years. How about this for an epiphany along with a twist of irony… Michael Moore assumes control of style GM as it’s new CEO! And Robert Farago becomes GM’s next new President?

Could happen you know… true. March 29th, 2009 at 7:23 pm. When the gov’t is making personnel and purdue prompts, management decisions a bright line has been crossed. No problem. Have GM repay the money, and paper citations, they can make all the decisions that they want. Essay! (Clearly, they are quite adept at chicago style research paper citations making poor ones.) Beggars can’t be choosers. Biophysics Research Papers! GM is already effectively defaulting on its loans, so they are in absolutely no position to complain…. Absolutely right Pch101. Paper! I can’t agree with a all this righteous indignation from the small-government advocates about Obama putting pressure on richard, Wagoner to style research go (if that is even what happened).

It seems to me that that people are being too free with picking and choosing which elements of strict free-market philosophy they wish to essayist richard embrace. I’d agree that it isn’t a great road to start down with government saying how a business should be run – but on the other hand if that business would simply not exist if the government had not totally and unequivocally bailed them out – then the government does now have a say in what happens next . If you want the research paper government money you have to accept that they will want to molecular biophysics research have a say in the running of the company. Style Research Paper Citations! If you want complete independence from the introduction maker government then GM must simply pay back the money in full and stand on its own two feet. ….you cant’ have it both ways. Democrats = Socialist is very valid… But this doesn’t quiet cover it. It is Socialist = Collectivist. That is, Collectivists/Statists want to use the force of government to style paper citations make decisions with other’s money. They are self-anointed elites and in the, they want to research citations make decisions for other people with total disregard for past results and principals of their decisions. Are there republicans among the collectivists? You bet.

So, it’s not the democrats = socialist. This is inadequate equality. Essay! However, there are more democrats who are part of the collectivism than republicans. I would say 2:1 ratio. 75% of voting population may be either partly and wholly subscribing the collectivists’ vision.

This is chicago style research citations, regression of humanity not a progression, where the mass people desires some bigger entities to rule over them. There is a Aesop’s fable story called, The Frogs Asking for a King. You think most of the government bereau workers are republicans? You think that all the admissions essay prompts city and government employees are republicans? I think not, the style research citations voting patterns tells us that they are not. So, it is very clear that at purdue prompts least government workers are socialists. The question is, does collectivism work? I think the evidence is very clear that it does not.

Other wise, Jaguar and Land Rover would be in the hands of chicago British entrepreneurs. Rodriguez! If the collectivism worked, we would not be having the chicago style paper citations mess of extended essay GM and others. I think the Nissan got onto its feat without the government help like the helps of GM. Quote: With a handful of chicago style research paper citations notable exceptions (mainly because they ARE exceptions), GM’s products are not competitive. Beg to differ. Compared to Ford and Chrysler, GM has more hits and better product than the other two combined.

Malibu and extended essay, Aura, Silverado and Tahoe, the chicago style citations Lambda’s such as the Buick Enclave, the G8, the new Camaro which just beat the Challenger and Mustang in several comparos and was compared to an Infinity in richard rodriguez driving dynamics and chicago style paper citations, engine tech, the essayist rodriguez upcoming Equinox and LaCrosse which will be at chicago citations dealers shortly and have been cited as being better than the competition, the Cadillac CTS and upcoming SRX. Outline Research! The GM vehicles you speak of that are not very competitive are usually the smaller entries like the Cobalt and chicago style paper, G5 or the Aveo which is a Korean import. But even those models have things that Honda and Toyota can’t offer like lower prices, 37 MPG highway rating which beats the Honda Fitts 33 or the Corollas 35 ratings while offering more power and a better warranty or the fact that the ib economic extended essay Aveo has an interior worlds better than the horrendous Yaris. I’ve read almost all of the comments on chicago style paper citations, this post, and a few related ones as well, and I have to agree with JL…cognitive dissonance is making the BB look a little less bright today… 1. Anyone bemoaning Rick Wagoner’s resignation (yes, resignation), no matter what motivated it, should explain more than just “COMMIENASM!” or “OBAMA HAD A SOCIALGASM” or the essayist richard rodriguez like. As another poster said, this was bound to happen, and something that this very site, particularly Farago, has been calling for since, I shall call it, “before it was cool.” If you’re going to throw barbs about socialism due to chicago research the “firing” of essay Wagoner, at least acknowledge that, as a taxpayer, ***your*** money which HAS ALREADY GONE to GM is at least being put toward someone other than one who has done a significant amount of style paper devaluation of the company. Even at $1/year the introduction guy was STILL way, way, waaaaaaaaaaay overpriced. If you can argue with that, by chicago, all means, rip at the firing, but I see no room for Wagoner, and his departure is essayist rodriguez, necessary (as Farago has detailed for a while now). 2. To the obviously anti-Obama folks, I never once heard the man, or anyone who was part of his campaign, say that absolutely everything would be fixed in the first 100 days, but apparently you did.

In fact, the chicago style research paper campaign (and now the entire administration), were saying and have continued to research say the chicago research citations opposite; this shit will take a while. By my count, we’re not even to 100 days yet…Bush got 8 years to do things his way, we can afford at least 1 for our new President. And, if you follow any line of logic, yes a LOT of what’s currently being dealt with IS directly, factually traceable to happenings under the in the Bush Administration (or earlier)…which is the chicago style research citations case with any presidency. 3. GM’s cars are, by and large, NOT competitive. Trucks? Sure. Good vehicles. Anyhow, if competitive meant “meeting or exceeding once criteria of biophysics a competitor in chicago style research citations a class of vehicle” sure, they’re competitive.

But they’re not…or else people would have been buying them. For Kinesthesis In The! If you win on fuel economy and price, you can’t completely forget about space, power, features, comfort, NVH, ergonomics, ease of use, and material quality. Chicago Citations! GM hasn’t gotten that, and for kinesthesis in the, it’s obvious in a number of the cars (Cobalt and Aveo in particular). If this was a new problem, I’d have some sympathy, but they’ve had DECADES to address this, and chicago research citations, they’ve only for kinesthesis in the, gotten closer in 2-3 segments, and chicago style research, stayed about the extended same (or been surpassed by the Koreans) in chicago style paper the rest. As someone else said, they were the biggest damn automaker in the land…they HAVE to compete in every segment, and richard rodriguez, bring their “A” game. Not their “C-, see me after class” game. Other than the Malibu (which is, unfortunately, the Aura’s best competitor), you’ve mentioned nothing except specialty, high-margin vehicles, many of which are being sold under different brands, and none of paper which offer the kind of recession-proofing that a solid mainstream/economy lineup offers. You’re also cherrypicking your facts when it comes to finding ways in which GM models beat the competition, but that fact is that, holistically, their mainstreams are okay cars, but not good enough to woo buyers from Toyota, and potentially not enough to sway them from going to Hyundai. I know the GM fans here run to the defense of the car company’s lineup at every chance, and it’s understandable.

But this isn’t about ib economic why the Camaro is better than the paper Mustang. It’s about how the company has not provided a restructuring plan after asking for purdue essay billions of taxpayer dollars. So even if the choir screeches any more about how great the Malibu is and how superb the Tahoe may be (for what?), this isn’t any longer about the handful of cars that show how “great” GM’s cars are becoming. It’s about chicago research what they didn’t do with the cars that failed to outline euthanasia research keep them out of the mess in the first place. Sadly, for every GM hit over the years, there are ten misses, and it’s arguable that cheering the Hertz Malibu sounds hollow when you’re cheering the fact it’s less a Cimmaron and more a Honda (but not quite), and style research paper citations, still nobody is buying the thing, which speaks nothing of the lots FULL of unsold Tahoes and Denalis. I have a colleague who runs a small dealership in Silverthorne, Colorado (and he sells GM and purdue prompts, Subaru cars). He rolled his eyes when I told him of the cheering Malibu gets from the GM enthusiasts on this blog. His reply? “If only those people saying how great those cars are would just come in and buy them, we’d be fine.” The bottom line is pretty simple. Research Citations! I read that 6 million cars less have been sold last year than need to be to keep car manufacturing viable. Richard! Period.

That does cover all the manufacturers, indeed, but there’s a reason Wagoner was asked to resign: He took the money because GM was in far worse shape as a company. So, let’s not have the “GM is better than Ford” argument here. It feels like an animation of chicago research those little vinyl stickers of the dude peeing on your nemesis’ logo, and molecular biophysics research, about as useful. Democrats = Socialist is very valid… But this doesn’t quiet cover it. It is chicago style paper citations, Socialist = Collectivist. That is, Collectivists/Statists want to biophysics research papers use the force of paper citations government to make decisions with other’s money. They are self-anointed elites and essay, they want to make decisions for other people with total disregard for past results and principals of their decisions. I don’t see how people can square with themselves anymore posting this kind of tripe after it’s so blatantly obvious now how well the capitalists did for us. I predict any reply to take the form of whining that if only the “capitalism” was more pure, it would’ve worked. Sigh.

As to the symbolism of Rick’s firing, remember that symbols are important in culture. GM management as a collective really needs to style research paper get their shit together, and ib economic, I don’t see how a few pubic firings are going to hurt any more than get the style paper citations rest to at least start paying attention. Ths is the legacy of outline research paper rebadging Opels, Holdens, and Daewoo. American’s simply did not like those cars. Even towards the end of his reign Wagoner was thinking about bringing over Opels to use as buicks. He simply never listened to the customers.

Remember, folks Roger Smith was never forced out of his position. He will be forever remembered as the style research paper guy that ruined GM. Introduction Maker! What a legacy. When is putz leaving. He is almost equally responsible. Could they set up a online poll here? My poll theme would be “Who was worse for GM Wagoner or Smith. Click and Clack to Head Up GM Revival. Board appoints radio show hosts in surprise move.

This may sound like at chicago citations April Fool’s gag at outline research paper first but after thinking about paper citations it… why not!? Hey, they couldn’t do any worse! “What may have convinced GM’s Board of Directors to turn to the Magliozzi brothers is their bold plan for reviving the manufacturing giant. Online Essay Introduction Maker! “Cuba,” said Tom Magliozzi, his teeth clenched around a fat, smoldering Romeo y Julietta, while GM PR folks ponder whether to enforce the company-wide no-smoking policy. “We’ve got an enormous number of GM cars we can’t sell, right? And who needs an enormous number of research paper citations GM cars? Cuba! Their GM cars are from, like, the 1950s!” “In contrast, the biophysics papers cars we have sitting on dealership lots now are all 2007s, 2008s, and 2009s,” adds Ray, “and they have all their original parts! The Cubans are gonna love these things.” “Plus, ” says Tom, “they get 10% better mileage than those 1959 Bel Airs!” The Magliozzi Brothers’ plans are based on a Cuban population estimated at 11.5 million in 2008. After they negotiate the end to the US economic embargo (which they say they will handle personally), they figure that pent-up demand in Cuba will instantly translate into research paper citations sales of more than half a million cars per year, of purdue admissions essay prompts which the Magliozzi brothers anticipate GM will capture 95%. “That’s not chopped liver,” says Tom.” The battery pack itself, rated at 16 kilowatts/hour, comprises more than 220 separate cells wired in chicago paper citations series.

That means the molecular research failure of any one cell disables the entire array, though some existing hybrid vehicles also have this flaw. The Volt pack is about six feet long and weighs a hefty 375 pounds. Voltage: 320 – 350 V. 100% recharge time: 110V outlet: 6 – 6.5 h. GM also claims the research paper 2011 Chevrolet Volt can run solely on purdue admissions essay prompts, electric power for 40 miles with a full battery charge. That’s in style research citations line with studies showing that most Americans drive only about 40 miles a day, so in theory at least, a Volt could go for for kinesthesis are located weeks without using a drop of gas or spewing any CO2. But some analysts think the real-world electric range will be closer to 30 miles and probably less, depending on vehicle speed, ambient temperature (which affects battery performance), and chicago, whether trips include steep grades. GM is confusing the battery pack characteristics because they are not sure: A Li Ion battery pack with a 72V, 450AH configuration, it charges in 2 hours, is 1/3rd the size of the lead acid batteries, weighs less, doubles the extended range, and they are simply fantastic.” Only problem? The cost for the pack is $10,000 for a car whose total cost is $12,800.

Since the car-capable packs can cost between $10,000 and $15,000 each, finding a cheaper alternative will be a major hurdle for car companies that want to market them. The cost of maintenance for a hybrid car is also higher. Also it has more complex systems and engine, a normal mechanic may not know how to repair it. In most cases, you need to chicago style citations send back to research the hybrid car manufacturer for maintenance and repair and the cost is not cheap. Hybrid cars use special tires that are wore out paper, more easily than conventional cars. These hybrid car tires cost more and need to be replaced around 25,000 miles. Gasoline Engine: 3-cylinder, turbocharged; size 1L. Li-ion cells lose capacity with time, even if they are just sitting on a shelf. They lose the most early in for kinesthesis are located in the their life (year one) and then continue to chicago style research paper citations lose capacity gradually thereafter. I’m beginning to believe GM is too far reaching and outline research paper, forward thinking, crazy huh? Or is it, doesn’t it seem they’re always announcing some new idea, design or technology way too early?

The Camaro, “Plug-In Hybrids” (aka the Volt), new battery technology, alliances, etc. All info have been released to the public via PR announcements, auto show concepts, etc. about 4-5 years prior to research citations debut. This is a perfect example of why the molecular research new GM will fail yet again. They continually do things the same as always. Well how then should they handle future products? Coming from the semiconductor industry the answer for me is obvious. Look at chicago research citations a company like Intel or Apple, have they ever spilled the beans (officially) about any upcoming product release more than 30-90 DAYS in advance? GM talks then shows concepts and strategies years before production. Meanwhile, the Japanese, the Koreans and even the Chinese quietly develop competing products without fanfare or notice. And while GM continues to essay prompts pontificate about how great their upcoming “whatever” will be (usually at some exorbitant price point), by the time it hits the market… too late.

Everyone else has already perfected the idea and is not only chicago research paper citations, delivering sooner, but with better quality, more content and essayist rodriguez, most importantly… more cost-effectively! You must be logged in to post a comment. Receive updates on the best of

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Plus, your professor will expect it. Purdue! Make sure to clearly read the instructions (all of them) and clarify by asking questions. For example, some common things to look out for include: (ii) Required number of chicago research paper citations sources; (iii) Essay type (argumentative, comparative, narrative…etc); Thoroughly read the original essay instructions and make a plan before even starting to write. Strong Organization = Well-Written Essay. The structure of an richard rodriguez essay can really make it or break it for chicago paper you. Make sure that you have strong opening and closing paragraphs and body content that supports your original thesis. The introduction should funnel down to your thesis and narrow down the specific argument you want to make. Body paragraphs must have strong topic sentences and introduction reference credible sources appropriately using the right citation style.

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Try to avoid current events as there may be a lack of rodriguez available research materials. Sample Essay Topics. Death penalty Abortion rights Gun rights Gender inequality. When doing academic research, only trust reputable sources like JSTOR, Google Scholar, your campus library or academic search engines you have access to. Lastly, collect the sources that you need first and go through them thoroughly.

Now that you have picked a topic and collected some credible sources, it’s time to make a plan. Start by identifying common assumptions about the topic and find common themes. For example, if exploring the causes of paper citations poverty, you will inevitably find out that governments are the ones that control lots of food production and essay allocation to chicago research paper, the people. Once you have enough evidence to support a general theme, construct a thesis statement and make an outline of the core items that support that assertion. If you don't think this step is necessary, just remember that our writers are trained to are located in the, follow this process on all purchased sample essay orders. You are ready to research paper citations, start writing. Start with an introductory paragraph that funnels down from a broad issue to purdue admissions, a specific time and place.

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